"Chi-Chi, will you marry me?"

Chi-Chi sighed and shook her head. He's been doing this for a year now and each time she had to tell him no. She wasn't in love with him, but another man ever since she was a little girl and he came riding on a cloud. That little boy stole her heart the moment he said, "Hey, are you Chi-Chi?"

"I'm sorry, Kobi, but I can't. I don't love you. I'm in love with Goku."

Kobi growled in frustration. "How can you be in love with someone you met as a little girl and haven't seen since? You're a grown woman now. He's probably forgotten about you."

Chi-Chi shook her head stubbornly. "Goku hasn't forgotten about me or his promise."

"Then why hasn't he come back?" Kobi asked.

Chi-Chi folded her arms. "Maybe he's been busy or waiting for the right time. We were engaged as little kids and now thinking about it, it would've been foolish for us to marry so young but now that we are both older, the timing is right. I'm going to the Martial Arts Tournament, find Goku and he'll remember me and his promise and then we'll get married."

"How do you know he'll be there? How do you know he'll recognized you?"

"Goku has been competing at the World's Martial Arts Tournament every since he was a kid. He's going to be there, and he will remember me."

"You're making a big mistake," Kobi warned.

Chi-Chi looked at Kobi annoyed. They've become friends shortly after Goku left the second time. They often sparred together and became the best of friends, but now Kobi was pushing their friendship. "I wish you wouldn't do this, Kobi. You're a very good friend to me."

"If I'm such a good friend, then you won't leave to go to Martial Arts Tournament and meet Goku. You will stay here and marry me. I'll love you more than he could ever love you."

Chi-Chi shook her head. "I'm sorry, Kobi, but the answer is no. If you can't understand that, then I don't think we can be friends anymore."

Chi-Chi turned and walked away from Kobi one last time as she made the journey to see Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

As Kobi watched Chi-Chi walked away from him, he growled. "You will be mine, Chi-Chi. Can't you see I'm much better for you than him? No matter what it takes you and I will be together."