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Chapter One: Forsaken

"Our destinies have changed," Michael said softly, the striking blue eyes of his brother, Adam, boring into a startled Dean.

'...Wait, what' Dean thought with a confused expression.

"For over a millennia, this has been your destiny," Lucifer sneered, causing Dean's eyes to fall on his other brother's form in question. "and now, the moment father speaks, you change your course without question, Michael?"

Michael blinked innocently.

"Father's word is final."

"...Care to enlighten the confused, unimportant, little human?" Dean asked sarcastically, his mind flying everywhere and betraying none of the emotional turmoil he truly felt. Was this a good thing? God had intervened on humanity's behalf? Is that what this meant?

"Humans are abominations," Lucifer sneered, ignoring Dean. "You intend to-"

"It is his word," Michael interjected. "my...opinion on the matter is of no consequence. I have my new orders."

"Yes, I heard," Lucifer continued, "but will you really do this?"

"Yes," Michael answered instantly, and in a rush of wings, he was gone.

"MICHAEL!" Lucifer howled, looking at the empty space with a roar of anger before he disappeared with a rush of wings.

Dean stared at the empty spot, at a loss.

"SON OF A BITCH!" he kicked the ground as Castiel and Bobby made their appearance.

"Hey, assbutt!" Castiel called, holding his Molotov of holy fire before confusion (a normal look for him) fell over the angel's face.

"Where are Michael and Lucifer?" Castiel asked, lowering his arm and looking around frantically. "They were here-"

"Assbutt?" Dean questioned, raising his eyebrows, momentarily distracted.

"What the hell is happening, Dean?" Bobby exploded, waving his arms and looking panicked.

"I don't...I have no frickin' idea, Bobby," Dean said worriedly, pacing and running his hands through his hair. "I just – Michael said his destiny 'changed' and then Lucifer went on about how he'd listen to God and change his plan-"

Suddenly, Castiel was in front of Dean, making him lean back, startled.

"God spoke to Michael?" he asked seriously, staring at Dean, unblinking.

"I don't know Cas, damn!" Dean spat. "Michael left, pissed Satan off and they both split! It must have been awfully important if neither cared to destroy my ass-"

"This could be bad...or good. Perhaps God has changed the plan, to save humanity," Cas said lowly, to himself. "we need to find out what this plan is, and soon."

"Well – what...what the hell are we supposed to do now?" Dean exclaimed, throwing his arms out. "this doesn't make any sense!"

"Track them down I suppose," Bobby piped in, adjusting his hat and muttering, "balls!" under his breath.

"This wasn't supposed to happen. It could only be divine intervention," Cas said slowly, "nothing else could change their destinies."

"Tell me everything that was said," Cas asked Dean as he sighed.

Dean took a deep breath to calm himself, before retelling every word to Castiel.

"More abominations?"

"Not that your confused look is new, but do you have any idea what the hell they meant?" Dean snapped, his heart racing.

"...No, I do not."



"Rosie! Are you ready?"

"Almost mom!" Aurora called from upstairs in her room, yawning as she brushed her pale, long hair.

She stared in the mirror, looking at her tired green eyes with slight bags under them. Shrugging, she yawned again, rubbing her eyes and grabbed her school bag.

She pulled out her iPod, sticking a bud in her ear and bounding down the stairs.

"Mom?" she called, keeping her eyes on her iPod as she walked in the kitchen.

Sniffing her runny nose, she looked up.

"Ahhhh!" she screeched, jumping backwards, slamming into the kitchen counter.

There, in her kitchen, near the door, stood two handsome men. The tallest man, with shaggy brown hair was smirking at her, whilst the only slightly shorter man was looking at her in question with his head tilted.

"W-who that fuck are you?" she screeched, grabbing a frying pan off the stove, making the tall mans eyebrows raise in amusement. "What the fuck are you doing in my house? Where's my mom – stop smirking at me you dick!" she snapped at the tall man, looking more brave than she actually felt.

