Wright & Co. Law Offices

March 21 9:25 AM

"Ugh my head..."

Phoenix woke up to the dim sunlight shinning through his window, he remembered that that he had stayed up until three-o-clock in the morning because his internet was going extra slow and since he had the money from a recent case to pay the bills he decided to do just that. Phoenix began to move when he noticed something was...off, whenever he moved he swore he could feel his chest move as well. Phoenix looked down at his chest to a interesting surprise '

'What The!? Why...why do i have...breast's?!" Phoenix was horrified as he tried to process this, he took his hand and rubbed through his hair, and again to his surprise his hair was down and it felt extremely soft. He took his hand to pull on it when he noticed that his skin was much softer and his nails were long, but not in a disgusting kind of way more in a lady-like kinda way, they were painted red as well. Phoenix began to increasingly worry, he felt his legs and found out they were perfectly shaved and again were soft to the touch. He felt his ears and found holes for ear rings , his toenails were just like his finger-nails and finally...

"From what i can concur so far is one of two things, i have either been the victim of a prank or i have magically turned into a woman..."their was only one way to know the full answer, Phoenix reached down and...a piercing scream of fear and confusion filled the small office. Phoenix fainted on his( or her) bed.

Wright & Co. Law Offices

March 21 11:30 AM

"Man i am soooo late, Nick is going to kill me!"

Maya ran up the stairs of the building that housed their office, she had promised to meet Phoenix at Eleven to get started on the day, but had overslept and had to pay double to take the express train to get over here. When Maya arrived at their door, she immediately busted in screaming apologetic words

"Nick! I am SOOOOO sorry, i overslept and their was a dragon, but the Steel Samurai came and...Huh, hes not here?" Maya was confused as she saw that his computer was still turned off and his files seemed untouched. Maya began walking to his bedroom, when she peeked inside she instantly became red and gasped. Laying on Phoenix's bed was the most gorgeous woman Maya had ever seen, her lips looked ripe to kiss, her hands layed gently on the bed, and her hair looked like the softest hair she had ever seen.

A million questions ran through Mayas head, the main one being who was this amazing woman sleeping in Nicks bed? Maya looked over and saw that the bathroom light was still on with the door half-way closed and she thought that was where Nick was at (In actuality, Phoenix always kept the bathroom light on so he could see where to go in case he ever woke up in the middle of the night) Maya thoughts of shocked and surprise instantly turned to Fear

"(Oh no! If Nick found me here spying on his private life he would kill me! This must be why he didn't call when i was late, I don't blame him she is really pretty but you think he tell me about her, cause it looks like she is wearing Nicks pajamas and knowing him, he would only let someone do that if they were really close and...it looks like they are REALLY close...I should just be thankful Pearls isn't with me, if she saw this she would kill Nick!)" Maya gently closed the bedroom door before leaving the office, she would just head to the local burger joint and wait for Nick to be alone. While she was bummed her day plans had changed, she formed a evil smile knowing she now had perfect blackmail material. Maya opened the door to leave the office and shut it on her way out.

Phoenix awoke from his sleep, he still had a headache but for some reason he started to laugh, ''Man, that has to be the most interesting dream ever, me as a woman...oh...no..." Phoenix looked down and noticed that he still had a very famine body, he would faint again from shock if the sound of a door closing didn't startle him. Phoenix got worried, what if it was Maya? How does he explain to his best friend he had a sex-swap during the middle of the night? Phoenix gently rose from bed, he(or she) made their way to the bedroom door and peeked through, Phoenix was relieved to see no one their and let out a sigh of relief

"Well...looks like I'm alone...what the hell happened last night? I wake up and I'm a woman!... I wonder if a spirit medium could help me...but not Maya or Pearl it be to complicated to explain and they would never let me live it down" Phoenix made their way to the closet to change, they figured a trip to Kurain village could help(It's not like anyone would recognize them anyway). "Alright time to ch-...oh...right..." Phoenix opened their closet door only to find that all the clothes were either suits or Steel Samurai clothes. "Well...Steel Samurai it is..." Phoenix got out of their pajamas and slipped on a Steal Samurai shirt, a pair of skinny jeans(Ones Phoenix never thought they would ever wear) and some Steal Samurai shoes. "Well i suppose it's time to head to the train station" Phoenix grabbed their wallet and badge and left.

Tres Bien

March 21 12:30 PM

Maya sat at her table alone and bored, she had expected Nick to have called her by now but she guessed he was still busy, she sighed as she scanned the restaurant. The place had seen a surprising amount of customers since Maggeys Trial and though it was under probation Jean was still allowed to run his place...under strict police watch though. Maya was about to fall asleep at her table when a voice caught her attention.

"Maya it's good to see you, although a bit surprising your alone." Maya looked to her side and was pleasantly surprised to see Edgeworth standing their "Oh hey ! You can sit down if you like." Edgeworth gave a small bow before sitting down at the table.

''Maya, i was wondering if you could tell me something about Wright." Maya gave a curious look to Edgeworth but shook her head "Sure what do you need?"

