Part Five

Goku never felt such hate for a person in his life and he battled many evil opponents, who did horrible things. Of all the battles Goku fought in and will fight in, Goku never thought he would fight himself.

This will be a true test of strength and wits, Goku thought. Not only is he a copy of my body but he also has my strength and fighting techniques.

Chi-Chi looked from Kobi to Goku. They both looked alike and the only way Chi-Chi could tell which man was her Goku was the one with his shirts burned off. As Kobi shot another Kamehameha Wave at him, Goku was prepared this time. Goku balled his fist and swat it away knocking it through the open wall that was destroyed in a fight with his brothers, to outside the house. It made a lot impact on the woods outside as it destroyed all the trees in its path until it burnt out.

Kobi and Goku began fighting again in the air; each throwing kicks and punches at each other. It almost looked as if Goku was fighting a mirror. Whenever Goku punched Kobi, Kobi punched harder on Goku. One time, Goku tried to punch Kobi but he caught it. Goku tried punching with the other hand, but Kobi caught that too. Goku tried kicking him with his knee, but Kobi blocked that punch too. Goku kept trying to hit Kobi with his knee but Kobi kept blocking it. Finally, Kobi head-butted Goku hard, slamming him into the wall.

"Give up, Goku. Now that I have a copy of your body, you're no match for me."

Goku decided to use tricks he hadn't used since he was a kid. He performed the after-image technique. Kobi looked around at the many images Goku made trying to figure out which Goku was the real one. While Kobi was distracted, Goku balled his fist and smacked him on the back of his head with his strength. Kobi plummeted to the floor and the two floors below it.

Goku began putting his hands back to form the Kamehameha Wave. "Ka…me…ha…me…HA!" A burst of bright energy shot out of Goku's hand to where Kobi was.

Goku waited for the smoke to clear to see Kobi. He didn't see him. Goku wasn't sure if that killed him, but he wanted it to be enough to knock Kobi out so he could get Chi-Chi out of here and deal with Kobi alone.

"Is he dead, Goku?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I'm not sure," Goku said still looking down at the whole he created. It was a good thing no one was there at the castle now or there would've been some casualties due to all the fighting. "Wait a second. I feel high energy."

A burst of yellow energy flew out of the hole towards Goku. Goku whacked it away, but unknown to him that was a distraction. Kobi flew out of the lower floors with super speed and punched Goku hard. He then created several afterimages around Goku.

Kobi laughs as Goku tries to sense which Kobi is the real one. "I can do anything you can, Goku, only better."

"You may be able to copy my techniques but you're not a master of it as me," Goku said and punched Kobi's afterimage of Goku looking smug, which was the real Kobi.

Kobi was thrown back by the punched. Goku wasn't through with him yet. "Super Kaio-Ken!" A red aura surrounded Goku and with extra speed, he flew to Kobi and kicked him again in the face. Kobi began falling back in the opposite direction and Goku flew to him and kicked him in the stomach. Kobi was going in the other direction and Goku flew quickly to backslap him with his fist.

The Super Kaio-Ken faded, but Goku wasn't finished. Goku grabbed Kobi by his own spiky hair and delivered him several punches to the face. Kobi's face was beginning to bruise as his eyes started to bleed from the sides and swell up. Goku then grabbed Kobi's arms and slammed him against the two remaining standing walls. Goku formed two ki blasts in his hands and threw it at Kobi's wrist, making bonds on it, locking Kobi to the wall.

Goku figured that the best way to win was use attack moves he wouldn't use. So he pulled out Vegeta's attacks by shooting multiple ki blasts at Kobi. When the smoke of the ki blast disintegrated, Kobi was in worst shape than before. His shirts were burnt off and parts of his gi pants were ripped and he appeared to be unconscious. Wherever Goku saw skin there were wounds. Goku smiled a little. He was feeling that Kobi was defeated.

Chi-Chi saw Kobi's beaten body and felt it was over too. Goku had won.

Kobi opened his eyes and looked at Goku. Pure fury and hatred was in his eyes. But then he smirked. "Super Kaio-Ken!" A red aura surrounded Kobi and he broke free of the bonds Goku had on his wrist and weakly attempted to punch Goku. Goku dodge each punch and returned it with a punch and kick of his own, sending Kobi plummeting to the floor.

It was then that Goku made a startling revelation. With every attack move he made, Kobi had copied it—his kicks, punches, flips, ki blasts, the Kamehameha Wave, Super Kaio-Ken and even his after image techniques. Now Goku was smirking. He knew how to defeated Kobi now. He almost chuckled when he saw Kobi feebly trying to stand up. Kobi was on his last leg. One last blast of a Kamehameha or a ki blast, it will be over for him.