"Your mother is fine," the shorter, and apparently younger of the two stepped forward calmly. "she is sleeping in her room."

Aurora hesitantly looked up the stairs, her heart racing. Who the fuck were they? How did they get into her house and what did they want? Her heart was more racing for her mother. They were probably lying...

"I swear to God, if you hurt my mother I will-"

"Do not swear to my father," the calmer one seemed to snap, his blue eyes almost blazing at her.


"Are you some of those crazy people from Westboro Baptist church or some shit?" she questioned, thinking her mother had been kidnapped by psycho religious people.

"We are Angels of the Lord," the younger one said calmly again. "I am Michael and this is my brother, Lucifer." he motioned towards the taller man, who grinned knowingly at her with a wink.

Aurora was looking at them with big eyes.

They were crazy.

'Fucking nut jobs.' she thought to herself.

She had to call the police before they tried to sacrifice her or some shit.

In a split second, she turned and bolted up the stairs, not hearing them come after her as she darted in her mothers room, slamming the door and locking it.

With a huge sigh of relief, she saw her mom snoring on her bed, just like the quacks said. She pulled out her cellphone, dialing 911.

Her screen went black and she stared as her phone flew out of her hands and burst into flames on the ground.

She looked up and screamed, seeing the two men standing across the room from her.

"This is a waste of time," 'Lucifer' sneered. "I'll end this."

"No-" the other man started raising his hand, but the tall one snapped his fingers, his eyes bulging when nothing happened.

'Michael' looked over at her, shocked as he raised his hand, snapping his fingers as well.

Aurora was breathing heavy, so confused and so scared that she didn't even know what to do. Her mind was frozen in shock.

'H-how did they do that? How did they get in the room? Were they...really...Michael and Lucifer like they said? No, that's insane. Is it, though? Why are they snapping their fingers? I've gone insane...'

The tall man looked angry now, marching towards her and making Aurora gasp and stumble backwards.

"S-stay away from me!" she gasped, watching as the man was shoved backwards by an invisible force, slamming into her mothers wall, the plaster raining down on his head.

"Brother, did you-" he started, swiftly lifting himself up and looking rather alarmed.

"I did not," the younger one said quietly, tilting his head at her curiously while the taller one looked furious, looking at her as though he was trying to kill her with his mind.

"She is protected by our father," Michael said quietly, his eyes flashing. "we cannot touch the human."

"If neither can touch her, how are you supposed to-"

"I am sure it will become clear in time," Michael interrupted. "but it was clear that this human must...choose it, and we cannot force her. I cannot kill her mother, for she would not chose me, and I would advise against you doing it either, for I will just bring her back-"

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY MOTHER!" Aurora yelled, interrupting him and running beside her mother, prepared to somehow defend her.

"You want to succeed, to gain fathers approval," 'Lucifer' said quietly, ignoring Aurora's outburst, "you merely said that in an attempt of gaining her favor. By simply being who I am, I am sure you already have it over me. I cannot kill the girl, even though you would just bring her back, it was worth a try. I will not kill my brother who is not trying to kill me. Perhaps it is simply a morbid curiosity that I will allow this to continue, but as long as you focus on the girl and do not interfere with my goal, I will not try to kill you."

The taller man looked at his brother with sad eyes.

"Perhaps with this time, you will kill the girl and come to my side, brother," he continued calmly, almost hopefully. "we can be brothers again. There's still a chance. Please, Michael."

Michael didn't comment, but kept his stormy blue eyes trained on Aurora, who was breathing heavily, panicked.

'Lucifer' sighed, bringing his cold eyes to Aurora.

"Aurora Rose...Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew," he smirked. "that is the meaning, is it not?"

She just stared, too frightened to speak.

"Father seems to have chosen an especially stupid human, brother," he said in a bored tone, his eyes flicking over her form as anger filled her veins. "nothing special about her that I can see. She doesn't even have high beauty-"

"I am not stupid, you twat," she snapped, her eyes narrowing as her heart throbbed. "If you must know, my mother was too big of a fan of Sleeping Beauty as a child."

