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Hours later, the Emotions returned to the lounge and relaxed on the couch once again. Anger and Disgust stretched their limbs until they both heard Anger's back snap.

"Ugh, could you be more revolting?" Disgust groaned.

"Zip it. You don't want me to lash out on you," Anger spat in response.

"Oh, man that nap felt like a year to me," Fear sighed. "It was good. Is Riley okay?"

Joy grabbed a chair and scooted to the screen. "Yup, we're good! She's having some bonding time with mom and dad."

"That's nice, I guess," Sadness whispered.

"So, while they start talking, we start asking! Who wants to go first?" Joy asked excitedly.

"Are we seriously still playing this stupid game?" Disgust hissed.

"Why not? It's so much fun!"

Disgust smirked. "If I dared you to kiss Fear, would you still think it would be fun?" Maybe this'll change her mind, she thought.

Joy blushed slightly and smiled. "Nah, peace of cake!"

Fear's face fell. "You make it sound like it doesn't mean anything."

"Well," Joy scratched the back of her head while trying to cough up the right words. "I mean we are just co-workers. We should keep our relationship strictly professional! We all should. Even though certain pairing ideas from our fans did sound kind of cute-"

"Like you and Fear?" Disgust teased again.

"I was going to say you and Anger," Joy teased back. Disgust puffed her cheeks and huffed her head the other way. Anger simply rolled his eyes and shook his head in defeat. I hate them. Meanwhile, Fear slumped, making Sadness pat his back sympathetically.

"I'll start!" Joy said. "Fear, truth or dare?"

"Dare! Hit me with your best shot, Joy," Fear shot up.

"Great! Dare, dare..." Joy paused. Then she gasped. "I dare you to play this cool game I saw called Five Nights At Freddy's!"

Fear grew pale. "F-f-f-f-f-f y-you're not talking about that game with the p-pizzeria a-and the a-a-a-a-ani-animatronic mo-m-mo-mo-monsters are you!?"

"Duh, what else?" Joy giggled.

"Oh no. No, no, no, no... see, that is NEVER going to happen. I would rather fist bump Anger than do that! Heck, I'd rather jump off a cliff-"

"Okay then, do it, Beanpole!" Anger intervened.

"Guys! No one is jumping off a cliff. Fear, you don't have to do the dare," Joy assured.

"Thank goodness..."

"But in exchange, you have to give Anger a fist bump," she finished. Fear gulped. As he looked in Anger's direction, he noticed the brick emotion cracking his knuckles at the thought.

"Are you trying to kill me?" he asked.

"I won't let him kill you. And besides it's just a fist bump! Better than jumping off a cliff, am I right?"

"Fine." Fear slowly inched towards the reluctant emotion. He slowly clasped his shuddering right hand into a fist, and held it out for Anger. Anger simply stared at him, glaring nonchalantly.

"Do you really want me to punch that so-called fist of yours?" Anger deadpanned.

"Are you going to do it or not?! Do it before I change my mind!" Fear snapped.

"At least quit covering your face, you baby!"

Fear, who had his left hand over his eyes, simply formed a gap within his fingers to look at Anger. The red emotion groaned and returned the gesture in one swift motion. "There, happy?"

His shuddering came to an end and he withdrew his hand to look at it. "Huh..."

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Joy said while punching his shoulder playfully. Fear gave out a small chuckle in response. "Okay, your turn!" Joy added.

"Ugh, I'm getting bored over this stupid game," Disgust complained.

Fear smirked deviously. "Oh really? In that case, truth or dare?"

"Dare- wait no-!"

"Ha! No take-backs," Fear spoke immediately. "And I've got the perfect dare for you."

"You wouldn't," Disgust snared.

"Oh I will. I dare you to eat a grub!" Fear finished.

Everyone simply gasped.

"I hate you a little less now," Anger commented before bursting into a fit of laughter.

"I accidentally squashed this poor ant," Sadness whimpered. "Just take it away from me, please! I can't bear the guilt!" she cried.

Anger took the ant from her hands. "Thank you. Enjoy, Disgust."

"NO. WAY."

"Disgust, it's just an ant," Joy said.

"Excuse me?! Do you know where ants come from? They come from dirt! And how did HQ become infested with ants!? I'm not eating that thing - I'll die! You guys need me!"

"Yeesh, no need to be a drama queen. At least it's not broccoli," Fear said.

"Ugh, fine! But after this, no more disgusting dares. Got it?!"

"Sure," everyone said. However, Anger had his fingers crossed behind his back.

"Good. I'll need sanitary gloves, a glass of water and maybe some aspirin. Oh and toothpaste."

"Disgust! It's just an ant," Joy repeated.

"Shut up, Joy! I'm not listening to you." Desiree placed on the gloves Sadness lent her and took the dead ant. Anger, Joy and Fear watched in anticipation while Sadness closed her eyes, not wanting to watch the scene. Almost instantly, she placed it in her mouth and swallowed it before she could taste it. Within seconds, her cheeks grew puffy and immediately ran for the bathroom.

