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Days before the events in Yosemite in an obscure German town in what was once the East an old man walked into a beerhall for his evening meal of bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer. The owner recognized him as his regular and waved at him to have a seat. The old man waved back then went over to his usual table in the corner. He sat as was his habit with his back to the wall where he had a clear view of both entrances.

"Here's your usual Heir Rutter," said the owner placing his plate in front of him. "I thought you should know a nice looking woman came looking for a Colonel Rutter of the Stasi this afternoon."

"And what did you tell her?" asked the old man as he began to eat. "You know you put too much spice in your bratwurst."

"No one else complains," said the owner. The old man looked around at the empty beerhall. "Okay, okay, I told her the only Stasi pigs I knew were run out of town as soon as the wall came down and I haven't seen any since including this Colonel Rutter."

"Do you think she believed you?" asked the old man as he pushed the plate away and drank his beer. The owner just shrugged his shoulders. Sitting the empty on the table the man wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "How long before she gets here?"

"What? No I didn't... I wouldn't. We're old friend since before the wall came down. I wouldn't do anything to... I wouldn't give you up."

"I was your handler and you were my asset. You ran the pub got the people drunk then reported back to me and I paid you for the information. It's that cut and dry. That was how you were able to move here from Berlin and buy this dive you call home now. You've only tolerated me because you know I know your dirty little secrets but now there's someone else who knows them too. I asked how long."

There was a screech of tires outside as a car suddenly pulled up. The old man heard a car door open then slam close followed by the sound of high heels on the sidewalk. The door opened up and a stunning brunette walked in. She looked at him and smiled.

"Now that's what the devil looks like. Go away," said the old man to the beerhall owner. "If I were you I'd lock up and leave." The owner nodded in the direction of the old man pointing him out to the woman. She walked over to the table.

"Waiter bring us both a cognac, the best you have," said the woman but the old man lifted his hand to tell the man to hold up as the woman sat down.

"Make mine a Scotch. Please sit down," said the old man. "I hear you're looking for ghosts. The man you're looking for doesn't exist anymore."

"Oh I think he does and he's sitting across the table from me," she said as the owner brought them their drinks then went back to the bar.

"Let's say for the sake of argument the man you're looking for does exist what then? What use do you have with an old decrepit man? This Colonel probably already has one foot in the grave and the other one on shaky ground."

"I need information, information that only he would know. I want to know... no I have to know about the Berlin Tunnel."

"What's there to know? The NSA and the CIA along with the British Intelligence dug a tunnel under East Berlin to tap our phone lines. But all that came out when the tap was found in 1956 ending the operation."

"You're talking about Operation Gold I want to talk about Operation Regal and the tunnel no one knew about until a few days before the wall came down. I'm talking about the one that in the euphoria of the moment was forgotten."

"I don't know what you're talking about," said the old man as he threw down his Scotch. "I think you need to check the archives if you want more."

"Oh I think you do know what I'm talking about. I have read some of the secret files from the Stasi archives and they mention you and your special team that operated in the area of the tunnel. The Rat Squad you and your people were called. It mentioned you detaining an informant Hans Yodeler then another man whose name isn't written down anywhere then nothing. What happened to Heir Yodeler and this other man?"

"Can I get you anything else," said the owner as he came over to check on his clients and to hear better what was going on which turned out to be a mistake. "Would you like another round?"

"No we're fine," said the old man as he motioned for the owner to go away looking at the exit trying to tell him to make a break for it.

"Hold up a minute," The woman said to the owner. "You wouldn't happen to remember a Hans Yodeler, do you? Here look at this." She placed an old picture on the table.

"No can't say as I do," said the owner. "But the picture is old like me. My memory isn't what it used to be. Well if you don't need anything..."

"Oh I wouldn't say that but then again you can't remember everyone you turned into the Stasi, can you? Funny but your bank account was credited with a large sum of money shortly after this man was picked up.

"I don't know what..." he never got out anything else she pulled a Walther PPK 9 and shot him dead. The old man reached for his under his jacket but the woman was faster. She got a second shot off putting an end to Colonel Rutter of the Stasi. There was only one place she could go now for the answers she was looking for and that was in Langley; however, to do that she needed to see a man in Venice first.


Roan was sitting in the General's office twirling around in her chair while she was gone. He was her acting while she was out of town with the President and the Chief of Staff. With everyone gone there was little risk Roan would do anything that could get her and the agency in hot water but she still had her Major spying on him.

"Major, have a drink with me," said Roan as he poured them both a Martini. "You know what they say a Martini a day keeps the doctor at bay."

"But it's got to be doing havoc to your liver. Yours has got to be camouflaged by now. No thank you, I'm in uniform and it's not even three o'clock yet."

"What happens at three? You have to report in to Diane and tell on me?" said Roan. He knew he was right when he saw the Major's face. "Oh really? How often do you have to call her? Once, twice, three times a day? Oh Gez she doesn't trust me."

"Agent Montgomery I didn't say yes or no you're just guessing. Believe me my lips are sealed," said the Major as Connie walked in and rolled her eyes at Roan with a Martini glass in his hand.