He raised his eyebrows arrogantly, glancing at Michael.

"I'm sure if you threatened to kill her mother, she would chose you," he suggested to his brother, "surely that has occurred to you?"


"Pure choice, Lucifer. Surely you are aware of what that is?" Michael said quietly, his eyes remaining on her. "that is not a pure choice. She has to want to chose. I believe she can only be touched if the intent is not to harm. The orders were specific."

"I have lost my fucking mind," she grumbled to herself, putting her head in her hands next to her mother. "this isn't real."

"I assure you, it is very real," a sly voice came from beside her, making her jump back, seeing it was the tall one again.

"Back off me, Satan," she snapped, picking up the frying pan again in shaking hands as he starting laughing.

"You aren't-"

She swung as hard as she could, hitting him across the face with a loud BANG.

She heard him actually sigh as he turned and looked towards her with a bored expression, his jaw clearly broken as her mouth fell open in shock. She watched as it clicked back into place, the blood in his mouth disappearing.

"Now, that was extremely rude," he said in a bored tone. "but, perhaps you could be more interesting than I originally thought," he suddenly smiled. "Kitten has claws."

She lowered the frying pan, staring in shock.

'Was...were they really who they said? Wait, no; how could I even entertain the idea? The fucking devil and the archangel, Michael? Get fucking real. Clearly, something very abnormal is happening, but shit, vampires are more believable than this!'

"Leave the girl alone, Lucifer," Michael appeared beside her, making her squeak.

"I do not take orders from you anymore, brother," he answered seriously, looking her over. "actually, I believe I will snatch her away from you. I am not the king of deception for nothing."

"That will not happen," Michael answered, stepping forward. "I will not fight you, as that is not longer father's orders. I do not want to kill you. But I will warn you brother, do not get in my way."

Aurora shrank back as the lights seemed to flicker in her house, followed by a slight trembling. She looked at Michael, seeing his eyes glowing a radiant blue that somehow had a golden tinge to it.

"Game on, then. Heal her, by the way," he smiled sinisterly, looking over to Aurora again. "see you soon, Rosie." he smirked, disappearing with what sounded like a rush of wings.

"H-heal me?" she asked, backing away from Michael, but feeling more at ease now that the other...the devil was gone.

He turned towards her, his blue eyes glowing ethereally, making her swallow thickly.

"You have cancer," he said quietly, looking at the bags under her eyes and making her heart race. "In your blood. You have been feeling so horribly because of that."

Aurora felt a new wave of panic shoot through her system.

'Cancer? No, I can't...' she thought hysterically, actually believing him. She had been feeling horrible for weeks, but had hid it from her mother. They didn't have the money to run off to doctors just because she wasn't feeling so good.

"Here," Michael said, reaching his hand out and lightly touching her clammy forehead.

She couldn't even move. It was too much to process at once.

A jolt when through her system and she gasped as he removed his hand.

"You are completely healthy now," he affirmed. "you also had carpel tunnel, and a rather large cyst on your right ovary."

Her stomached bottomed out. He was telling the truth. Did he know she'd had past troubles with cysts?

"I can give you anything you want," he said, breaking the silence in a quiet tone as she remained silent. "just tell me what you want, and I will give it to you."

Her eyes trailed over his face, deciding he was very handsome, more so than she had instantly noticed. He had dirty blonde hair that was stylishly disheveled, a sharp jaw line and penetrating blue eyes. She then looked down his body; his Grey jacket, with a blue dress shirt underneath and a black tee shirt underneath that. Her eyes traveled down his faded jeans and to what appeared to be skateboarding shoes on his feet.

'Angels skateboard...who knew?'

She finally laughed bitterly, feeling her sanity cracking.

"I want you and your psycho brother to leave me the hell alone," she said finally, looking at him intensely.

