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Akira was still standing by the window the next morning when Inuyasha came into the room. She was idly holding onto the sill at the first look, but upon a second examination it was obvious that she was tightly attached to it. "Oi, onna," he growled at her. "What are you staring at?"

"...Look outside."

Inuyasha blinked at her. Her voice was light and airy, the same voice he has used to hearing from Kagome when she was utterly exhausted and about to fall asleep. He walked over to the window and looked out. He didn't see anything and sighed. What's with these priestesses? First one goes insane and kills another, now this one is going insane...

It wasn't really a nice day out this day. It was really overcast, with enough clouds to make it seem like it was already evening. But Akira wasn't talking about the weather, and she didn't care about it. She looked back over at Inuyasha, whose ears were slowly moving to lie flat on his head.

"You feel it too, then." He nodded, slightly baring his fangs on pure instinct. Akira closed her eyes, looking blindly at the same place he was glaring at. "That's Ang."

"No it's not."

"Well...perhaps. But it was." Inuyasha glanced sharply at her, ready to demand what she was implying by using the past tense. "Her power is laced all throughout whatever that spell is. But her side of the spell is getting weaker...whoever is helping her cast it is getting stronger. Whoever it is probably-"

"It's not a who, it's a what. It's either a demon or some other thing that shouldn't be anywhere near here. She's siding against us with youkai now?"

Akira shook her head, opening her eyes again. "Ang wouldn't. She has no faith in youkai, owes them nothing, and is much safer here. She even said that to you, didn't she? She's not stupid enough to risk anything."

"Then what the hell is she doing?"

"...None of her stuff is here."

Inuyasha stared at her, turned and leaned into the room she had been staying in. A blanket remained perfectly folded on the ground, and some clothes were dotted around the room. He looked back at Akira. "Why would she take them?"

"Her daggers, her pouch, her magical artifacts...nothing. Whatever she's doing, she might be leaving, Inuyasha."

That thought stopped Inuyasha from reaching over and strangling her, and paused his moment for several seconds. He was greatly tempted to just let her leave, if that was what the crazed priestess was doing. He finally shook his head. "She'd tell...someone. She'd mention it by accident or something."

"I don't know about that. She's been...even odder than normal for her. She might just leave. And besides, she hasn't been back here. When would she have told anyone? She might just leave."

Inuyasha sighed slightly. "The fact that she's out there, casting some spell that you don't know with something that we don't know is slightly...unnerving. We-"

"Oh, no, I know what the spell is." He looked at her in surprise before snarling slightly. "Well, then, why didn't you just say that? Then you know a counter-spell to it, right?"

"Oh, technically I know the counter-spell. That doesn't mean I can even cast it, though. I don't think I can counter the combination of power she's using. It's too strong for me. But it's spiraling out of her control anyway, so even if I counter it, it will have...unforeseen effects. The spell will probably manifest. I don't know what that'll do."

"But it'll be weaker."


He growled at her. "Fine. We'll wait for her to finish casting this stupid spell of yours. If she kills us all, we can place the blame directly on you. What is the damn thing?"

"She's summoning."

"...Okay..." Inuyasha paused, waiting for her to continue. "Well...what exactly is she summoning?"

"..." Akira opened her mouth and then closed it, and sighed to herself. She turned away from the window, and looked at him with an unnerving look. "'s obvious, isn't it? You can tell."

He slowly nodded. "...Yeah."

Angela's arms shook. Her muscles were going though spasms from being held so tightly for so many hours on end without a break. She winced once, gritting her teeth as she wordlessly watched more power trickle from her arms. Her head was swimming from blood loss. She had long ago lost enough to cause her to go unconscious, but the casting wouldn't allow the caster to be unconscious for the completion of the spell. "...How...much...?"

You've given almost enough. An hour more, perhaps.

"An hour?"

YES. She looked down to the pattern around her. The winds had blown parts of it away, but now that the spell was nearing its completion, the power was breaking it apart and disorienting her even more. Ang winced again as more blood began to flow from her arms again. She acknowledged that if her blood continued to be lost at this level for an hour, she'd die as soon as the spell was done. She looked at the blood crystals on the ground. They were pure again. All the blood had seeped out and helped the summoning.

"I may not be able to do that."

I know. I've sped it up. Perhaps fifteen minutes now.