"I tried calling Wright this morning because he forgot to return my deck of cards but i wasn't able to reach him, is anything wrong perchance?"

Maya froze in horror, she couldn't tell Edgeworth about that mystery woman in Nicks bed, she decided to lie and hope that the topic would die down. "Well actually he called me this morning and told me that he was sick and not to worry about coming in this morning. I went to the office to check on him and when i did i saw him fast asleep on his bed, so i came here until he wakes up."

Edgeworth pondered on this for a minute, nothing about her statement seemed unusual so he decided to accept it and drop the subject. Maya and Edgeworth continued their chatter for the time being.

Subway Station-2 miles from Tres Bien

March 21 12:30 PM

Phoenix hurried down the Subway Station hoping to make it to the train station for the Train to Kurain Village, along the way he kept getting whistles from guys, comments about their figure and one man even pushed them to the wall with both arms to their side trying to smooth talk their way through, Although a good kick to the crotch shut him up pretty fast. Phoenix ran up the steps onto the busy streets and tried to call for a cab. As they ran along the streets trying to call for a cab they heard a very fa-miler voice call out to them.

"Hey Pretty lady wait up! The Love god Larry is here!" Phoenix couldn't have wanted to see Larry any less than right now(and that was saying a lot) Phoenix tried to continue calling for a cab but Larry eventually grabbed their arm and spun them around.

"In all my days as a traveling Artist, i have searched high and low for the perfect lady, and i can say without a doubt you are indeed a woman molded from Gods own hands." Larry grabbed both of Phoenix's hands and held them together while saying the most cheesy lines in history. Phoenix didn't know what to do, he could blow him off like all of Larry ex-girlfriends but with the way Larry was talking doing that could be bad, on the other hand he could try to act all bashful and give a excuse for leaving but give Larry his number(Larry didn't have his actual number anyway, so as long as he never called he be fine!). After a eternal struggle he decided on the latter.

"O-oh me? Why saying things like that is going to make me blush especially in public" Phoenix tried his best to act shy and bashful and it somehow worked.

"But Miss you are indeed the very definition of 'Heaven on Earth', I'm sorry if i can't help myself". Phoenix gagged on the inside hearing Larry say that to him, he needed to somehow continue this while also ending it. He decided to blush while saying his next line, which wouldn't be hard since he had one memory with Dollie(Or Iris) that always made him red.

"O-Oh I'm going to faint if you keep talking like that...Oh it's so embarrassing knowing everyone can see how red i am". Larry had the largest smile on his face know to man

"Oh don't worry if you faint I'll be sure to catch you in my arms and don't worry about everyone else, you are so much more perfect when you are blushing." Phoenix again gagged on the inside.

"U-um thank you, I-im sorry though but i must board the train soon so i mu-" Phoenix was cut off by Larry "Don't worry about that, the trains are closed down for the day anyway because of a accident, so theirs no reason to be in a rush!"

Phoenix thought they were about to die on the inside when Larry said that, if the train was out their would be no reason to get away from Larry! Unless...

"O-Oh I'm sorry your dashing voice made my memory foggy, i actually meant i need to go to Tres Bien for a meeting...would you mind dropping me off?...I'll give you my number if you do..." Larry felt like he was on top of the world right now, he was about to score the number of the most amazing woman on the planet, and he thought he could get something else out of it to.

"Sure...if you give me a kiss along with it." Phoenix wanted to die right then and their, but thought up another plan. "W-well you see i have never had my first kiss...and i want it to be very romantic...but i can give you a kiss on the cheek if you want(Someone please kill me now)" Larry's smile never left his face

"Well sure i can understand a girls wishes! Come on my bike is just over here!" Phoenix went along with Larry, hoping to use Tres Bien as a place to regroup.

Tres Bien

March 21 1:00 PM

Maya and Edgeworth had been talking for a while now, Edgeworth had gone on about how to play chess and Maya was interested in every little detail about the game.

Larry and Phoenix had pulled up to the side of Tres Bien, Phoenix got off and handed Larry their number and was about to leave when Larry grabbed their shoulder winked and turned his face to the side revealing his cheek. Phoenix wanted to throw up, but knew he had to go along with it, he slowly etched his mouth forward and gave Larry a peck on the cheek. Fireworks went off In Larry heart, he started racing forward celebrating like he just won the lottery, he was so happy he didn't even notice Phoenix gagging and about to puke into the nearby trashcan.

Larry eventually calmed down and ran and gave Phoenix a big embrace, Phoenix could feel his dinner from last night etching up his throat, Larry then let go and winked at them

"Well I'll be sure to get a hold of you soon, goodbye darling" Larry winked as he raced off on his bike occasionally looking back. Phoenix prayed Larry would lose his number and proceeded into the restaurant.

"So you see Maya, while Chess has more complicated rules than checkers it is still a game to be enjoyed by everyone." Edgeworth took a sip of his tea and quietly stared at Maya after he finished his explanation.

"Wow, whenever Nick isn't busy I'll have to convince him to play sometime!" Maya had a look of sheer gleam in her eyes, Edgeworth on the other hand noticed something she just said.

