*AN* Hey guys! First and foremost I'm so sorry for being such a flake and not reaching out and saying something sooner. I've been super busy between work and school the last few months and it's taken a toll on my free time. That being said I want to get back to writing and working on Fanfiction. Having stepped back and taken a hard look on this fic, There are some things I'm quite pleased about, but even more that I wish I had done much differently. That being said I'm going to take this fic and rewrite it from the ground up. It will use many components of the original fic, but I will spend more time establishing Trunks/18 and not rushing their relationship together. In addition with this rewrite I intend to cut down on the amount of other sides characters and keep the story much more centralized on Trunks and Eighteen. It's not that I won't have supporting characters, but the amount will definitely be reduced to keep things from getting out of hand.

Again I'm sorry for everyone who invested time reading this fic. I will try my best with this rewrite and if anyone is interested in adopting where this unfinished fic, feel free to contact me!

You guys are the best !

P.S The beginning of the rewrite will be posted within a few hours! Cheers and Happy Halloween!