"Ohh... is she going to be okay?" Fear asked, now feeling guilty.

"She'll be fine. I know her. She tends to overreact a lot," Anger sighed. Disgust returned with a toothbrush in her mouth.

"I hate you, Fear," she mumbled.

"Disgust, I'm really sorry... no more dares I promise," Fear apologized.

"Good!" she snapped before returning to the bathroom. "Oh, and I dare everyone to roast hotdogs on Anger's head."

"YOU DIDN'T EVEN ASK ME YET!" Anger snapped. Joy, Fear and Sadness smirked at him.

"Roast a hotdog on me, and I'll roast you next. Got that?"

"Fine... as payback, I dare Fear to make Anger so mad he'll burn open the window again. Now leave me alone!" Disgust snapped before leaving the room.

"Ooookay... moving on," Fear said while hiding behind Joy.

"Come on, Fear, just do it," Sadness pleaded.

"I know a while ago was only a bluff but now, I think he's really going to kill me if I make him mad!"

"Fear, remember what I said: I won't let him hurt you," Joy promised. Fear blushed slightly at her assurance and sighed. "Alright."

The raw nerve stepped towards Anger once again and hugged him. "I'll never stop bothering you Anger. Let's talk about all those times where you never punched me in the face, even when you really wanted to."

Anger twitched at his words, growled, then within seconds erupted into a volcano of fire. Fear shrieked and curled up into a ball. Joy went behind Anger and carried him.

"I got it!" As Anger screamed, Joy carried his enraged body to the window, where his flames formed yet another hole in the window. Sadness stared in awe. "So that's how you rescued us," she muttered.

"Hey, for once it wasn't me who triggered him," Fear replied.

Out of nowhere, Joy took out three sticks with hotdogs pierced through them. "Dig in, guys!" she said.

"Yay..." Sadness said wearily. Fear smiled and took both sticks for him and Sadness and began roasting them on top of Anger's blazing head.

"WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!?" Anger snapped.

"Sorry," Joy said before taking a bite on her wiener.

"I'll make you sorry. I dare you to look out that hole and yell 'Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?'" he dared.

"You didn't ask me yet... but I like how you read my mind with the dare," Joy finished her hotdog and leaned out the broken window.

"ROMEO, ROMEO! WHEREFORE ART THOU, OH ROMEO!" Joy shouted. Sadness tapped on Fear's shoulder while they both ate.

"Yes?" Fear said.

Sadness smirked. "Joy, your Romeo responded!"

Fear nearly spat out his hotdog and his face burned crimson. "SADNESS!"

Anger nearly choked out laughing and Joy pulled away from the window with a red face. No one saw it, but her glow grew noticeably brighter. Anger's flames died down as he burst out laughing. He offered a high five to Sadness.

"Oh, now that was glorious! Putter there, kiddo!" he exclaimed. Sadness giggled and returned the high five.

"Okay, I gotta admit, that was pretty funny," Joy giggled as she sat down next to them. She and Fear stared at each other from across and looked away with sheepish grins.

"Y-yeah..." Fear agreed.

"Hey, guys, what'd I miss?" Disgust returned.

"Loads. You just missed Sadness' epic moment," Anger chuckled.

"Did she manage to tick you off?" Disgust snickered.

Anger glared. "No. That was Fear's fault."

"Ugh, I don't want to ask. Where are we up to?"

"I've got one. Joy, truth or dare?" Sadness asked.

"Dare me again!" Joy said.

"Wow, you don't just give up, do you?" Disgust asked incredulously.

"Hehe nope!"

"Hmm... I'm a bit curious about mom's obsession with the 'Helicopter Pilot' guy..."

"Me too. Let's go ask them!" Joy hopped over to the controls and pressed certain button, which activated the connection between Riley's and Jill's mind.

"Hi mom!" Joy greeted.

Meanwhile, inside Jill's head, the emotions suddenly received a signal from their daughter's emotions.

"Oh, it's the kids! We should say hello," Jill's Joy squealed.

"Alright," Jill's Sadness approved. She pressed a button to activate their speaker. "Hi, kids, it's been a while!"

"Hey, Sadness, it's your mom," Fear muttered.

"Yeah... Hi, mom," Sadness greeted.

"Is Disgust there? I hope she made sure Riley brushed her teeth today," Jill's Disgust spoke sternly.

"Yeah, mom, but apparently a certain raw nerve dared me to eat an ant. Ugh!" Disgust gagged.

"Fear... what did you do?" Jill's Fear asked.

Fear smiled sheepishly. "Hehe... sorry, mom. Joy started this whole truth or dare game and we all got hooked."

"Speak for yourself," Disgust hissed.

"Mom, we were wondering something," Joy began.

"Sure, Joy, anything," Jill's Joy answered.

"We want to know about this Brazilian Helicopter Pilot guy," Joy finished.