"I can hide you from him," he said quietly. "but I cannot leave you alone."

"Angels aren't real," she blurted, still afraid. After all he'd apparently done, she still wanted him to prove it.

"I am real," he tilted his head, her eyes widening dramatically as something appeared on the wall behind him.

'Wings...' she thought to herself, eying the shadows of extremely large, fluttering wings on the wall behind him.

"Its real..." she whispered, feeling dizzy as the world blackened around her and she fell into unconsciousness.


Aurora moaned, her vision swimming as she moved stiffly, feeling softness underneath her.

Her vision cleared as she blinked, staring at the white ceiling.

"That was an insane dream..." she mumbled to herself, rubbing her green eyes.

"It was no dream."

Aurora gasped, looking around frantically, seeing Michael standing stiffly next to the bed...the bed that wasn't hers. She looked around the massive room, seeing fancy white and gold furnishings. The bed she was sitting on was massive in size, covered in silk and golden bedding.

"W-where am I?" she squeaked, her heart thumping. "where is my mother?"

"Your mother is in heaven," Michael answered casually, making her eyes widen. "I moved her there as it was the only way I could guarantee her safety. She knows nothing. As far as she knows, everything is normal. Shes there, with you."

"You killed her?!" Aurora screamed at him, standing up shakily.

"No, I will bring her back when the task is done," Michael said tightly, looking at though his patience was being tested.

"What task?" she asked, her heart thumping. He really was an angel, wasn't he? If he was real and all of that was true...should she be treating him with respect?

"I cannot reveal that to you," he said quietly. "but it will not harm you."

"My mom is safe?" she asked, keeping her voice quiet and tucking her hair behind her ears. "Do you swear?"

He watched her for moments, appearing to contemplate her.

"You have my word."

She let out a sigh of relief. She supposed he had not lied to her yet, and she honestly felt...much, much better. Physically, anyway. The aches, tiredness and pain were all gone...if she really was really sick, she clearly wasn't anymore. That would mean...she owed him her life?

"Thank you," she said quietly, flushing and looking at the golden flooring.

"You're welcome," he answered regally, "Is there anything you need?"

"Maybe..." she shuffled her feet, being uncomfortable. "where are we?" she repeated.

"We're in a safe room," he answered, walking around the bed and folding his hands across his back as he examined his own work. "we're on a different dimensional plane. No one can find us here. It will keep you safe, and give us time to get to know each other, wouldn't you say?"

Surprise flitted through her.

"We're...not on earth?" she squeaked, her eyes widening.

He turned towards her, a smile pulling on his thin lips, revealing perfectly straight and white teeth.

"No, technically, we are not," he answered, letting out a low chuckle. "but do not be deterred, I can bring you anything you wish."

She gulped.

"If we're completely safe here, can't you bring my mother?" she asked, watching him intently.

"Clever," he commented after a moments pause. "but no, I do not believe its best. After all, you already knowing is quite a shock. Her being here will cause her more harm than good; its better she doesn't even know and remains in heaven. Surely you have noticed the catastrophes that have been happening. Also, I require to be alone with you."

"What for?" she squeaked again, knowing he made sense. She didn't want her mom knowing this, as it was weighing on her mental status enough. He really was an angel then...she felt as though she should trust him, at least to some extent. She wasn't stupid enough to trust anything or anyone blindly, or just because. Weren't angels supposed to love them more than God himself?

"Why would God pick me for anything?" she asked, feeling confused and a little guilty. "I didn't even believe before today."

"He has his reasons, I'm sure," Michael sighed. "Do not expect me to know the inner workings of God's mind. I am not that powerful. I simply obey orders."

'Hmmm, has a bit of an attitude, doesn't he?' she thought curiously.

"...Right, of course," she muttered, looking down and her black tee shirt and jeans, seeing her stomach slightly bulging over the waistline.

She laughed, making him look at her questioningly.

