Hi again :) So this story was supposed to be a one shot, but it grew while I was writing it. I finished it at around 45 thousand words. Now while I realise that there are one shots much bigger than this, I personally find it bothersome to read chapters longer than 10k words, so in light of this, I cut the "one shot" down in several chapters. They will be around 3000-5000 words each (with some exceptions due to the splitting), 11-12 in total (I'm not sure about the last one yet).

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Having meant to be a one shot, I should mention this: Everything I don't describe in detail you can think of as being as close to the books as possible, considering the changes that happened before. The very first line in this chapter is taken from Deathly Hallows, just so we have a common starting point. I should also mention, for those missing her earlier in the story, while I named Daphne as a character, she only plays a role in the last third of the story. However, in that part, she is quite prominent, which is why I decided to put her up as a character in the overview. I rated this M due to the combat descriptions. I am not sure how soon combat descriptions demand the rating to go up, so this is for safety.

Lastly, I do, quite surprisingly I'm sure for everyone reading this, not own anything about Harry Potter.

Chapter 1

"What else did you take, what else? ANSWER ME! CRUCIO!"

The Mudblood screamed, but Bellatrix Lestrange was too beside herself due to rage and not a little fear to even enjoy torturing her. Here they were, they had finally caught Potter and his friends and had just been about to call their Lord, when she saw a sword with them that should have been in her vault. One of her Lord's precious items was hidden there. What if they found it? If they had taken it? What if they even destroyed it?

"Tell me, TELL ME! CRUCIO! How did you get into my vault?"

The Mudblood screamed even more, if that was possible. Bellatrix suddenly became mindful that snapping her mind would not give her any answers. She lifted the curse and thought. How could she get the Mudblood to talk. A light went on in the back of her head. The Dark Lord just recently had taught her a spell and said to test it on a suitable target. If it worked, she would get all the answers she wanted. If not... well she still had the red head, Bellatrix mused.

"Why did you stop, Bella?" Cissy asked her.

"Be silent. I have a better idea how to get her to talk. If this works, we can get all the answers we need."

"What is it?" her sister's husband Lucius asked impatiently.

"I won't tell. We don't want the little Mudblood to fake the effects now, do we?" Bellatrix said sweetly, while brandishing her wand.

The Mudblood was still to weakened to move away from the wand pointed at her. "Please, no more. It's a fake, a fake." she screamed.

"A fake? Well we will know the truth in now time." Bellatrix tried to remember the correct sequence of words for the incantation. Once she had it, she adjusted her aim and spoke "Vis tibi servienda est!" Bella watched carefully as a black beam with a golden aura left her wand and impacted into the Mudblood's torso, engulfing her for a few seconds in an eerie dark golden aura, while she looked back with fear in her eyes. Then the visual effect ceased and the Mudblood seemed to calm down and be disoriented. So far it made sense. If everything worked, this spell should enslave her to the person with the strongest magical aura in close proximity. According to the Dark Lord, in any group of Death Eaters, that should be Bellatrix herself.

Bellatrix watched the Mudblood carefully, as she seemed to look around and gather her bearings for a couple of tens of seconds, still lying on a floor. Finally she moved. She was still obviously labouring under the after effects of Bellatrix' Crucio, but did her best to sit herself up. She seemed to once more gather her bearings, and Bellatrix aimed her wand again, in case the spell hadn't worked. Then the Mudblood looked up to Bellatrix and with one motion went from sitting to kneeling in front of her head bowed.


Bellatrix felt excitement that the spell had worked. "See that, Draco." Bellatrix clapped her hands in joy. "If you are a good boy, I will give her to you, then you can stop whining that the Mudblood made your life oh so hard."

She turned back to the Mudblood. "Are you my slave, Mudblood, answer me truthfully?"

"Yes, Mistress, I am." The Mudblood said, sadness evident in her voice.

"You are not happy about that, Mudblood?"

"No Mistress, but it does not matter." She answered.

That was coherent with the effects the spell should have had. She should still be the same person, with the same likes and dislikes, only that in their core she should see and know herself as a slave. That made it even sweeter. It wasn't like the Imperio, where the victim obeyed because you gave them a good feeling. The Mudblood knew exactly what was going on, she just didn't have a choice.

"You will obey any order I give you?"

"Yes Mistress, anything you wish." The Mudblood said.

"And if I don't give you orders?" Bellatrix asked. "Look up at me, I want to see your face."

The Mudblood's head snapped up, her eyes angry and sad, but resigned. "I would still be your slave, Mistress. I would do whatever serves you best, even without orders." She answered.

Bellatrix looked to the others in the room triumphantly.

"I don't believe her. What kind of spell was that anyway?" Lucius just said.

Bellatrix got angry. Idiot. But if he wanted proof, he could have it. Bellatrix was sure of her success. "Fine, I'll give you proof, Lucy."

"Mudblood, here take my knife and finish carving what you are into your arm. And not a scream, slave."

The Mudblood looked to her arm where Bellatrix had started with the letters M-U-D-B-L. If she carved the other three letters, certainly even Lucius would believe that the Mudblood was theirs to control.

"As you command, Mistress." She said somewhat dully. Bellatrix gave her the knife, gripping her wand more tightly in case the Mudblood would attack, but not pointing it at her. She didn't want to make her doubt obvious to Lucius after all.

The Mudblood took the knife and held her Arm in front of her. She took set the knife down on her skin and started slowly cutting. Bellatrix watched in awe, as the Mudblood slowly carved the humiliating word into her own skin. She hissed in pain several times and Bellatrix could see a tear running down her face, but she never screamed.

