Chapter 1 The Wish

Summary: After Harry's name comes out of the Goblet nobody in Hogwarts believes he didn't enter himself, not matter what he says. He meets Halfrek who is posing as a student from Durmstrang. That's when he makes a wish. Response to Scott the Wanderer's challenge, When Harry met Hallie!

AN: Thanks to my betas, poisonivy9675, PJO-Is-Amazing1234 and thaliatheawesome, for looking this over. All mistakes are my own, especially since I tend to add things and not send them back.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Halfrek was borrowed for this chapter and possibly one or two cameos. So this isn't quite a crossover, still she is no mine.

This is in reply to Scott the Wanderer's challenge:

Name (of challenge): When Harry met Hallie!

Name of challenger (as in your name): Scott the Wanderer

Due date (if applicable): Any time

Pairings/characters: Any but no male/slash no fem!Harry and for love of all things holy no Harry/Umbridge, Harry/Fem!Draco or Harry/fem!Voldemort (No Pairing as of yet, might change though)

Summary: After Harry's name comes out of the Goblet nobody in Hogwarts believes he didn't enter himself, not matter what he says. Some don't condemn him for it, but they are a vast minority and unfortunately does include his best friends. Harry has spent several days as almost everyone's chew toy with only a few outside of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang cursing him. He meets Halfrek who is posing as a student from Durmstrang. That's when he makes a wish. (done, sorta)

Other details:

Halfrek is a Vengeance Demon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her portfolio is Abused and neglected children. She has a special soft spot for Harry given all the abuse and neglect he has suffered. So she takes this opportunity to grant Harry a Wish with no negative repercussions for himself.

Harry wish should sound simple but the implementation should put the maximum amount of suffering on all those who have wronged Harry. Halfrek's list is long and it includes many, many people from Voldemort to Dumbledore and includes his best friends because of their recent betrayal. However, Halfrek does have a sense of justice and each person's punishment will be in proportion to the harm they caused Harry, though she is a Both Eyes for an Eye and Several Teeth for a Tooth type of demon. (Done)

Meanwhile while everything is going wrong for everyone who has wronged Harry, Mr. Potter is discovering is awful luck in life is reversing, much like a dose of Felix Felicius that doesn't wear off for quite some time. People who tried to stand by Harry find something similar for them, albeit limited to the extent of them making the stand. (Done)

People I would like to see excluded from Harm: The Gryffindor Quidditch Team, Neville, Cedric Diggory (He's a nice guy), Fleur Delacour (even her slight insult is no real harm as Harry doesn't know her from Eve, yet), Filius Flitwick, Luna Lovegood (Like Luna would hurt Harry), Cho Chang (if Cedric likes her she can't be a complete bitch), and Viktor Krum. Everyone else is free game though some are far more guilty than others. (Done)

I am a huge fan of Harry/Fleur, but it is not a requirement. (I'll think about it)

Bonus points if you have the Scoobies (Buffy, Giles, Xander, Cordellia, and Willow) mentioned as being real in HPverse, but obviously not saving Sunnydale yet. (I think I can sneak at least a one-liner in).


It was a cold November's night and the stars were just starting to show in the sky. Shades of purple and pinks colored the castle and its grounds. The messy haired, bespectacled boy, known as Harry Potter or the Boy Who Lived, was lost in thought. He was sitting upon a boulder near the Black Lake. This area was mostly hidden from the windows of the castle. His winter robe did little to warm him.

It was the day after the Wand Weighing Ceremony, and Rita Skeeter had done a great job of making Harry look like a weeping boy who cheated at everything he did. If it wasn't bad enough that a vast majority of the students thought he had put his name in the Goblet of Fire, including his ex-best friend, Ron, now they would think that he was a cry-baby mama's boy who entered the contest just to gain attention.

Harry was, in fact, hiding from the rest of the students. The jinxes and the hexes he had to endure were enough to make him come out here in the cold. The gossip and the taunts made him stay. Even those that stood up for him weren't enough to make him face the rest of the student body. He was so angry about those idiots, and the fact the staff was doing nothing about it didn't help.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a noise. Shifting on the boulder he turned his head to the side and noted a girl in a Durmstrang uniform making her way to him. He tried to remember if he had seen her before — she didn't look familiar — but really, other than Krum, he didn't know any of the Durmstrang students.

