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Chapter 12

It was at the evening of Daphne's last session on the Wizengamot, that she, Harry and Astoria sat together in the living room of Potter's Abode, as they had dubbed the House they had been living in for over a decade now. Hermione had gone to bed early, because she would take an entry test for her Mastery in Spell Research the next day. Daphne sat in the comfortable armchair, her favourite, while Harry and Astoria occupied the couch, Astoria lying lazily with her head on Harry's lap.

Harry rose his glass to Daphne. "To the best politician I know."

Daphne smiled. "I'm not done yet, you know?"

"Gonna run for one of the public seats?" Harry asked, having expected something like this.

But Daphne shook her head. "I won't run myself again. At least not right away. I'll support others from the sidelines. Less of a hassle."

Harry looked at her calmly. "Anyone specific in mind?"

Daphne looked to Astoria with an evil grin. "Astoria and I agree that it is time for what people have been expecting for long now. Minister Potter has such a nice ring to it."

Harry shook his head. "No way, Daphne. I'm not a politician."

"I know, but I am. You can still teach at Hogwarts. One five year term is all we need to finish what I started. You don't want to leave it unfinished, do you?"

Harry looked to Astoria. "You are in on this?"

Astoria just nodded. "Of course, with Daphne's and Hermione's help, who could really stand against you, the defeater of the last Dark Lord. You will win. And Daphne is right. It's only one term. It will be about that long at least until you can start teaching DADA anyway. It would be awkward to start before the twins are finished there. I think you should do it Harry."

Harry looked at both of them for a long time. "I'll think about it."

Astoria smiled and rose, giving him a soft kiss. "That's my cue. I'm going to go look for the children." She and Daphne shared an ominous glance, before Astoria left the room.

Harry looked to Daphne who silently stared back to him. Finally he asked "So, what is it?"

Daphne continued to look to him. "What do you mean?"

"That glance you shared with your sister just now. You have something else planned. I know my wife. If she leaves the room, it means she leaves some kind of decision completely to me. So it is up to you to tell me what is going on."

Daphne sighed. "I have thought about this for a long time Harry. I want to ask you for a favour. A huge one."

Harry nodded to her to continue.

"Hermione. You and I both know that she is missing someone. Despite all the friendship the three of us can give her. She needs someone who can completely understand her."

Harry's eyes widened. "Surely you are not suggesting…"

Daphne interrupted him. "I want to be there for her. And now I'm no longer needed for anything else, I can be."

Harry stood up instinctively, trying to get his point across. "Daphne, do I really have to spell out to you in how many ways this is a stupid idea?"

Daphne raised as well. "I know. I know it is, ok. But Hermione is my best friend. I can be there for her like not even you can, Harry. And other than she was, I am not interested in marriage or kids. I won't lose anything by doing this. You know that, Harry. I won't lose anything in the way she has had to. I can still be with you, her, Astoria and my family. That's all I ever need. But I can really be there for my best friend if I do this."

It wasn't her words so much as her voice and her way of talking that made Harry aware of just how serious she was and how important this was to her. Even after over fifteen years of friendship, the moments when Daphne would let herself seem vulnerable, let alone begging for something, Harry could still count with only one hand. Right now her usual aloofness and unyielding calmness, that on rare occasions was unsettling even to Harry, was nowhere to be seen.


"Yes, I know. It will be hard on you Harry. I know it will. This is the hardest thing I ever, ever asked of you. Please, Harry. For Hermione. Please."

Harry watched as Daphne slowly took out her wand. "Daphne, please, think about this again."

"What is there to think about. I can do exactly what I want to do, even if I do this now. I want to help you become Minister of Magic. I don't think that will be a problem. After that, I want to help better our world. I don't think that will be a problem either. You have let Hermione do it for years. The difference is, I will be able to be there for Hermione in a way no one else is able to. What is there to think about?"

"Daphne…" But Daphne pointed her wand to herself.

"Stop me if you want. Stop me, knowing that this is what I decide for myself and what you would deny Hermione in doing so. You are proficient with the disarming spell, stop me if you want."

Harry pulled out his wand and raised it. "You have talked to Astoria about this?"

"Yes, she understands, but she wants to leave the decision to you."

"Let us talk about this calmly, Daphne."

But Daphne shook her head. "If you really want to deny Hermione the one thing she wishes for more than anything else - something I willingly want to give her - then disarm me now."

Harry raised his wand, but the spell wouldn't cross his lips. He knew Hermione. She would never say anything. And really, what could she have said about this? But she was desperately wishing for someone who could completely understand her. Daphne wanted to give that to her. Could he really… could he really stop her?

Daphne smiled at him. "I knew you wouldn't be able to."

"Daphne, are you sure about this?"

"As sure as I have been about anything in my life." Daphne said confidently. "I've thought about this for a long time."

Harry sighed and put his wand back into his robes. Honestly, it wasn't like there was anything he could do as Daphne seemed like she had already decided. He couldn't watch out for her casting a spell on herself every minute of the day. He knew Daphne. The way she was acting she was determined enough to do it one way or the other, but it was still important to her to have his consent. This way, at least she wouldn't feel like she did it against his wishes.