Fifteen minutes...can my body withstand that? Her muscles twitched again, and she winced. Her hands were shaking so hard that they had long ago gone too numb to stop. They moved on their own free will now. ...Too dizzy...too much blood... She closed her eyes, realizing that she was afraid to watch the summoning anymore. Her already pale body was getting near white, and her vision was swimming.

She closed her mind from the spell. She still felt horribly dizzy, but now she couldn't feel blood being sucked directly from her body and going towards the spell, and hurting her. She was still casting, still bleeding. Her wounds weren't going to close. She realized with a sense of calmness that she was going to keep bleeding until either someone healed her, or until her veins had run dry. She'd been summoning for nearly eight hours now, and both her mind and her body were prepared to collapse and get some much-needed rest. ...Fifteen...

She stopped thinking. It was taking too much energy.

Kagome woke up in a cold sweat, gasping and sitting up. She was afraid for some reason, but couldn't figure out why. She thought for a moment that she must have had a bad dream, but then realized that she didn't feel like she had even had a dream. She could sense something weird in the air. Something that really shouldn't be anywhere near her or anyone else. But she had no idea what it is.

Whatever it was, she was afraid of it.

She got up and walked out of the hut, shaking slightly. She walked over to the stream that was still running through the town. Surprisingly, no one had blown it up yet. She knelt and next to it and splashed some water on her face, trying to calm down a little. What the hell is going on? I want everything to go back to normal...

She paused on that thought for a moment and then grimly added, Well, what's normal around here, at least. She missed the days when she could come back to the feudal era and have fun, bringing some new invention or food and seeing how they liked it. That brought a smile to her mouth, as she remembered the time she had brought hot dogs back. She didn't tell them the name of the food until they were already halfway done...Inuyasha had nearly had a nervous breakdown, believing they were really dogs. Kagome still laughed about that whenever someone mentioned it.

She sighed again, and stood up, wiping water off of her face. I guess I ought to go back to the hut...Ang will be back by now, and everyone will want food. Kaede will need some help making it, and...well, someone needs to make sure Inuyasha doesn't kill Ang. Without at least a warning.

There was a coughing noise from off to her left. She closed her eyes and counted to ten, before opening them slowly. She expected some villager to be waiting to ask her for another miracle that she couldn't perform. "I told you, I'm not Kikyo, and I can't do any miracles for you."

"I know that, Kagome."

She blinked and turned around, highly confused and not recognizing Inuyasha's voice at first. He looked slightly confused as well, obviously wondering why she had bothered to remind him about Kikyo at such an odd time. Akira was watching her from behind him, with a rather grim expression on her face. "...Akira...Inuyasha...what are you guys doing?"

Akira looked at Inuyasha with a mix of bitterness, fury, and sorrow, before looking away towards the forest. Inuyasha pretended to ignore the look and cleared his throat. "Ang...well, she never came home last night. You know that. Well, she's not here now, and Akira...Kagome, you can feel that aura, right?"

"The aura..." She frowned and nodded. That was is. The aura was what she was afraid of. That's it...I'm...afraid of that aura. There's another aura building up behind it, too. Whatever the second one is, it's using the bigger aura to hide it. It's strong...and probably dangerous. "Yeah."

"That's Ang. She's summoning something."


"We don't know."

Kagome stared at him in surprise before looked over at Akira for a hint. The way he had said that they didn't know had made it somehow seem that it was all Akira's fault. Like Akira was hiding knowledge from them or something. She opened her mouth to question him, but her words were instantly drowned out by a clap of thunder. It began raining almost instantly. Akira sighed.

"...Come on. Let's go inside." She turned and began walking back to the hut, her clothes already practically soaked.

Inuyasha grabbed onto her arm, and puller her back towards him. "No." Akira's face remaining totally passive, although Kagome noticed a muscle in her arm twitch. "We're going to go right now. Kagome, you're coming with us." He looked at her, not releasing Akira's arm. "You're at least part priestess, and damn it if that won't help. You're coming with us. I'm going to make that crazy girl leave. This has gone on for far too long."

He turned and started walking, roughly dragging Akira with him. Her facial expression still didn't change, but Kagome could see her arm still twitching slightly, and Inuyasha's grip dangerous tight around her arm. Kagome lowered her head and followed silently.

...Everyone is so wrong...