"Tell the Major he should never play poker. One look and... well I'm sorry son but you'd lose your shirt. We could go over to Atlantic City and play for drinks. I could use the free booze right before payday."

"Agent Montgomery, be nice," said Connie. "Major, I'm afraid Roan's right but you have other wonderful attributes..."

"I haven't seen them yet," said Roan only to get an evil look from Connie. "I'm just saying," he said as he sipped from his Martini.

"Too much if you ask me," said Connie. "No... but you're a good administrator and the real deal Major, don't pay Roan any mind. You hold this office together when there are others who try to tear us down."

As they were talking a man walked in with an envelope in his hands marked urgent. He handed it to Connie before turning around and leaving. She opened it and inside was a file folder with a note attached.

"This is from our new Station Chief in Berlin," said Connie as she read the note on the outside. "Here this is for the activing Director to read. You can still read?"

"Funny," said Roan as he pulled out a set of reading glasses and put them on. "I guess the Germans have gotten over their tantrum." He opened the folder then sat down at the General's desk. "Gez, I need to speak to Diane right now. The Germans are saying our deep database has been compromised and the market is being flooded with our classified documents."

"That can't be," said the Major. "If that were the case we'd already know about it and the archives in the deep database are impenetrable."

"Do I have to remind you that Agent Carmichael already did it once," said Roan. "But you're right I think this is an exaggeration. If we were hemorrhaging like this document seems to indicate we'd know by now but they give archive numbers and some of them I know as being in there. I need to talk to Diane. Major pull up a chair misery loves company so I've I got to break this news to her I want you here with me."

"Here you go Roan, I mean agent Montgomery," said Connie as she brought the General on the monitor.

"Was that a Freudian slip or something more," asked Roan as he brushed back his hair. "Yes Sir, I've still got it."

"You still got what," said Diane as she came on the screen. "Roan I put you in charge while I was gone to be in charge of the office not the bar." She saw the shaker and his Martini glass on her desk.

"So cruel Diane, and I've been counting the minutes we've been apart," said Roan as he laid it on thick. Beckman was growing impatient.

"Roan can you please get on. I've got a dead Yakuza mercenary on a JAL flight from LAX to Tokyo. We're trying to figure out how his people got to him and I'm currently in Vancouver holding a left hand of Jason Wang. No jokes about hands and Wang. We just got a hit on the finger prints and we should have something back on his DNA from CODIS soon. You can see I'm knee deep in it here what do you want?"

"We just received word from our new German Station Chief that the word is out that our deep database has been compromised. At first I thought it was unreliable but then I read some of the archive numbers and I recognized some of them like BRNSA1989-113."

"Crap, crap, we need to check this out. Have the Station Chief verify his source then have someone inspect the deep database for signs of intrusion."

"Do we want to do that," said the Major. "I mean with this thing with Snowden and WikiLeaks going around right now can we afford to make it seem like we can't keep our secrets safe."

"Roan, the Major's right. I know we can set up a trace cell mission and I know just the people to task. I promised them the weekend off but this is important. Have the Berlin Chief verify his source and I'll handle the rest. Oh and Roan don't drink up all my gin."

"Who me?" said Roan as Connie pulled the empty bottle out of the waste paper basket.

"I expect a replacement. Beckman out."


In piazza San Marco in Venice a well-dressed man walked into caffé Florian. He looked around. Not seeing his company, so he took a seat where he could watch the entrance. A waiter came over and he ordered two glasses of prosecco chilled to be brought over when his guest arrived. The man sat and watched the tourist in the square trying to feed the pigeons even though the city frowned on the practice. The man's guest walked in as the Moors struck noon from the bell tower.

"Please sit down," said the man as he got up and pulled the chair out for the attractive brunette that walked in.

"Thank you am I late," said the woman noticing he'd been there for a while. "I see our mutual friend was able to get in touch with you."

"Yes and no you're not late, I usual try to get to a met early. I don't know force of habit to scope the place out and all. Yes our friend contacted me and I have to say I was intrigued by the audacity of your goal," said the man as he waved to the waiter to bring over their drinks.

"I hope that's a good thing," said the woman as the waiter put their drinks on the table. "Do you have the product I asked for?"

"First things first, cin cin," he said as he raised his glass and clinked it with hers then took a sip. "Have you ever been in here before?" She shook her head no as she sipped. "This is the oldest coffee house in continuous operation with one in Paris. It opened its doors in 1720 and people like Goethe, Byron, Proust and Dickens have had coffee in here. You asked if audacious was a good thing. Yes I most definitely do that's why I picked this bar to meet."

"I thought it was because in a public place like this it would be hard for me to shoot you and get away with it."

"That too but I don't think you want to kill me. We don't know each other nor do we know the other's name. I have a product and you are a buyer, a pretty one at that."

"I didn't come here for flattery I came her for your wares. Were you able to make what I want to my specifications?"

"Of course I was this isn't my first dance," said the man as he slid a small plastic box to her. "Just lay it over the original EMV chip and presto it's done. The chip will work as normal until it reaches the secure area when it will embed itself and act like a bridge. I can't guarantee how much access time you'll have but the files you wanted will be automatically down loaded to you if the connection lasts long enough."

