Couples-A Dinosaur Train Fanfic

Chapter 1-The Hot Springs

Mr. Conductor was sitting in his favorite hot spring pool near Old Reliable, wearing nothing but a big pink flower as a bathing hat. He smiled as he rested his back against the hot springs wall underneath the water, with his arms on top of it. He closed his eyes and sighed happily.

"Now this is the way to really relax. No Dinosaur Train duties today. I get to just sit back and re-"

"Why hello, Mr. Conductor sir."

Mr. Conductor recognized that voice and its Southern accent. He opened his eyes and turned his head a little to his left. And sure enough, there was Erma Eoraptor standing behind him.

Mr. Conductor's face blushed red. It was one thing when the Pteranodon and Lambeosaursu families saw him in nothing but his bathing hat, but with Erma…

Erma smiled. "I didn't know you'd be at the hot springs today."

"Oh, uh, yeah. I…had the day off today." Mr. Conductor looked at the geysers way ahead of him and pretending to smile. "Yup, sure is a glorious day. And I thought, what better way to spend it than at the hot springs?"

"I was thinking the same thing and decided to come here as well."

There was a moment of silence between the two.

"Mr. Conductor?"

"Yes, Erma?" He said looking back.

Erma's eyes darted from Mr. Conductor to the rock beside the pool and back to him. "Ya mind if I join ya?"

Mr. Conductor blushed at the thought. At first he was hesitant to say that Erma could, but then he decided to be polite.

"Why, sure. I don't mind at all if you join me."

Erma smiled. "Well, that is mighty kind of you."

She hung her red towel next to the Conductor's white-with-blue-lines-going-down-it one and got into the pool. She sat next to the conductor himself.

Mr. Conductor and Erma were silent for a bit more.

Finally, Erma looked at him and smiled.

"You look very charming today, Mr. Conductor. Especially with that flower hat of yers."

Mr. Conductor blushed some more and looked at Erma.

She batted her eyelashes at him.

Mr. Conductor could swear that his heart skipped a beat whenever he saw Erma bat her eyelashes at him. She looked very lovely whenever she did that. Then again, he thought that Erma always looked lovely.

Mr. Conductor began to smile as he placed his hand on his bathing hat.

"You're such a charming creature, Mr. Conductor. You fascinate me very much."

"I do?"

"Mmh-mmh." Erma nodded.

"You fascinate me so much that I want to learn more about you. What do you do when you're not working on the Dinosaur Train? What are your interests? Hobbies? I want to know everything there is to know about you. I want an opportunity to learn more about you."

Mr. Conductor stared at Erma for the longest time before he spoke.

"You mean, like…like a date?"

Erma blushed and looked away. She smiled shyly a little.

"Yeah, like a date. But…" Erma looked up at the conductor. "I want you to be the one to ask."

Mr. Conductor stared at Erma, his heart slowly beginning to race. He closed his eyes and took slow, deep breaths. When he opened them he looked into Erma's beautiful, aqua blue eyes.

Mr. Conductor found himself slowly smiling. His heart was still beating, but not as fast as it was before.

Erma smiled back, thinking how charming Mr. Conductor's smile was.

Then Mr. Conductor began to speak again. "Erma,"

Erma was silent.

"Would," Mr. Conductor held both of Erma's hands in his. "Would you like to have dinner with me? Tomorrow night at seven?"

Erma smiled, turned her face away until the side of it was showing, and batted her eyelashes again much to Mr. Conductor's delight. "Oh, Mr. Conductor. Why I would love to."

Mr. Conductor smiled, liking how Erma said she'd love to.

"What should I wear?" He asked Erma, causing her to smile even warmer.

"Oh, your conductor uniform would be just fine."

"Okay then. I know a great place where we can eat."

He told Erma the name of the restaurant in Troodon Town.

"That sounds lovely."

Mr. Conductor smiled warmly. "Then it's a date."

So the two sat in the hot spring together, smiling at each other and then looking up at the clear blue sky.

They remained for a little while.

Then Erma spoke.

"I'd better be going now. I'm sorry, Mr. Conductor. But it was a pleasure sitting here and talking with you."

"The pleasure's all mine, thanks for spending the afternoon with me." Mr. Conductor said smiling.

"But before I go, I'm gonna leave you with a lil' something."

Erma placed her hand under Mr. Conductor's chin and leaned up to kiss his left cheek softly.

Mr. Conductor both blushed and smiled a little at the kiss. No one in all his life had ever kissed his face before except for his mother.

Erma broke away and smiled up at him.

"Good-bye, handsome. See you tomorrow at seven." And with that, Erma got out of the spring. She wiped herself dry with her towel and walked off.

Mr. Conductor watched her go as he placed his hand on his kissed cheek. He smiled.

Then He face forward again, rested the back of his head on his hands (the backs of which were lying on the ground behind him), and looked up at the sun with a smile on his face.

"A date, who would've guessed, but it's true. I have a date with the most beautiful creature in all of the world. And her name's Erma Eoraptor."

To be Continued…