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Chapter 9

Tony agreed to let Sirius and Remus stay at the tower. He had more than enough room as it was and he was intrigued by the possibility of learning more of the wizarding world. What he had seen so far was mindblowing and just perhaps he could use his findings in his inventions. Maybe there was a way to combine magic and technology.

But he also wanted to help get the newfound family closer together. He of all people knew what it was like to have a disfunctional family. He truly wanted to help Clint, who had quickly become a friend, and his son. And although Clint became one of his few friends, Tony knew next to nothing about him. Well nothing personal anyway, of course he had hacked into SHIELD and knew everything they knew about his teammates. But this was about a time of Clints life, that was not in Clints files. SHIELD had obviously never digitalized these informations.

Clint had explained to him, that Sirius was an old friend of him, Lily and James and that he was Harrys Godfather. So he also had a right to be in Harrys life. And above all else they all wanted answers. And this Sirius guy would give them, because they had no qualms to interrogate him.

And so it happened that the whole Avenger team and Harry were assembled in the main living room. Jarvis had just informed them, that Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were in the elevator and on their way up.

Harry was nervously wringing his hands. He hadn't seen Sirius since after the graveyard and that had only been for a short while and he hadn't even bothered to ask him, how he felt about it all. Sure he was also happy to see his Godfather again but wondered how it all would turn out. Would Sirius insist, that he came back with him? Harry was only just getting to know his real father and if he was honest, he wanted to stay here, where people actually cared about him and his happiness, not what he could do for the greater good.

The Avengers sat with grim expressions on the couches watching the elevator doors. After a few seconds the elevator doors dinged and Sirius and Remus stepped out. Both dressed in Muggle Suits, as not to raise alarms. There was silence for a moment as they all seized each other up.

"Hello Sirius, Remus" Harry greeted them softly. He could feel the tension in the air.

"Hey Prongslet!", Sirius grinned at him, but Harry only frowned. James was not his father, so he wasn't a Prongslet anymore, was he? Noticing Clint quickly introduced them all, to cover this moment and give Harry time to collect himself.

"So Sirius, I believe both Harry and I deserve some answers, don't you think?", Clint asked his once friend cooly. He especially wanted to know why noone bothered to help his son through difficult experiences when he had a godfather whose job it was to care for him.

Sighing Sirius sat on an empty couch and nodded.

"Of course. I am so sorry Harry I should have told you the moment we met, but I thought I was the only one left alive who knew the truth. I wanted to tell you so many times, but I thought it would do more harm than good, telling you, that James was not your biological father, getting your hopes up that you had another family out there and then telling you that this father is also dead. It seemed awfully cruel to me. But believe me if I had known that Clint is still alive, I would have told you and I would have helped you look for him."

"Are you dissapointed that I'm not James son?" Harry asked sadly, remembering that Sirius had sometimes looked wistfully and thoughtfully at him. Had he wished that he was indeed James' son?

"God no, what ever gave you that idea?" he exclaimed shocked, looking at his godson, who shrugged and pointedly dind't look at him.

"No Harry I knew from the moment Lily told us that she was pregnant that you were Clints son. James loved Lily but for her there was only ever one man and that was Clint. But he was missing for a long time and they told us he must be dead already and that they didn't know where to look for his body. Lily was distraught, she was pregnant and her beloved was presumed dead and Voldemort was ever getting stronger and much more aggressive. She feared for your safety so James offered to protect her and you. He married her and gave her all the protection the Potter name and family magic could offer. We left SHIELD and the Muggle world and hid deep under spells. James even blood adopted you, so you would have access to all his properties and artefacts and magic. That's why you look so much like him. So if you will, James is your father too. And he loved you like a son, that you have to believe. Well and the rest you know."

Harry tried to wipe away the tears unseen, but he felt a small hand squeezing his shoulder. Looking up he saw Natasha smiling at him.

"Ok, he might know what happened then but I don't! And I want to know exactly what happened to my fiancee and why the hell you weren't there for Harry!" A fist slammed down on the coffee table before them, causing Harry to look wide eyed at Clint. And he could see the angry avenger in this man, not only the kind hearted father.

With a pained expression Sirius told him about his idea to take Peter Pettigrew as the secret keeper and himself to act as a decoy and how it all had gone to hell and cost Lily and James their lives. He told him in a choked whisper what he had done and how it landed him in Azkaban for twelve years before he broke out to protect Harry.

"You should have thought of Harry first. He was a baby and he needed you. You were all he had left and you abandoned him!" Clint spat. "Did you know where he ended up? That he was given to the Dursleys, Lilys Sister. You know she was always jealous of her. She neglected my son, because all you thought about was revenge." Clint had a hard time reigning his anger in. He could feel the look he was getting from the teenager and he didn't want him to be scared of him. So with a mighty effort and Bruces calming hand on his forearm he took a deep breath and loosened his fists.