She was of medium height and had a crown of curly light brown hair, which reached just a little farther than her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face and deep dark brown eyes. The brown and burgundy colored wool she wore, the uniform of her school, looked warm. The girl climbed up on the rock Harry was perched on and sat beside him. "You have had it rough?" she asked in a heavy accent that Harry couldn't place. "I read your Daily Prophet; they don't like you much?"

"Yeah, I don't know why Skeeter said all those things about me, but, yeah, it's been a rough day. Well, week, really," he answered. He then held out his hand and introduced himself, "Harry Potter."

"You may call me Hallie, my name is hard to pronounce in English," she said and shook his hand in a firm grip

"So, Hallie, what brings you out here?" Harry asked conversationally. This tournament was supposed to be for international relations after all, and he didn't want Hogwarts to appear rude.

"You looked like you could use someone to speak vith," she said with a tilt of her head. "Vair are your friends? The bushy headed girl and the other boy, the vons you vere sitting vith ven your name was called." She waved her hand in the general direction of the castle. "These are not very good friends to leave you in the cold by yourself."

"Oh, them... well, Ron, the boy, isn't speaking to me right now. And Hermione, the girl, well… she doesn't really listen to me when I say I want to be alone. So she's probably looking for me right now." Harry shook his head at that. He loved Hermione like a sister, but he kept telling her he needed to think and she kept telling him he needed to study. Sometimes he got the impression that she didn't believe him. That she was only helping because he had saved her life and she didn't want to lose a friend since she had so few. Plus, she kept harping on him to make up with Ron; like it was his fault the other boys accused him of cheating. They had had a small argument about it and now he was here.

"The rest of the school, they are treating you bad, yes?" the girl asked with a slightly anticipating look in her eye. This made Harry cautious; there really was not reason for this stranger to worry about how others treated him. Harry never was one to trust easy. "I have seen the buttons, they are hurtful, no?"

"Not all, but most, yeah," he confirmed with a nod of his head. That was an answer that couldn't hurt. Not touching on the buttons, he didn't want to express his anger to a stranger.

"I get the feeling that many have done you vrong. I vud help you. Tell me, if you could have anything right now, vat vud you vish?" Now the girl's dark brown eyes were downright predatory as she turned to him and looked him dead in the eye.

Warning bells went off in his head; he knew what she was now. They had studied vengeance demons in DADA, and they were extremely rare, but dangerous if one wasn't careful.

Harry started edging away from the… being, never taking his eyes off her. Suddenly a thought came upon him and he stilled and looked at the lake. Maybe he could make a wish, and if he worded it really careful, it might not come back to bite him. He knew that was a probably futile thought, but it might not be so bad. It might be his only chance to get out of the Tournament and get back at everyone who ever hurt him; Ron, Snape, the Dursleys, the students that were hexing him, whoever entered him into this contest, all those others that made his life miserable. How bad could that be? But he had to be vigilant—he didn't want to suddenly see blood and gore everywhere. After all, that was what vengeance demons did with badly worded wishes.

Hallie, she had said her name was, making him wonder if she could be Halfrek, Demon for Abuse and Neglected Children. She was one that took care of kids, and since this was a school he wouldn't have to worry about her killing off the gossipers or the traitors. But, he would still have to be vigilant so that she wouldn't kill the professors. 'Yeah, as much as I hate Snape, I wouldn't want his death on my conscience.'

Harry looked out upon the dark waters of the Black Lake and contemplated. They had sat silently for ten minutes or so. The… girl sat silently beside him. Suddenly and with determination, Harry turned his green eyes and looked into her dark ones. He took a deep breath hoping he phrased his wish correctly and said, "I wish that everyone would know exactly what they've done and how they've made me feel," putting emphasis on what he hoped were the right words. This way both good and bad would come from his wish.

The girl's visage morphed; her face grew ridges and bumps, until her forehead to the end of her neck was lined with them. She was older, more like woman than a student. Her dark brown eyes turned green; there was a calculating look there, as if she viewed this as a challenge. Her bumpy face softened as she looked that the young man in front of her, kindness was present. Her voice, when she spoke, echoed around the lake. "Granted." And she winked out of sight.

The world blinked.


Just a small prologue, most of my chapters are between 2,000 to 4,000 words. If you are looking for horror, sorry I can't write that, this will mostly be non-physical damage; loss of positions, loss of standing, being sued etc., etc., etc…. this is a challenge, so if you want to do a horror one then respond to Scott the Wanderer and have at it.