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Chapter 1

Hadrian leant back in his seat and fought the urge to show his boredom as the two Senators continued to argue. He glanced around at those he could see nearby and saw several other Senators looked just as fed up as he was. How had he been talked into this? He didn't want to be a Senator at all and yet here he was. He shifted slightly, feeling the uncomfortable formal robes crinkle at his movement. At least his getup wasn't as elaborate as that worn by Senators from planets like Naboo. Although Senator Palpatine appeared to wear the least of the really formal wear, odd for someone still in their first term as Senator. Finally the session was over and he could escape to his apartment near the Senate Building.

Harry walked confidently down the streets, his blaster prominently displayed strapped to his thigh warning others that he wasn't an easy target. He found it amusing that despite all the training he'd had over the years with various types of blades that he was most comfortable with a weapon that could shoot. Dressed in black and dark green he seemed to blend with the shadows as he moved towards his target, one of the shadier bars in the area. It was a great place to pick up work if you were a bounty hunter and he wanted work. He went inside and took a seat at the bar, ordering a drink from the bartender while looking around at who else was in.


He looked over at the older Bounty Hunter and nodded in respect. "Tryx, how can I help you?"

"There's someone looking for you with a job offer, names Tyrannous."

"Never heard of him."

"He's obviously heard of you, the offers really good."

"Then I'll check it out, thanks."

"Watch yourself, he's also asking after Fett." With that last warning he left the bar, leaving Harry to puzzle over what could be going on. Both of them was odd, they had very different work methods and ethics. Harry never took a Bounty on an innocent person or child. Fett pretty much took any work offered. He finished his drink and then left the bar, heading for the hanger nearby where his ship was berthed. He keyed in the code and then let his hand be scanned before the doors opened to reveal the sleek silver and dark red ship that was his pride and joy. She hadn't been much when he'd won her off an old smuggler in a sabaac game but he had done a lot of work since. She might not look it but she was armed to the teeth and her hyperdrive belonged on a much newer and larger ship meaning he was five times faster than anyone ever expected. He'd put a lot of credits, time and magic into making her the best she could be and he was very proud of the Auror. He'd named her for the job he'd always wanted as a child and yet was so far from the work he now did to remind himself of the past and to never sink too deep into his work. It didn't take long to get permission to leave the planet and the ship lifted off smoothly. Once free of the gravity well he punched in the coordinates and entered hyperspace. It would take two days to reach the rendezvous so he retired to his cabin to catch up on sleep.

"Senator Antilles, may I help you?"

The Senator for Alderaan looked at the aide who had called his attention. "Is Senator Black here?"

"I'm sorry sir, the Senator has been called home on urgent business. I can send him a message to contact you if you wish."

"Do you know when he will return?"

"Before the next session sir."

"Very well, I will speak with him then, thank you." Bail left Hadrian's office deep in thought. He was hoping to get the young Senators backing for legislation to curtail some of the various guilds and federations power within the Senate. Hopefully he could catch him before the session began to speak with him, he had several backers so far but he needed more support to even hope to get it passed. Things in the Senate were changing and he did not like what he had seen of those changes so far. Action was taking longer and longer as the bureaucrats tied everything up in procedure and he knew several Senators were open to their votes being bought. Corruption was creeping in and no one was trying to stop it, Valorum did his best but the Chancellor was only one man.

Harry leant against his ship, apparently totally at ease but in reality he was ready to move at the slightest sign of trouble. He didn't trust this at all, for the amount being offered the job had to be big and that usually meant someone very important. Finally an ageing man approached and Harry nearly stiffened in shock as he recognised the renowned Jedi Master. He straightened and bowed slightly. "What possible need for a Bounty Hunter could you have Count?"

Dooku kept his face blank but he was surprised the man had recognised him. That changed things a bit, he would have to give him the same story the Kaminoans had been given or kill him once the job was done. No one could tie him to this. "A very delicate and long term job. The Republic is entering troubled times and if something were to happen there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Galaxy." He started and Potter nodded in agreement, so far so good. He wasn't sure why this man was his Master's first choice for the clone template, he was tall and slender, not the best build for an army but perhaps the cloners could bulk them up a bit. "There will come a day when more is needed to defend the Republic. As such an army is being created."

"I'm a Bounty Hunter, not a soldier. I don't take orders well."

Another thing that could be dealt with by the cloners to make the soldiers more compliant. "I am not looking for soldiers exactly. We only need one person to serve as a template if you will. From them a clone army will be constructed."

Harry bit his cheek to keep from audibly reacting. Clones? Was he crazy? "While the money is good I have to decline Count. I don't go around giving people my DNA. Maybe you'll have better luck with Fett, good day." Harry bowed slightly again and turned to go back into the Auror.

"A pity." Dooku whispered and Harry dropped as a lightsaber cut through the air where his neck had been seconds before. He rolled to his feet but didn't draw his blaster as the Jedi would be able to block the shots.

"Jedi don't try to stab people in the back, so what are you now Count?" He asked as he contemplated something he hadn't used in decades, but no, he was too rusty. So he took a deep breath and then attacked magically. Dooku never saw it coming as the Obliviate spell hit him head on. While he was recovering Harry ran for it, taking off just as the man shook off the after-effects and looked around in confusion.

Harry didn't relax until he was safely at lightspeed, staring out at the stars streaking by. He had known there was something off about the job. So why was a Jedi going by a fake name and trying to use Bounty Hunters to make a clone army? While the reasons he had stated made sense he could feel they weren't the real ones for the man's actions. At least he wouldn't remember their meeting or even considering Harry for the job, if the spell had circumvented all of the Jedi's mental protections at least. He closed his eyes and slowly came down from the adrenaline high, he was tired from the high powered spell. On Earth the spell wouldn't have even winded him but here magic was harder to shape and command. That was why it was a last resort method for him now. He would have to be even more careful now until he worked out just who wanted that army and why. Such a force could be a threat to the Republic rather than its savour.

Bail relaxed a little as he spotted the young Senator of the Bajic sector standing in the hallway talking to an aide. He waited until the aide left and then walked forward. Hadrian turned to him and Bail too the time to really look at the younger male. He was surprisingly young to be elected to the Senate, especially from a rather large sector even if he was from Talofan, the sectors capital planet. He was slender and tall with shoulder length black hair that curled a bit and blue-grey eyes that seemed to see everything around him. "Senator Black, may I speak with you?"

"Of course Senator Antilles. How may I help you?"

If his looks set him apart from other Talofan's who were fair haired then his accent set him even further apart. It was strange and not quite like any other he had ever heard. "I was hoping for your support of new legislation." He answered as they moved down the hallway. He sent Hadrian a copy and they parted to go to their pods for the session.

Hadrian sat and read the proposal. It was sound and a good idea but he knew it would never pass, too many were already in the pockets of the various guilds and federations, especially the Trade Federation and the Banking Clan. So did he risk them trying something against those who had given him a home by voting for it or vote against to stay out of their sight? He sighed and leant back in his chair, he had never been one to do what was easy over what was right, no matter the consequences. Talofan was his home now and he would protect it to the end, no matter what the groups may try against them.


Hope no one is confused by Hadrian Black and Harry Potter. You can see the truth of them right? This is a few years before Phantom Menace.

Since people are commenting...Dooku was never mentioned till the 2nd movie and it never said when he left the jedi. Fett said Dooku under his sith name hired him around 10yrs previous to that movie which would be around this time or so. Plus since when did Palpatine care about the whole rule of 2 things? He had his Hands and stuff in later books. Not to mention Harry makes this AU or else he will have a very boring time in this story