'NO Pets On The Bed Integra'

11:43 pm. 13 year-old Integral Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing was sleeping peacefully in her bedroom when the sudden presence of something wet and soft poked her right cheek. Immediately she awoke, eyes searching for what woke her up. And she came face to face with a indistinct black fuzzy outline, but even in the darkness she could make out sharp fangs, grizzly muzzle, a long snout and six maniacal crimson eyes. The hellhound shifted itself from his current looming position over Integral (his nose being the wet and soft thing that poked Integral awake; the hellhound had been sniffing his slumbering Master), allowing the young HELLSING director to get a good look at what woke her up.

"Alucard? What are you doing here?"

The hellhound didn't say anything in reply, but blinked at her weirdly; the six red eyes weren't opening and closing in unison. Young Integra raised herself up to glare at the hellhound, who cowered a bit. Alucard still didn't say anything, but Integral got an inkling that he wanted to stay in her room for the night, similar to what your pet does to you. But she could be wrong.

"Did, did you want to speak to me about something? No? Er, well, was there anything you wanted? No as well?"

She couldn't dismiss him, and tell him to go back to his cramped and cold coffin. And espcially not after the way he was looking at her. Ah well, Integral is only a little lady here and not yet the Woman of Steel as we all know and love, and what are pets for?

"Uhm, well then I guess you could stay here after all. Just be back to your coffin by dawn: Walter will be livid if he catches you here."

The hellhound's tail began to wag in a joyful manner, while its ears perked up. Then he began to look for a suitable spot on the floor beside her bed. He settled himself on the rug before her wardrobe, but every now and then he would steal longing glances at Integra and her spacious bed, all the while sighing in a wistful fashion.


"Oh alright! Fine!! You can stay on the bed!!"

The young HELLSING heir scooted over her bed to make space for the vampyre, while the hellhound's tail began to resemble an outboard motor as he picked himself up and bounded towards his Master. He effortlessly jumped on the bed and proceeded to make himself comfortable, sniffing around, testing which portion of the mattress was lumpy or soft, making the little circles that dogs always do before they lie down, before finally choosing a position near the pillows. The hellhound flopped down in a silly fashion, causing Integra to giggle.

The hellhound was…hideous. There was no other word for it, what with the abnormally long teeth for a dog, aberrant size and let's not forget the six red eyes. Granted the fact that it was a hellhound and not exactly of the canine family, still, a good number of your average furred and four legged pets have at least some cuteness factor.

But despite his lack of charm and that Integra's pet dwarfed her by several pounds and possessed a brilliant set of wicked looking teeth, she still moved closer to Alucard, seemingly forgetting that lying on the bed beside her was not a dog or a dog-like creature, but the 'No Life King' himself, a master Undead, a creature of the Dark and capable of killing her in a moment's whim. Integra patted his head gently, while the hellhound's eyes became half lidded with content and suddenly a deep rumbling sound began emanating from him. The teenager giggled even more.

"Alucard, dogs don't purr. Cats do."

The hellhound opened one eye fully at his Master and gave a "So what?" snort. The young girl, sorry, lady laughed softly in return and started to pat his furry body, liking the feel of his coat (it was surprisingly silky to the touch). She continued petting her 'pet' for a few more minutes, finally stopping because Alucard's purring was lulling her to back to sleep.

"Good night Alucard." The young mistress of HELLSING murmured sleepily after making herself comfortable near him, closing her blue eyes and flinging an arm around his large shaggy neck. The vampyre gave a quiet 'Woof' in return.

The next morning at seven am, good old Walter knocked gently on Integra's bedroom door to wake her up. Opening the door a fraction, his green eyes widened a mile when the image of a black furry thing on his charge's bed met them. Among the inky blackness of Alucard's pelt, Walter noted wisps of platinum blonde hair. He rushed up to her bed to make sure Integra was alright, making a note to craft a sturdy silver leash large enough for a lion, as well as fettering the hellhound with said leash every night. Of course, Walter would have all these ideas completed after he suitably 'scolded' the Undead pet. He stepped closer to inspect the vampyre.

The hellhound was curled up around a teenaged Integra in a protective fashion.

Walter, despite his earlier sentiments of kicking Alucard's ass then and there, relaxed and smiled. At least the two are getting along well, and that the both of them are beginning to show respect and trust for/in the other. Now if there were some way to gauge the vampyre's loyalty…The butler pocketed his garrottes and stepped back towards the bedroom door; he knew that he should get rid of the Master vampyre and keep him from visiting Integral late at night, but for some reason Walter also knew that she was safe with him and that waking them up now was not a good idea. He gave one last glance at the two and, as he shut the door, Walter thought:

Och, may as well let them sleep in; it's a Sunday after all…

Author's Drivel: By now many of my reviewers have noticed that my OMAKES are usually at the Lady of the House's expense. But please be reassured that I didn't do this on purpose and that I am not an Integra basher!! *runs away from angry mob of Integra fans* The reason why I wrote them as such is because I see the OMAKES thru Alucard's eyes. Every AxI fan knows that Alucard digs Integra something chronic, but by annoying her, pissing her off etc is how I think the Master vampyre would show his affections to his Master.

This OMAKE is just a reassurance to others (and myself) that Alucard does genuinely care for the Lady of the House (after all, WHY did he want to stay near Integra?!), and vice versa though Integra may deny it. It also shows a younger, more carefree Integra and the beginning of their bond.