When she was finally done, she held her arm so that Bellatrix could see. "Is this to your satisfaction, Mistress?"

"Yes, slave, very good. Give me back the knife."

"Yes, Mistress." She handed her back the knife.

Bellatrix turned to Lucius. "Happy now, Lucy?"

Lucius had an astonished look on his face, but didn't seem to find the words. Bellatrix just smirked at him before turning back to her new slave.

"Would you ever lie to me if I don't order you to tell the truth?"

"No, Mistress, I could never lie to you." She answered dutifully.

"Great." Bellatrix said sweetly. "Then tell me about the sword."

But before the Mudblood could start talking, there was a loud crack downstairs. "What was that? Stop, slave, not a sound."

Her slave shut her mouth again. Bellatrix, and everyone else in the room, listened intently. There was a second crack. Bellatrix turned to Wormtail.

"Wormtail, go see what happened down there."

Wormtail scurried to the door and was just out of the door, when another crack sounded from below.

There were several sounds heard from below, and then silence. The waited for another minute or two but nothing was heard. As nothing seemed to have happened, there was no reason to wait for Wormtail's return and report. Even he would manage to silence a couple of unwanded and otherwise unarmed prisoners, after all. Bellatrix calmed down again and turned to her slave.

"So, now back to you, Mudblood."

But before anything could be said, the door burst open and the red head Weasley stormed in with a wand pointed at them. "NOOOOOOOO! Leave her alone!" Harry Potter moved in behind him. Bellatrix pointed her wand at Weasley but was in a disadvantage due to the surprise and was disarmed. To add insult to injury, Potter caught her wand and proceeded to stun Lucius. Bellatrix shook her head, really, how stupid could one man be. She dove out of the way, towards the table with the two wands they had taken from Potters friends. She took one for herself and was just about to give her slave back hers when she head Greyback roar "Stupify!", hitting the Mudblood in the back, who had just started to rise from her position at the floor.

The idiot still didn't believe that her spell worked. Took one of their own fighters. Possibly their greatest surprise. But she would have to work with it now. Instead of wasting time enervating her slave, she dove back towards the spot where she crumbled on the floor. She picked the Mudblood up and put the knife to her throat.


The fighting in the room stopped near instantly.

"Lay down your wands." Bellatrix ordered.

Potter and Weasley hesitated. Bella, for effect, pushed the knife a little deeper in her slave's skin. Of course, she didn't plan to kill her, there was so much information to be gained, but they wouldn't know that. Obviously they also didn't know about their friend's enslavement, or they might have decided differently. They let the wands drop to the floor.

"Gather them up." Bellatrix ordered the other dead eaters, while she pointed her wand at Potter and Weasley.


In a few seconds, the two were bound, still standing in tight rope both around their torso and arms and around their legs. Bellatrix smiled. She couldn't harm Potter, he was for the Dark Lord, but she could harm Weasley. And she knew exactly what she would do.

"She pointed her wand at her slaves head."

"NO!" Weasley and Potter shouted.

Bellatrix looked back to them. "Oh, don't worry, I'm just gonna wake her up quickly. Enervate."

The Mudblood stirred in her arms. She looked around confusedly for few seconds and then turned around to her and dropped back on her knees.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Weasley asked.

The Mudblood looked up to Bellatrix. "Go ahead, answer him." She turned around. "Mistress used a spell on me, I'm her slave now."

"What?" Weasley just asked stupidly.

Potter looked shocked, but then seemed to gather himself. "No, you have to fight it, Hermione."

"I'm sorry, Harry, there is nothing to fight. I hate being her slave, I just can't do anything. I'm a slave now, I can't go against my Master."

"Hermione, please, fight it."

Bellatrix silenced them with a small movement of her wand and smirked at them. "As nice as this reunion is, I don't have that kind of time." She went to the table and picked up the Mudblood's wand and went back to give it to her. "Here, slave."

She took it, looking up fearfully, probably foreseeing her next order. "Please, Mistress..."

"Silence, slave." She shut up immediately. Bellatrix looked to Potter and Weasley.

"Now no harm can come to you, Potter. But you, Weasley, are fair game. And I know just the right thing to do. And now, I want to see the despair in your eyes when one of your best friends kills you. I will even allow you to talk, plead with her if you want, but know that she can do nothing to stop herself from obeying. Every plea will just make this memory more and more horrifying to her."

"Slave, kill Weasley, you may speak to him if you want."

Her slave looked at her with pleading eyes for just a second, but then she rose from her position at her knees. "As you order, Mistress."

She turned around and pointed her wand at Weasley. "Hermione, please fight it. I know you can win."

"No, Ron." The Mudblood answered sadly. "This is not about fighting. I know exactly who I am and who you and they are. My mind is clear, it's not like the imperio. But I have to obey her, no matter how much I don't want to. I'm a slave, I have to obey my Master and do what's best for him, no matter my own wants or needs."

This was the second time the Mudblood had called Bellatrix her master rather than mistress, Bellatrix mused. Maybe she would have some fun punishing her for that later. After all, she was quite clearly a woman.

"Please, Hermione, please don't do it, you don't have to obey her, you're not a slave!"

"I'm sorry Ron, I love you." The Mudblood just answered, her wand still pointed at Weasley.

Suddenly, she spun her wand around, pointing at Potter. "Portus!" And Potter just vanished.

Bellatrix screamed "Slave, what the hell did you do?"

But the Mudblood turned on the spot and apparated away. Bellatrix blinked a few times. What the hell had just happened?

If you read this far, I hope you enjoyed the read. I'll put the second one up this evening. Until then.