"I thought you said Wright was sick, not busy." Edgeworth crossed his arms,closed his eyes, and tapped his arm waiting for Mayas response.

"O-Oh well yeah when hes not busy being sick eheh..." Edgeworth didn't buy it.

"Maya what is really go...in...oh my..." Edgeworth was at a loss for words as the most perfect woman he had ever seen walked into the restaurant.

Maya wondered what had Edgeworth at a loss for words, she turned around to see and gasped in horror, the woman from Nicks bed was had come in and not only that, she was wearing Nicks clothes! Before Maya could distract Edgeworth, he had already gotten up from his seat to talk with this lady.

Phoenix quietly walked through the place, they didn't want anyone they knew to notice them. As they walked they rushed around the cash register to try to grab a open seat when they ran into one Miles Edgeworth.

"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention i was trying to get to that seat over their." Phoenix tried to grab their stuff and see who they ran into, but once he spoke up Phoenix froze with fear.

"I-it's not a problem milady, a gentleman must always pay attention to where he is walking so he doesn't run into fair maidens like you" Edgeworth quickly rose and picked up Phoenix's stuff as they tried to rise not wanting to believe that fate was so cruel. Edgeworth continued picking Phoenix's stuff up when he noticed a attorneys badge with the initials "PW" written on it.

"Excuse me milady but are you perchance a defense attorney?" Phoenix again froze with fear this wasn't going to end good.

Maya was horrified as she saw run right into the mystery lady,and was even more horrified when she saw 's 's words had made the mystery lady silent, she continued to look on as picked up what looked like to be a attorneys badge and begin to question the lady, she finally got up as she had a few questions of her own for this mystery lady.

Phoenix pondered for a second, what could they say to Edgeworth to avoid a very awkward moment, finally they had a plan. "W-Well u-um you see sir...my name is Perry Wright...I'm a rookie attorney...i am following in my brothers shoes..."

It didn't take Edgeworth a second to figure out her wording "Ah you must be Phoenix Wright sister, my name is Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor and dear friend to your brother...Although I don't believe Wright ever mentioned having a sister...oh well" Edgeworth gave a small bow in which Phoenix almost considered running but froze when they saw Maya of all people walking up.

"So who is this lady?" Edgeworth gave a small smile to Maya and answered

"Maya, this is Perry Wright, Phoenix's sister." Mayas jaw almost dropped and she wanted to kill herself for thinking Nick would keep his girlfriend away from her, she didn't know why he never mentioned his sister but was relived to know that awkward moment was avoided.

"Oh it's nice to meet you Perry, my name is Maya Fey, Spirit Medium and Phoenix's assistant. Oh and you should know I call Phoenix, Nick!"

Phoenix gave a small fake smile and just nodded their head, before they could say anything Edgeworth spoke up

"My dear lady...i know we just met and all...but i have to attend to a prosecutors ball tonight and am in need of a date...since me and Wr-I mean Phoenix go way back can you accompany me to the prosecutors ball tonight?" Edgeworth could be seen turning red, which resulted in a giggle from Maya and also killed Phoenix on the inside.

"(Could today get much worse? First Larry tries to court me and now Edgeworth!? Who's next Gumshoe?...On second thought lets not even think about that.) U-um well i don't know, I don't have anything nice i could wear an-" Phoenix was cut off by Edgeworth putting his finger to their lips

"Don't worry about that, I can give the money to Maya here and she can assist you in picking out a dress...although you look amazing no matter what you wear" Edgeworth face lit up a bright red when he realized what he said, Maya began having a laughing fit, and Phoenix wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

"Wh-what I meant is all women are amazing no matter what they wear..." Edgeworth struggled for words, something Phoenix hadn't seen since took the witness stand, "Uh well...i must be off have to get ready for tonight eh...here is a thousand dollars Maya, be sure to get something nice!" Edgeworth then gave a quick goodbye and ran outside to the amusement of Maya and the now suicidal thinking Phoenix.

"Looks like you stolen heart Perry! Teehee i don't think i have seen him like this before, but i have to admit you are quite admiring!" Maya gave Phoenix a smile in which they returned(Forceful though)

"Eh Yes, it's quite embarrassing...but I must get going theirs many things to do an-" Phoenix was cut off by a giggling Maya

"Haha looks like Edgeworth has stolen your heart as well your red as a tomato!" Phoenix felt their cheek and sure enough it was warm

"(Damn you Iris and your memories!)" Maya calmed down and grabbed Phoenix hand "Don't worry Perry when it comes to shopping I'm your girl! I'll make you look so good Edgeworth won't even be able to speak!" Before Phoenix could reject, Maya rushed out of Tres Bien dragging Phoenix behind.

A/N:Well this was a thing...i came up with the ideal while reading Turnabout:Harem(Give it read btw) and decided to try the same thing but with Phoenix turning into a girl one night. I don't know if he will stay a girl for a while or switch every day, more than likely the everyday thing so i can do more comedy and more harems *Drools...*! Anyway hope you enjoy and see you in the next chapter!