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"Thanks."  Inuyasha let Kagome off his back; still annoyed with the way she had "convinced" him to carry her.  His head still hurt from falling directly on that rock.  Kagome walked over, and removed a shoe, and dipped her foot in it.  "Inuyasha!  This is cold!"

"It gets warmer farther up the stream."

"Then why didn't you drop me off there?"

He sighed with annoyance.  "So you could walk a few feet on your own.  I can't remember unimportant details like this on command!"

She glowered at him.  "Well, find me a hot spring!"

"This is a hot spring.  Just not here-here."

"Well, seems pretty cold for a hot spring to me."

Inuyasha practically threw his hands in the air with annoyance.  "You asked me to bring you here!  So I did!  Stop yelling at me for it!  And I can only say 'go upstream' so many times before you have to be stupid to not understand it!"

Right, though Kagome.  I wanted to get away from Sango and Miroku for a while.  I'm glad Shippo found that family of his.  He's adorable, but. . . She looked at the scowling half-demon, who was glaring at the stream, as if glaring at it hard enough would make it hotter.  I wanted to talk to him about something.

"You're right.  Sorry for yelling."

"Keh."  Inuyasha didn't look at her, but prepared to return to Sango and Miroku.  He was tired of having to carry Kagome around.  And it was even worse she had to use the stupid "sit" command at every chance she got, like he was some mangy mutt or something. . .

"Inuyasha, don't go!"  Kagome cringed at the tone of her voice.  Even to her, it sounded rather pleading.  "Um. . .can you take me to the well for something?"

"What?"  He glared at her, crossing his arms.  "No.  You'll go back, and you swore by your ancestors we'd go on a shard hunt before you left this time."

"Oh, come on, Inuyasha!  My ancestors aren't even born yet.  I just wanna get some more. . .shampoo."

"You have plenty."

"A comb."

"You have at least two.  Remember, last week you were convinced you could make my hair 'pretty,'" he added finger quotes to mock her, "by spending an hour dragging that thing through my head as painfully as you could. . .?"

"You let me."

"Wha-what?!"  He sputtered with shock, staring at her with disbelief.  "I did not!  You sat me until I was too freaking tired to move and then you seriously injured me!"

She sighed.  But even he had to admit, his hair had looked nicer.  Until Sango had accidentally speared a bee's nest with her boomerang and dropped all the honey on his head.  It was a miracle he hair didn't still smell like the sweet stuff.  "Well. . .I just need to go back."



Inuyasha dropped instantly, growling in fury at the girl, yet managing to keep it quiet enough for her to not hear.  The great weight pushing on his back hurt as much as usual, and the embarrassment was just as bad, with Kagome smirking over him.  When he finally stood back up, Kagome looked expectantly at him.  "Well?"

". . .Fine."

She smiled, and gave him a hug, to which he didn't react at all, just remaining stiff.  What's her problem?  Did she think that I'd hug her back after she sat me?

"Come on," he muttered gruffly.  "Let's get this over with."  Kagome scrambled onto his back, where he stared at her with surprise.  "What are you doing?"

"It's faster this way."

"I don't want you there!"

She snorted.  "Do you want me to be able to get back quickly or not?"

Inuyasha growled at her, and then jumped off, back to meet Sango and Miroku, to alert them of their side trip.  They were all in Kaede's town, where they were awaiting rumors of the next shard.  Inuyasha was getting restless, and Miroku had been getting daring with grabbing at Sango.  Kagome had recently, getting restless also, had begun to watch Inuyasha.

He was always either in the woods, running and practicing fighting, or sitting on roofs, seeming to sulk.  Kagome had realized how much she had come to like those golden eyes.  He had kind eyes, when he chose to.  Or when he went deep into thought.  Kagome had found herself in possible danger of falling in love with the half-demon.

So she had sought to bring him to the hot spring, where they wouldn't be bothered, and ask him questions, where the mists of the waters might make him a little disoriented, so he might answers questions without fully thinking about it.  However, he didn't seem to have any intention of coming anywhere near them with her, so she needed to change tactics.