"If you can give me anything, can you get rid of these pesky pounds?" she asked, pointing to her stomach and chuckling bitterly. She'd lost a few pounds over the past couple weeks and she supposed it was because she was sick.

"Of course," he answered, surprising her. "what weight do you desire to be?"

"Uhhh – uhm," she stuttered. Was this for real?

"Like...135 pounds?" she asked, tilting her head as she figured that took off about 30 pounds. She was just a little...chubby. 135 was a good number. Not too skinny, just healthy.

"Done," he said, raising his hand and snapping his fingers, making her eyes widen as she felt like her body had ants all over it and then feeling stopped.

Her pants fell down, making her screech, bending down and lifting them with her face in flames. Even though her shirt was long enough to cover her underwear, it was still embarrassing.

He snapped his fingers again and her clothes tightened around her slimmer frame and she blinked, running over to mirror at the golden vanity, her eyes widening at she eyed her new, curvy but slim figure. No love handles.

She'd never not had love handles.

"Are you sure this isn't heaven?" she asked, turning to look at her now smaller butt. "...now I can live with that."

She stared at herself for a while.

'Wait...what the fuck am I doing? An angel, Michael no less, has kidnapped me, took me off earth, and I'm getting him to erase fat on my body?'

Something was definitely off about all this.

"Wait..." she turned putting her head in her head. "What am I doing? Here you are, having me stuck in God knows where and I'm being too calm about this...why am I calm? I am not a calm person! I freak out all the damn time."

Michael tilted his head. "I have been sending calming waves to you shortly after you awoke," he admitted instantly. "earlier was hard on you. Your blood pressure was elevated as were your nerves, it is not healthy-"

"Well, stop it!" she said calmly, much to her irritation.

"I will once you become use to your surroundings," he said. "Its not intended to harm, but help, which is why I'm allowed to do it-"

"I'm getting mad that I can't get mad," she huffed, but didn't really feel too angry.

He stared at her.

"Wait...that doesn't make sense," she sighed, running her hand through her hair. "but, you're an angel," she protested, as though her pointing that out would make him realize something. "Like, the most important angel-"

Was it her imagination, or did his chest puff out slightly? "-Isn't there better things to do than...cater to my every need? I can't be that important-"

"If father says you are, then you are," Michael interjected, looking at her seriously. "I will admit, this isn't ideal, but many things have not been ideal for me...for a long time."

"...Erm, what do you mean?" she asked, ringing her hands.

'Aurora Rose: angel therapist.'

He looked at her with a contemplating expression.

"Why would you care of my troubles?" he asked, tilting his head curiously. "you hardly know me."

"Well..." she trailed off uncomfortably, walking to the bed and plopping down, "I mean, despite everything, you've healed me. I guess I want to try to return the favor?"

"You owe me nothing," he answered instantly, standing stock still with a blank expression.

"It's not about owing," she rolled her eyes. "when someone does something nice for you, you try to do something nice for them-"


"Just...because," she stuttered. Did he not understand this? "its just the nice and right thing to do. It makes you feel good-"

"Does it?"

"It does me," she frowned. This was getting weird. Not that anything about this wasn't weird. There were so many questions in her mind; so many that she didn't even know where to begin.

He didn't seem to want to reply, as he just looked at her oddly and turned his head away, back to examining the room.

"So...Um, your brother," she broke the silence after a few minutes. "Lucifer...he's really the devil?"

Michael sighed, looking down at the ground, an almost sad look crossing his features.

"Yes, Lucifer is my brother and he is what humans would call, 'the devil'," he spoke slowly, "the catastrophes that have been occurring have been his doing. It is his intent to return earth to its original glory, eradicating humanity-"

Aurora gasped, making him pause before he continued.

"I was there," he raised his head with a frown. "ready to kill my brother, and bring paradise to earth. But Father spoke, giving me separate orders-"

"But, you have to stop him!" Aurora gasped, standing once again. He couldn't let him eradicate humanity! What kind of archangel was he?

