Chapter Three: So Far Away

Her nerves were beyond shot as she hit the back of her head against the door with a groan, closing her eyes in frustration.

She took a deep breath, slowly opening her eyes only to jump and take a sharp intake of breath when she saw Michael standing directly in front of her, looking down at her and not speaking.


"What part of me slamming the fucking door was unclear?" she asked through gritted teeth, glaring at him. Once again, she felt her anger was unjustified, but she couldn't help it. This, however was reasonable. He had no right to barge in on her when she clearly wanted to be alone.

His eyes flashed.

"I heard your groan of pain and thought you needed assistance-"

"It was emotional pain more than anything, Jesus," she rolled her eyes. "poof me a pack of cigarettes. Marlboro, Menthol."

"Those are dangerous."

"I'm going to keep being a bitch if you don't," she snapped, feeling her temper rise. She needed nicotine, and bad. A cigarette would calm her nerves. She knew her occasional habit was bad, but she couldn't find it in her to care.

"If you insist," he finally said, pursing his lips sternly and snapping his fingers, making a pack of Marlboro Menthol's and a plain white lighter appear beside her.

She snatched it off the floor, ripping it open and pulling a cigarette out, tossing the pack down as she shoved it between her lips.

She lit the end, watching him as she took a deep drag, instantly feeling the nicotine entering her system.

She tucked her hand under her elbow, taking another hit and staring at him through squinted eyes.

"Feel better?"

She did not miss the sarcastic tones in his voice.

"Extremely," she sassed right back. "so, no chance whatsoever you're going to tell me what the fuck I'm doing here right?"

"Not yet, no," he affirmed, tilting his head – and God help her, she found it cute, even now.

"How convenient," she said slowly, looking off to the side. "so, I'm guessing other than God himself, you're more powerful than the devil, right?" she slowly looked back at him. "I don't have to worry about him popping out of the woodwork and snatching me or getting to my mother?"

"Yes, I am more powerful than him, despite what my brother may believe," Michael nodded, his face looking stern and honestly...somewhat sad. "Father created me first. I cast him down once, I can do it again."

"So, do it again," Aurora instantly said, "throw his ass back into hell-"

"Its not that simple," he cut in. "besides, that is not the plan."

She laughed bitterly.

"I take notice how you refrained from using the word, 'destiny.' again."

He just stared at her for moments.

"Whatever," she grumbled, putting her hands down and pulling herself up, flinging the door open and walking out, looking around the room and continuing to smoke.

"Music...TV?" she asked, turning around to look at him as he stepped out of the door.

He looked at her, not breaking eye contact as he snapped his fingers, making her look over as she saw a huge stereo appear on a table and her eyes widened as she saw a massively large TV appear on the wall in front of the bed. It was so massive that it covered most of the wall.

"Damnnn, Mikey," she grinned, biting her lip as she smiled when a glare showed on his handsome face.

"Don't call me that."

She cocked an eyebrow, taking a hit off her cigarette as she grinned.

"But I like it..." her eyes glittered mischievously. "Its cute-"

"I'm not cute." he instantly said in a firm and hard tone.

"No, you're precious Mikey-" she snickered, loving the rise she was getting out of him. Clearly, he was just a tad bit prideful.

Before she could even blink, she found herself against the wall with a squeak. His arms were on either side of her head, making her eyes widen as she saw his face looking down at her with anger, his bright blue eyes stormy and his lips set in a serious, straight line.

"You need to learn some respect," he said in a quiet, yet serious tone. "when I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it."

Maybe because it was because she knew he couldn't hurt her, or maybe she truly did have a death wish, because she felt anger creep into her veins at his self-righteous words.

"I didn't know I was supposed to kiss your ass," she hissed, craning her neck and looking at him daringly. "I'm not your property. You may be more powerful than me, and you may be able to control a lot of things, but you aren't the boss of me. I'm not some idiot you can boss around."

"Free will is an illusion," he said quietly, looking at her intensely. "probably from the dawn of time, you were meant to be exactly where you're at right now."

"Maybe so," she pursed her lips momentarily. "but that doesn't mean I have to lay down and take it like a bitch, just because."

He continued staring at her, making her scowl fade as she saw his face flash with something she didn't readily recognize. What was he doing? She felt a little bit of panic flash through her. His presence was...after all, intimidating. Regardless of whether he could hurt her or not.

"Get away from me." she said quietly, her voice not holding much conviction and sounding more like a request than a demand.

He didn't move, just continued staring at her with his icy stare.

She was about to burn his ass with her cigarette.

Her eyes flicked down, cursing to herself when she saw it had burned out. She dropped it to the floor, seeing it was useless.

"Are you deaf?" she asked, crossing her arms in front of her.

His eyes flicked down her form, before raising slowly, continuing to bore into her eyes. She felt a jolt go through her system as she swallowed thickly.

