The Final Parting


As I watch him lying on the bed, I think of the times when I nearly lost him. At Weathertop, when he was stabbed by that evil blade. He had made a horrible shrieking sound; it had pierced my heart more than the Ringwraith's cry ever could. A sound that could chill your very heart. The time at Cirith Ungol, when the giant spider had poisoned dear Mr. Frodo. In my heart, I knew he wasn't dead. But the joy! Oh the joy! when I found him naked, but alive after the Orcs had taken him. "Mr. Frodo, my dear! It's Sam. I've come!" I had cried, tears nearly blinding my eyes. I love him, pure and simple. Not they type of love I felt for Rosie, but love all the same, so deep and honest that nobody could understand it when I tried to explain it to them. Now, I'm a simple gardener by trade, so I don't have the proper words to describe him, not like old Bilbo or Strider. Sometimes a light shines in him, an elvish type light, which makes him look more beautiful than any creature I have ever seen. I would do anything for Frodo. I would face the dark lord himself for my master if I had to.

As I look at Frodo, tears prick my eyes. A light seems to be shining from him. His face is pale and tiny beads of sweat sprinkle his forehead. I take hold of his hand and kiss it, tears falling like rain onto his clammy hand. His hand is cold like the icy stars. His hair is grey now and deep lines touch his eyes, but he is still beautiful.

I remember the time when we met again on the shores of Tol Eressea. No greater joy had I ever felt. He was the same Mr. Frodo that I had said goodbye to at the Grey Havens, sixty-one years before, aside from some greying curls. "Hello, Sam," he had said, smiling. "Mr. Frodo!" I had cried. "Oh dear. It's really you! Oh, my!" As he walked towards me, I burst into tears, right on the spot.

I touch Frodo's forehead. It is cool and soft. I hear a noise behind me. The lady Galadriel walks in. Even after all this time I am still moved by her beauty. She looks at Frodo, concerned and lightly touches his cheek. I swallow. "Is he going to be all right?" I ask.

Galadriel looks at me. She knows what I am thinking, what I am feeling. "His time is drawing near, Samwise," she says. "He has been healed of his hurts. But nothing can heal him from the doom of men. Let him go in peace, to whither only Eru Iluvatar knows of."

I nod as she leaves us alone. Tears are streaming down my face. I knew this moment would come one day. He is going to leave me again. But this time I do not have a family to look after. Just me. Alone.

Frodo opens his eyes. "Sam," he whispers.

I lean forward. "I'm here, Mr. Frodo, dear, I'm here," I say.

He struggles to speak. "Sam, I want to thank you, for taking care of me, all these years. I love you, Sam." "I love you too, Mr. Frodo," I say. I smile numbly.

Frodo smiles back and sighs. A look of peace is on his face. He closes his eyes.

"Frodo! Mr. Frodo! Oh dear. Mr Frodo! Wake up, please, for Sam. Oh, please, Mr. Frodo, wake up!" I cry, but it is no use, he has departed this world forever. I kiss him on the forehead. I am alone now. Bilbo is gone. Rosie is gone. Gandalf is gone. I cry at Mr. Frodo's side, for how long, I do not know. He looks more beautiful in death than in life. His face is content and a faint smile is on his lips. I wonder where he is gone. I hope I join him soon, for then I will make sure we are never separated again.