"Father gave me orders that he could not see," Michael whispered. "he only knows part of my orders. If I succeed, my brother will be saved as will humanity. I knew he did not know the full orders, for he would not have left so easily if he did. But, Lucifer is no fool. He'll realize that he missed something, which is why we are hidden. He is, no doubt, looking for us at this very moment."

"...and that has to do with me?" she blinked, stunned and beyond confused as he turned, giving her a small smile.



She shook her head in disbelief.

"I'm just human, what can I do?"

"I will tell you; when you are ready to know," Michael informed her, "until then, please be patient. Don't you want to save the world?"

Her eyes widened. Her? The girl that tripped over a flat surface and got called 'wiffle head' the better part of her high school career? She had never been anything special. She was average, if that.

"Um, but what if I...mess up?" she asked, suddenly feeling a lot of pressure. "I was never picked for anything. I get picked last in gym class for fucks sake! I'm not special. I'm literally mediocre, at best, at everything I do!"

He chuckled deeply, making her heart skip a beat as his brilliant white smile flashed at her.

"You will not. This is destiny," Michael whispered. "I believe that it was always supposed to happen this way...if I had known, I may not have allowed my brother to escape from hell."

"You...you let the devil escape?" she gasped, shaking her head. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"It was destiny," Michael said, as though that explained everything.

"Urgh, is that the only word you friggin' know?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips and feeling irritation.

"You should rest," Michael said, not answering her question.

"I'm not sleepy," she snapped, pursing her lips stubbornly. "I still have questions."

"A few more, then you need to sleep," he sighed, looking at her intensely as he paced the room.

"So...the world isn't going to end, then?"

"Not if I succeed, like I said." he looked irritated now.

"Okay, grumpy, but I think its a question that bears repeating!" she defended herself, crossing her arms.

She thought for moments.

"How long do I have to stay in this room?"

"I don't know," he answered, "but, you're forgetting that I can make this room anything you want it to be."

"Excuse me?" she asked, blinking.

He chuckled, pausing his pacing and giving her a half smirk.

"Feel like swimming?" he snapped his fingers as the room expanded, and in an instant, an Olympic size swimming pool appeared out of nowhere, making her jaw drop as he snapped them again.

It was gone, and the room was back exactly like it was.

"Anything," he repeated. "Any food you want, I will have. Clothes, entertainment...anything in your hearts desire, I can give you."

Her eyes were wide. Could she really...have anything she ever wanted in an instant?

"What if I said I wanted a movie star to cook my breakfast in their underwear?" she smirked.

"I can give you practically anything, yet you keep wanting things I, well, will not do," he rolled his eyes. "such a frustrating human." he mumbled.

"Don't you want diamonds or something?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "isn't that what female humans desire?"

"What the hell are diamonds going to do for me in here?" she waved her arms around. "the world could end; I don't care about jewels."

"So, basically, no other humans here?" she asked, appearing to deliberate the point.

"Yes, of course, I could always create the illusion of a human for you," he shrugged. "but as I said, I won't do that. It wouldn't be real, though it would feel real-"

"Whoa, stop!" she motioned, her face flushing as her stomach grumbled.

"You should eat before sleeping," Michael nodded, appearing not to notice her flustered expression. "which food do you desire?"

"I don't want food," she grumbled, sitting on the bed. "I'm too upset to eat."

He looked at her, snapping his fingers as her stomach suddenly felt full.

"What – what did you do?"

"Gave you the nutrients you needed. Now, you need to sleep," he commanded, snapping his fingers as her clothes melted away to a simple white, silken nightgown.

"Don't do that!" she flushed, "And do you have to snap your fingers every time you do something?"

He looked at her bed and the covers pulled down.

"No, its simply habit," he shrugged. "all angels do it."

He suddenly appeared in front of her, making her jump back in surprise. Before she could even react, he placed two cold fingers to her forehead and everything went black.