"I said, move." she hissed, putting her hands on his chest and pushing to no avail.

He was like trying to move a boulder, and he didn't so much as budge.

She gasped in surprised with his cold, calloused hands locked around her wrists firmly. Her eyes widened with she was firmly, yet gently pulled against his form, her body flush with his as he looked down at her astonished expression with a smirk.

"W-what – what the fuck...what are you doing?" she hissed, her heart pounding against her ribcage so hard she was sure she'd have a few cracked ribs.

He cocked an eyebrow, not answering as she started to slightly struggle, but his hands slid up to her upper arms, holding her firmly in place.

"Look, asshole-" she started to growl, pausing when he reached a hand up, tracing his cool fingers down her flushed cheek.

He didn't blink as he ran them down to her chin, wrapping his long fingers around it and firmly jerking her head up higher, so her flushed face was closer to his.

Her eyes widened when she saw his icy gaze staring at her lips. He wouldn't...surely, he wouldn't? She hated herself when she felt a thrill shoot across her system. She couldn't help it. He was, after all...very handsome and intense. She was only human – of course she was attracted to him. But, something told her this wasn't right, why would he be doing this? He's an angel. He surely had an alternate motive...she felt panic soar through her system when his eyes hooded and his slowly brought his face towards hers.

"N-no!" she gasped, struggling. She cried out in surprise when he was suddenly ripped away from her, flying across the room and slamming into the wall with a loud BOOM.

She paused, putting her hands on her mouth in fear as she ran up to him, seeing the wall completely coming down from the force of his body. In an instant, it was repaired and he was on his feet, looking at her darkly.

His gaze shifted upwards, towards the ceiling.

"Forgive me, father." he said quietly, closing his eyes.

"Are you okay?" she asked, hating herself that she was actually worried as his eyes snapped open, looking over at her.

"Of course I'm okay." he snapped lethally, as though her even asking was an insult to his pride.

"Not going to apologize to me too?" she asked, crossing her arms as her concern was instantly replaced with her former irritation.

"For what?" he asked, genuine confusion actually shining through his irritation with her.


"Are you serious right now?" she exclaimed, flinging her arms out. "you try to...force yourself on me and that doesn't warrant an apology?"

"I wasn't trying to force," he snapped at her, his eyes lethal. "I was simply trying something out."

"Why?" she asked, pursing her lips and crossing her arms. Why would he try to...kiss her? Perhaps if the situation had been different and she wasn't so upset and irritated, she'd let someone as handsome as Michael kiss her. But, given the situation, it was highly inappropriate. Did angels get...horny or something and she just happened to be around?

"No, angels do not get, 'horny' as you so eloquently put it."


She froze in horror, knowing for a fact that she didn't say it out loud. He could...he could read her mind?!

A deep, crimson flush instantly flared across her face. She was completely speechless, remembering all her thoughts about everything and...him. The smug, son of a bitch knew she thought he was handsome!

Her face reddened even further.

She heard his deep chuckle sound through the room as he looked at her with a smirk.

"Yes, I'm the most powerful angel in creation," he turned towards her, "of course I can read thoughts of humans. If you're wondering, however, I have not been in your mind the entire time. Only when I felt the need-"

"S-stay out of my mind!" she stuttered, still embarrassed. "that is private and you have no right-"

"I will look inside of your mind whenever I see fit and you are not the boss of me." he instantly said sternly, giving her a warning look as he threw her own words back at her.

"Boy, did I misjudge you," she snapped, shaking her head. "I thought you were actually nice, because I mean, you are an angel and all. But in all reality, you're a dick."

"I can be nice," he instantly said, pursing his lips. "but even so, my patience only goes so far. I realize that this is a traumatic situation to you, but I, as the host of heaven, will not allow myself to be berated by a lowly human. My sympathy only goes so far. I will not harm you, even though I can't anyway. If you're important to my father, then you are important to me and I want you to be happy."

She stared at him in complete and utter disbelief.

" insult the fact that I'm human, making it abundantly clear that you think you're better than I'm some kind of cockroach on the bottom of your shoe," she snapped, glaring daggers. "then, after you make it so abundantly clear how insignificant you personally believe I am, you tell me you want me to be happy? What the hell is wrong with your brain?"

He let out a bark of laughter that made her jump at the deep rumbling sound.

"My brain is far superior than yours, my dear," his face twitched. "I have seen and I know things you couldn't even imagine."


"Get out," she said weakly, rubbing her temples. "just...get out. Leave – go somewhere for a while, please. I'm tired of arguing with you."

She heard a rush of wings, looking up in shock when she saw he actually left. It seemed he was tired of dealing with her at the moment too, or she was pretty sure he wouldn't have left.

With a sigh, she kicked off her shoes, not sure why she was wearing them anyway as she walked towards the disregarded cigarettes and lighter, picking them up and lighting another one.