Daphne smiled at him and nodded. "Thank you, Harry." she said with a tear running down her cheek. "Thank you so much."

"You get to explain this to Hermione tomorrow after her test, just so that we are clear on that."

Daphne snorted and lost her composure for a moment as she chuckled lightly. "I hardly think you will have problems to get me to do that either way in just a few moments."

Harry looked back to her as she pointed her wand back to her self. Looking him into the eyes with a smile on her face, she spoke the words. Harry had never seen the spell cast before. It was a black beam with a golden Aura around it, that started surrounding Daphne as the spell impacted. The Aura surrounded her for a few seconds, before it faded. When it was fully gone, Daphne seemed to look around disoriented for a moment, before falling to her knees in front of Harry, bowing her head.


It was nearly five years later, that Hermione Granger stood in front of the grave of Ronald Weasley on the grounds of Hogwarts. Tomorrow would be the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts but Hermione always came on the day before that. The last day when Ron had still been free. Harry usually accompanied her, but always left her alone with Ron for a while.

All in all, she was happy with her life, most of the time. She had great friends and indeed family, as she thought of Harry's children as her nieces and nephews and they of her as their Aunty, ever since they had been little. Harry had been great with her and she would never be able to thank him enough for the amount of care and love he always showed her. After living in the same house for such a long time now, they were truly brother and sister, even though he still was her Master first of all. She was eternally grateful to Astoria, more than she could ever convey to Harry's wife, for her understanding of the situation.

She had even managed to tell her parents about everything a few years back. They had been shocked at first, then hurt that she hadn't told them earlier, then angry with Harry, with Astoria, with the wizarding world, but eventually, they had gotten over it. She still knew they were sad that they wouldn't be getting any grand children, but they eventually understood Hermione's situation as good as they could and finally Hermione had really gotten her parents back.

Most of all though, Hermione had Daphne. Her Master's other slave. Oh, she had wanted to be so angry when she found out. She had been so shocked. She had wanted to yell at her Master, though obviously that hadn't been an option. She had wanted to yell at Daphne and Astoria. But she hadn't been able to. Daphne had given Hermione the one thing she had wanted ever since she had become her Master's slave. Someone to understand fully what she was. And Daphne had given up everything for their friendship.

Well, it helped that being Master Harry's slaves wasn't all that bad. She and Daphne more often commandeered their Master around than he did them, Hermione thought with a chuckle. He had indeed been elected Minister of Magic in a land-slide victory earlier this year and already Daphne was trying to talk him into a second term. Of course, he was strictly against it, but he and Daphne kind of had the understanding that he would forbid her from trying if he really wanted her to stop trying to convince him of something, which he had not yet done. Hermione mused that she and Daphne could probably talk a second term out of him, though they would probably have to enlist Astoria to help. Hermione knew that her Master eventually wanted to teach at Hogwarts and she would never try to talk him out of something he wanted and neither would Daphne, of course. But both of them knew that Harry also wanted Wizarding Britain to become a better place, and so they tried to make him see that he could still start teaching after a few terms as Minister.

Daphne would be Harry's Undersecretary, something Harry had announced before the election and that people had happily accepted. She now lived in a small beach house built at the back of Potter's Abode, close enough to be able to serve her Master properly, but without living in the house. Hermione and Daphne often worked there on future political plans until late in the night. Both of them were devoted to their Master, of course, but their friendship had become a sisterhood of its own. Hermione smiled. She had been quite lucky, all in all.

Only sometimes she thought about these things and then she thought of Ron Weasley. She still missed him and doubted it would ever really fully go away. She wasn't sure she wanted it to go away. Ron had been a part of them, she didn't really want to forget that. But he had deserved all the luck Hermione had had as well. Sometimes Hermione thought it was unfair that she would go on living happily, while she had killed Ron. If only she had captured him. If only she hadn't lost her wand to him. If only she had noticed something before. The counter spell Harry had found hadn't been very helpful for her, because Harry was kind and good to her, but they could have used it to free Ron from Voldemort. He could have lived a happy life, just as she did. If only she had not killed him. What happened with Ron was the thing she regretted most in her life. Not becoming her Master's slave. Ron. Hermione felt tears run down her cheek as she slowly sunk to her knees and touched the earth on the grave with her fingers. Ron had deserved all that luck, he had managed not to kill her, he had been stronger, he had deserved it.

Hermione heard something behind her and felt a hand on her shoulder. Daphne was there, as she always was. Hermione allowed a few more tears to fall. But inside, she knew Ron would have wanted her to make the most out of her life. To live as happily as she could. She picked a tear off of her cheek and let it fall to onto the grave. Then she turned to Daphne, who was holding this years wreath out to her. Hermione smiled at her through the tear stains on her face before she put down the wreath. It read 'Corruptio Optimi Pessima' - corruption of the best is the worst.

She looked on for a second, then she said "I'll see you next year." before getting up and turning around, walking away from the graveside side by side with her best friend.

"You alright?" Daphne asked her.

Hermione thought about the question and smiled. Her live wasn't perfect, but most of the time it was pretty good. "Yes. Yes I am."

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