"I know and there is not a day that goes by, that I don't regret what I did. If I could do it all again I would take Harry and raise him. But I have to live with the choices I made and all I can do is try to make it up to him ... and you." Sirius tried to placate him.

"Oh and how do you do this? I understand that you are a wanted fugitive, but after what happened at the graveyard you left him with the Dursleys again. Did anyone even bother to help him through all this?"

Harry was fidgeting now. This was exactly what he was afraid of. That his father and Sirius would hate each other and then they would eventually argue where he should stay. But he couldn't stay with Sirius so that meant he had to go back to the Dursleys. "Please, don't argue." he cried out before he could think about it. Deafening silence followed. Blushing deep red he tried again "What's done is done and can't be changed, right? Sirius was for 2 years all I had left from my family and he did help me. Sure he couldn't always be there but he did try! And now I have a father and I want to get to know you Clint. And when you argue I will always be in the middle of it." He finished miserably.

"He is right you know.", murmured Bruce and the other also nodded along.

"Maybe you and Sirius should talk about this alone for a while. Harry why don't you show me your room?" Remus asked kindly.

"You will not take my son alone somewhere so you can take him away from me!" came the furious reply from Clint before Harry could answer.

"We're not here to take him away" Sirius assured him.

"I can go with them and you talk it out." Natasha offered. Clint looked at her and a silent communication took place. 'Don't let him out of your sight I can't loose him after I just found him'. 'I won't.'


Harry left with Natasha and Remus with a last look at his father who smiled and nodded at him. Remus was smiling reassuringly at him and tried to keep his hands where Natasha could see them so as not to give her any reason to suspect him of foul play. Natasha gave him a warning glare. This was her partners son, and she would be damned if she let anything happen to him.

"So you like it here?" Remus asked a little unsure. It was an absurd situation.

"Yeah it's great. I have my own room and Clint, Natasha and I went shopping for it a few days ago. And the Avengers are great too, even if they are strange sometimes and in Natashas case scary", but he sad it with a grin. And even though Natasha grated him with an unimpressed face you could see the smile in her eyes. "I like it here!" he told Remus.

After seeing Harry enthusiastically show him his room and proudly declaring that he even had begun doing his homework Remus had to smile. And he hoped to Merlin, that Sirius would for once use his head. This Clint guy was good for Harry. Even in just a few days he could see, that Clint had begun to take down Harrys walls. He could see it in the way Harry told him about what he and Clint had done and seen already and how he looked at him as he left the room. It wouldn't be long till Harry accepted Clint as his father and if Sirius wanted a place in Harrys life he better get on with Clint and dind't make this difficult for either of them.

Natasha loosened up after a while of watching Remus for any sign of him taking Harry away from here. But he listened interested to everything Harry had to say and asked questions about him living here. She could see he was concerned about Harry but was slowly liking what he saw. She hoped he could help get Clint and Sirius see reason.


In the living room Sirius and the Avengers stared at each other.

"Well this could have gone better, don't you think? Drinks anyone?" Tony asked with a fake laugh. Thor looked on bewildered. "Why are you arguing? Shouldn't you try to find a solution to both be in Harrys life?"

"Thor is right. Harry needs the both of you, and if you can't let the past be then that won't work." Bruce piped in.

Sirius who was steadily getting more angry with Clint visibly deflated.

"I am really sorry, but I love Harry, Lily and James made me his godfather and I like to still be his godfather and be there for him. I know my performance wasn't all that great, but I'll do my best!" he told Clint exploringly. And after a long while Clint nodded.

"We were friends once and I hope I can trust you again some day. You can stay Harrys godfather, but I expect better from you. And know that I only give you a second chance because of Harry. He likes you. But don't mess it up. And whenever there is something to decide I have the last word, I am his father after all. And you will tell me all you know about Harrys school years I have a feeling he didn't tell me everything." Clint laid down the law, still not happy with it all, but his son wanted Sirius in his life, so he would grant it as long as it didn't harm Harry. And it was a way for him to find out what Harry experienced at his school.

"Ok I can live with that" Sirius nodded along.

"We could try to get Mr. Black a trial?" Steve, who till then had been silent, asked. Having all of the attention he continued. "Well he is innocent you said and his ministry didn't give him a trial before shipping him of to prison. So I thought maybe here in America there's a ministry too and we could try to give him a trial here on american soil. The British wizards would have no authority here."

"That's brilliant. I never thought about that. In Britain I would have no chance in hell, because the ministry is so corrupt but here it might be worth a try. And you can call me Sirius."

Now everyone was going over Sirius case again and forming a plan to give Sirius his freedom back.


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