"It's over now, Kobi. I know you have been copying my moves. You may have my body but you don't know all the fighting techniques I posses. You only copy the ones I do."

Kobi place a hand on his sore shoulder. "So, you figured it out. You're not so stupid after all. I might not be able to defeat you, but there is one thing I can do." Kobi put his hand back forming the Kamehameha Wave. "Ka…me…"

What was he doing? He knew he couldn't defeat Goku so why was he making the Kamehameha Wave, and with his energy depleting, this attack would kill him. Goku couldn't figure it out. Then it hit him. Kobi wasn't going to fire the Kamehameha Wave on him.


"NO!" Goku shouted.

Kobi laughed maniacally. He thought madly. If I can't have Chi-Chi in this world, I'll have her in the Other World. My death is inevitable so I'll be joining you soon, my love. He aimed the wave at Chi-Chi. "HA!"

Chi-Chi screamed in horror as she saw the Kamehameha Wave aiming for her. She pulled on the chains trying to get herself free, but it was useless.

In the air, Goku saw the invents happening. He quickly used his Instant Transmission and transported himself in front of Chi-Chi. Goku balled his fist and hit the Kamehameha Wave like a baseball. It repelled back at Kobi. Kobi was too weak to move from the blast and it enveloped destroying his body in seconds.

After the blast disintegrated, Goku no longer felt Kobi's life force. He was dead, gone to the Other World and more than likely sent to HFIL. A smiled appeared on his face. It was over.

Goku turned around facing Chi-Chi, giving her his winning smiles. Chi-Chi smiled back, crying, glad this horrible event was over, glad Goku was alive and safe. Goku broke the chains off Chi-Chi's wrists and ankles.

Chi-Chi embraced him sobbing, holding him so tight that she didn't want to ever let him go. "Oh, Goku! I thought he was going to kill you."

Goku hugged Chi-Chi tightly. Relief washed over him as he inhaled her beautifully scent, long hair. Only when he held her in his arms, did he relax, knowing Chi-Chi wasn't physically harm and safe in his arms. "I know, and he would've too if I hadn't outsmarted him."

"By guessing he was copying your moves?" Chi-Chi guessed.


Chi-Chi pulled back to look at him, but Goku still has his arms around her. "How do you feel? Are your injuries bad?"

"I'll live." Goku answered and looked Chi-Chi over concerned. "How are you? Did he hurt you? I felt you were hurt by him by our bond."

"He bit down on our bond. I never felt such pain in my life and then he slapped me when I kneed him in the groin."

Goku frowned. It made no sense getting angry now. Kobi was dead. Instead he kissed her cheek then the bond mark he given her when he returned from Yardat. Chi-Chi felt Goku's energy flowing to her. She sighed and moaned at the same time. Goku pulled back to look in Chi-Chi's eyes, happiness dancing in his eyes.

"Let's go home."

Chi-Chi smiled and nodded. Goku placed two fingers on his head and they both vanished.


"Ow, Chi-Chi! That stings!" Groaned Goku as Chi-Chi put iodine on his wounds.

Goku and Chi-Chi had returned home less than an hour ago after Goku's fight with Kobi. After hugging Gohan and telling him she was fine, she, much to Goku and Gohan's surprise, sent him back out to train with Piccolo.

Now Goku was sitting on the bed being treated for his wounds given to him by Kobi, Raditz and Turlus.

"It may sting but it's needed to cleaned your wounds," Chi-Chi said as she bandaged up the wound. "You saved me, got hurt and I'm going to take care of you."

"All I need is a senzu bean and I'll be fine." He winced again as more iodine was being put on a larger cut.

"There aren't any senzu beans and I think that's a good thing. At least, you'll be home for once."

"But I need to train for the Androids and I'll be stuck in bed for at least a week," Goku whined.

"The Androids won't be here for at least another two years. You have time," Chi-Chi bandaged up the last wound and sat next to him on the bed. "Besides, do you think spending the rest of the week in bed is a bad thing?" Chi-Chi asked now nibbling on his ear.

Goku smiled lazily as the pleasurable feelings began to flow through his body. "No, I don't think so." He grabbed Chi-Chi and pulled her in the bed with him.

Chi-Chi outmaneuvered him and rolled on top of her husband. She began planting kisses on his face. "I think with Gohan training with Piccolo, you and I can spend some quality time together. Don't you?" She was kissing his neck now.

Goku surprised his wife by rolling on top of her. "If this is your way of taking care of my wounds, I think I should fight more deranged men who want you than train more often."

The End

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