She hoped if she could get Inuyasha to somehow come how with her, she could get him to sniff a few shampoos, if she asked him which one smelled best.  That would probably actually work better, but it was more obvious.  So she had tried the first option.

They arrived in town in time to see Sango stomp her boot square into Miroku's face.  She had a few slap marks on his face as well, and looked as if he was in extreme pain, yet satisfied at once.  They came into hearing range, and heard Sango's angry voice yelling at him.

". . .And if you ever do it again, you perverted priest, I'll jam that stupid stick of your so far up your ass you'll never be able to find it again!"  She continued on in this manner for another five minutes, causing even Inuyasha to smirk, obviously impressed by some of the curses she invented.  Finally, she stopped beating Miroku, and stood up.

She saw them, and walked over to them, managing to somehow smile.  ". . .Hi, guys.  Sorry to leave on such short notice."

"You're leaving?"  Kagome's distressed voice was another thing for Inuyasha to have to deal with.  Her being upset almost always ended with him ending up face-first on the ground.

Sango smiled sadly.  "I can't put up with that pervert another minute.  He needs to get another woman to latch onto."  She smiled again, and left them soon with those words.  When they looked back at Miroku, he had crawled away, and Inuyasha was too lazy to track him down.  When he pointed out it was no business of his, Kagome merely sighed, and let him drop her, and walk towards the well, just in case a demon decided to attack on the way.

When they entered the clearing, Inuyasha suddenly stiffened.  His ears stood perked, at alert, and he looked towards the well.  "Inuyasha?"

"Someone's there. . .a girl. . .'bout our age. . .she smells. . ." his nose wrinkled, although she couldn't quite tell why.  "Similar to you.  Not like you, but. . .there's something about it that reminds me of you."

"She's from my time?"

Inuyasha nodded, not paying her too much attention.  "I think she might just be. . ."

He grabbed her arm, and pulled her.  He wasn't sure why, but something drove him to want to see this girl.  No one was supposedly able to get through that well, other than Kagome and him.  Kagome was a miko, so that made sense, and his power made the well obey him.  So either this girl was another miko-hopefully not like Kagome-or something. . .else.

He found himself hoping it was another girl who could see the Shikon shards.  If Kagome had to go home. . .that'd be a blessing for him.  He was sick of her constant usage of the rosemary.  It was supposed to be a last-ditch attempt for her to save her life.  Not her way of making him do whatever she wanted him to do.

They got closer to the well, and saw. . .nothing.  Inuyasha's senses were screaming at him, telling him the girl was right in front of him, and he should be able to see her.  But she was nowhere to be seen.  He growled slightly.  "In the well. . .?"  He released Kagome's arm, and walked over to the well, and cautiously peeked in.

A dagger flew past his face, barely avoiding cutting off a part of his hair.  He jumped back, and cursed.  How had he let that happen?  Kagome was too surprised to do anything, but she would have been defenseless anyhow.

The dagger fell back down, and there was the noise metal on metal.  Inuyasha's ears jumped back on his head, and he unconsciously growled at the noise that was eating at his hearing.  He didn't want to check on the strange knife-totting girl, because he didn't need a dagger in the face. Suddenly, it stopped.  Then, a black shape jumped out quickly, far too quickly for Kagome to be able to follow.

However, for a half demon, it was an easy task.

The girl had tried to simply run off in a random direction, but Inuyasha was curious.  He had jumped on her back, flipped her over, and now had a clawed hand held to her neck, as he stared at her in the face.

She glared at him, no sign of true fear on her face.  Instead, it seemed she was angrier she hadn't dodged quickly enough.  Her eyes moved quickly, taking in the dog demon that was basically sitting on her.

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw his fangs, claws, and ears.  Quietly, she muttered loudly enough for Kagome to head, "Well, Toto.  We're not in Kansas anymore."


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