"It's got to work because there will be no second chances. Your payment has been wire to your Cayman account per our agreement."

"I know I got notified just before you walked in. You know you trust people too much I could've taken your money and ran off with it."

"First, your reputation says otherwise. Lastly people who try to double-cross me tend not to fare too well. I really need to run I have to catch a plane. Let me cover this," said the woman as she waved for the waiter. "It's the least I can do."

"Then until the next time you need my services," said the man as he got up kissed her hand then left. She looked at her watch she needed to hurry to catch her flight to Washington.

A Lufthansa flight from departing Marco Polo airport traveling to Dulles via Frankfurt arrived early morning. Passengers deplaned through the terminal and filed in line passing first passport then customs controls. The tall brunette passed unobserved as she went up to the customs officer.

"Do you have anything to declare Miss Eva Crush," said the officer as she looked at her passport she shook her head and the man scanned the security chip embedded in it. It came back okay.

"You're a returning U.S. citizen, how long were you out of country and how long do you plan on staying?"

"I've been gone for a little less than a year and I'm back because of a death in the family," said the woman as she held a tissue to her face.

"I'm sorry to hear that, my condolences," said the officer as he handed her back her passport. "I wish your return could be on a happier occasion but welcome home. You may go. Next in line please."

"Thank you you're so kind," said the woman as she grabbed her bag then hurried out. She hailed a cab and had him take her to the Excelsior. There she walked straight up to the receptionist.

"Eva Crush, I have a room reserved," she said as she passed him a credit card and a D.C. driver's license with her picture on it.

"Here's your room card," said the woman behind the counter would you like me to call you a bus boy to help you with your bag?"

"No I've managed this far I can take it up stairs," said Eva as she collected everything then made the elevator. A couple got on with her as she went up. She noticed the man continually looking at her and his female companion did too. The woman elbowed the man in the stomach as she arrived on her floor. Eva smiled as she stepped off.

"You need to hurry up," she said as she unpacker her suitcase dumping the content on the bed then from the false bottom she pulled out a syringe, her Walther PPK and the EMV chip. She loaded the pistol and put everything in her purse.


Sarah and Chuck walked in Gwen's office a half-hour late. She looked up at the clock on the wall when she saw them not so subtly dropping a hint. Then she waved Sarah into the examination room but made Chuck wait outside. While they were inside talking he sat there going over in his head what someone would have to do to get at the deep database. The task itself would be monumental. He'd done it but not clean.

"Chuck, you can come in now," said Gwen. Sarah was lying on an examination table with her stomach exposed. Gwen put some gel on her then she used the ultrasound wand to show them images of baby walnut.

"Walnut has grown," said Chuck as he took Sarah's hand. He felt his heart in his mouth as much emotion he felt.

"Walnut? Really that was the best you two could come up with for a name. Well he or she is more like baby grapefruit now. It won't be long before you're going to start feeling walnut move around."

"Morgan suggested coconut," said Chuck which got another look from Gwen. "He was only joking and no one paid him any attention."

"And I hope you smacked him," said Gwen. "Everything looks the way it ought to at this point in your pregnancy. Chuck, you were right to bring her in for a checkup. I looked at the CT scan the doctor did at Yosemite and he did everything by the book. I know this was a big scare for both of you but I don't think there's really anything to worry about..."

"See I told you," said Sarah. "You worry too much."

"No, Chuck was right in coming in Sarah. In cases like these it's best to be prudent and find out it's nothing then do nothing when there's something wrong then discover you're too late. That being said, Chuck I've got a busy schedule for the next month I don't need any sudden unplanned vacations."

"I'll do my best..."

"I think we can do better. Sarah, there are towels next to you. Chuck, you can clean her then we'll talk some more out front. While you do that I want to call and have this blood work picked up. Walnut," Gwen said as she walked out shaking her head.

"I don't think she approves of our name choice," said Chuck as he bent down and kissed her. "But I kind of like Walnut," he said as he went for the tissues.

"You don't have to I can do this," said Sarah as she started to roll over to grab the paper towels but Chuck got them first.

"Oh, no you heard doctor's order. Just relax and let me take care of you," said Chuck as he took them and wiped the gel off. After he wiped her stomach he bent down and kissed it.

"Come here," she said as pulled him towards her and they kissed. "You were right, I feel much better knowing everything is all right with walnut.

"You know we could still go with coconut."

"What did Gwen say we should've done to Morgan? I swear another word about coconut in the same sentence as our baby and someone going to get hurt."

"Yes, ma'am," he said as he helped her up then kissed her. "We need to talk to Gwen then what? Act surprised when we get tagged for this trace cell?"

"I think something like that," said Sarah as she showed Chuck her phone. She switched it off before her checkup and had just turned it back on. "Casey just sent a text saying we need to drop by Castle afterwards."

"I just don't know. I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone could get in undetected. Beckman said that they think it's been broken into which means they aren't for sure but something must've happened to make her think there might've been an incursion. I'm not making any sense am I?"

"No I understand which makes me worried," she said as she smiled.

"Funny, hear that walnut your mommy is a making a joke. Oh come here," he said as he put his arms around her.