"Yeah, what makes him so special compared to dad anyway?!" Anger snapped.

"Keep your tone down, young man," Jill's Anger shot back. "He's just charismatic that's all. Plus he's got those dark and mysterious eyes, has a smoothly-shaved face, and the way he exposes his abdominal regions are so tempting, I could just-"

"MOM, STOP!" Anger roared.

"I'm just messing with you. It's a good thing your father has some features to be proud of," Jill's Anger chuckled. "And besides, we threw away the memory."

"Um, yeah... we did," Jill's Fear murmured incoherently. Fear cocked an eyebrow and sneered. "Mom, you didn't hide it did you?"

"Hide what exactly?" asked another voice.

"OH, IT'S FEAR'S DAD!" Joy squealed and pressed another button. "HI DAD!"

"Nothing, dear!" Jill's Fear lied. Jill's Sadness and Disgust simply shook their heads in amusement.

"Don't tell me you're bringing up that Brazilian Helicopter Pilot to our children!" Bill's Anger said, his voice rising with anger.

"That's none of your business," Jill's Anger stepped in.

While the parents' emotions kept bickering, before eventually flirting with each other, Riley's emotions began to feel uneasy. "Uh, yeah, I think we'll leave you guys to do... that. It's been great talking to you guys again! Riley's emotions: out!" Joy bade them farewell as she pressed the button, cancelling both speakers.

"Ugh, thank goodness. Otherwise we could've heard our parents sending those cliche sweet nothings and uh! It's too gross to even think about it," Disgust complained.

"Okay, moving on! Sadness, truth or dare?" Joy began once more.


"What's your happiest moment you've had with us so far?"

Sadness blinked, trying to process the question in her mind. She could hardly remember all the good times they had, until she thought. "I guess it was when you and I made our first core memory together."

Joy placed her hands over her mouth and gasped. Then she went closer to the teardrop emotion and hugged her tightly. "Oh, Sadness!"

Anger, Fear and Disgust watched in awe. Sadness returned the hug halfheartedly. The two pulled away from the hug and returned to their positions.

"Anger, truth or dare?" Sadness asked.


"I... dare you to kiss him," Sadness said while pointing at Fear. "Just for fun."

"ME?!" Fear stammered.


"Yes," Sadness concluded. "It doesn't have to be... that kiss."


"Okay, who are you and what have you done with Sadness?" Disgust asked.

Anger twitched. "Does anyone have a toilet plunger...?"

"Okay, I think we should skip that dare... I can't risk letting tempers flare to the point where one of us gets hurt," Joy said.

"Fine... I'll just do truths and dares. Someone ask me a question because I pick the truth," Sadness said solemnly.

"Oh, I got one! How does it feel to... feel left out after all these years?" Disgust asked.

"Disgust... that was a little too insensitive," Joy hissed.

"Hey, we all have the right to know. Things have changed now, Joy."

"She's right, I guess. I mean, even though I hated it so much, I was used to being left out. I thought it was my fate... if I hadn't tried toying with the core memories," Sadness paused before coughing up a few sobs. Fear, who was sitting next to her pulled her into a hug.

"Hey, it's okay, Sadness. Times have changed, remember? You know who you are and your purpose is to show that you care about others and that you make others care about Riley too," Fear said softly.

"He's right, Sadness. And we all love you for it," Joy agreed before nudging Anger's shoulder. "Right, Anger?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"Exactly. Come here," Disgust came in and gave Sadness a hug. Somehow, everyone was dragged into another group hug.

"Thanks, I guess..." Sadness muttered.

"Fine, I'll take a truth from you, Sadness. No dares if it has anything to do with HIM," Anger said while pointing at the raw nerve.

"Okay... well, is there any chance that you do have a soft spot for Fear?" asked the teardrop.

Anger and Fear glanced at each other for a moment. The brick emotion looked away and sighed. "You don't need me to answer that."

"REALLY!? YOU CARE!?" Fear screamed with shocked elation.

"Yeah, whatever, NOW GO AWAY- OOoof!" Anger yelped as he felt Fear cling onto him.

"Oh, thank you! THANK YOU!"

"Aw, that's so cute!" Joy and Disgust squealed in unison.

Anger protested until he broke the hug. "Yeah, sure now get off!"

"Wow, who knew this game could bring us closer? Dare me next!" Joy shouted.

"Fine. I dare you and Fear to dance together!"

Joy glanced at Fear, whose face was glowing red once again, and looked away, smiling. "I-I don't dance," Fear stuttered. The star shook her head and walked towards him.

"That doesn't mean you can't dance," she muttered while holding out her hand. Fear shot up from where he sat to meet the eyes of his star. It was like staring into the sun - radiant, energetic, without the need to glare when you look into it. It was a perfect sight. The raw nerve emotion sighed, his eyes wandering back and forth to and away from hers, and took her hand, allowing her to pull him up.

"Show me what you got," Fear said, smiling. Joy smiled back sweetly.


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