She looked down at the nice dress she was wearing, taking a hit off her cigarette. It wasn't how she typically dressed, but she had thought, 'why not?' but she was already tired of it, feeling uncomfortable as she approached the stereo, turning it on as her eyes widened.

It was the nicest stereo she'd ever seen. It was touch screen, and as she scrolled through the list, she saw just about every music genre you could possibly imagine on it.

The things he could do still hadn't ceased to amaze her.

She was mostly a rock fan, but she liked anything catchy, really. And that really included almost all genres.

With that in mind, she actually went to the rap hits station, chuckling when "Can I get A..." by Jay-Z blared through the speakers.

Shrugging, she turned it up pretty loudly, walking over to the bed with her cigarettes and falling down on it, picking up one of the magazines Michael had conjured earlier, smoking as she felt her nerves calm with his absence.

"No...don't you do it..." she groaned, rolling over and slapping her forehead. A part of her actually felt guilty. In her honest opinion, they were both in the wrong. He shouldn't have been so crass about her dad, but considering what he'd done for her, she shouldn't have over reacted. But at the same time, he shouldn't have said all the things he did – insulting her over being human and belittling her.

She had no idea how long she laid there, thinking, smoking and listening to rap music. But it must have been a good while as she had went through about half of her pack.

She yawned, smiling as "I know what girls like" by Jay-Z was playing. Well, it was a rap hits station, so it made sense to play him quite a bit.

"Do you always listen to music that is inappropriate to this magnitude?"

She didn't even jump this time, expecting that he'd be back pretty soon. Not even looking, she responded, staring at the golden ceiling as her mouth twitched.

"You put it there, feathers."

"My name is Michael."

She smirked at the bored tone of his voice.

"I'm aware of your name is, Michael," she frowned, staring at the ceiling. "what are we supposed to do, exactly? Stare at each other for God knows how long?"

"Until the mission in complete, yes," he said, sounding like a broken record.

"The mission you can't tell me about."


"Lovely, but if you told me, maybe I'd be more willing to help?" she asked, rolling over on her stomach and looking at him to see him standing near the bed, staring at her blankly.

His eyes flashed.

"I doubt that."

She cocked an eyebrow. "of course you do." she rolled over again. "what...what the hell are we supposed to do? Play checkers until the end of time? I mean, this is bullshit."

"You seem to forget much of what I say," Michael responded, sounding exasperated. "I can create anything you wish to do."

Aurora shifted. She didn't like being all, 'this, this, this. Give me this.' it just felt...weird. And made her feel bad. He was an angel, the most important one...and here he was, poofing her clothes and electronics. It just made her...feel bad. Like she didn't want to inconvenience him.

"Can I turn this off?"

She smirked as she heard his irritated voice sounding over, 'Without Me' by Eminem.

"Not an Eminem fan?" she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes at him as she sat up in bed and he glowered at her.

"This music is an abomination, rapping about sin," he said, looking at her darkly. "you should not listen to it."

"I'm not a nun that's taken a vow of abstinence, so I'll do what I want." she rolled her eyes, hopping off the bed.

"That's a monk." he corrected, his full lips twitching slightly in amusement.

"Whatever," she said, rolling her eyes in amusement, despite herself. "you know what? Conjure something."

She turned around, crossing her arms and smirking as he raised his eyebrows.

"What do you want?"

"What do you think I want?"

He blinked. "I don't know."

"Oh, come on!" she waved her arms. "I'll close my eyes and surprise me."

She covered her eyes, not sensing any changes around her.


"I'm waiting."

"I don't know what you want."

"Guess." she smirked, keeping her mind as blank as possible.

She heard him sigh, obviously he had tried to read her mind but she had kept it mostly blank.

Aurora gasped as a sound invaded her ears. A rushing sound of the...ocean? Wind blew in her face.

She moved her hands quickly, her mouth falling open as she saw herself standing on a white sand beach, the water clear as the Bahamas, and the sun looking like it was about to set over the horizon. She looked around, seeing Michael standing near her, looking out over the water with a blank expression. She looked behind her, seeing a wooden platform with a table and chairs on it in front of what appeared to be never ending palm trees.

"I – I..." she blubbered, shaking her head as her feet dug into the soft, cool sand.

"This – is this real?" she gasped, staring at him as he slowly looked towards her, his eyes brightly blue.

"What is your definition of real?" he asked quietly, "if it is that of most humans, meaning that you can see, touch, smell, feel it...then yes, this is real."

"You...made...this..." she said slowly, walking forward and putting her feet in the water, finding it warm. Pleasantly warm – everything was...beautiful. Perfect.

"How can you create things like this and be so miserable?" she whispered, looking over the colorful horizon in wonder.

"I am not miserable." he said from beside her suddenly as she walked forward, going knee deep in the water.

"Yes, you are," she said, looking over at him. "everything about you screams that you are. Look...look at the things you can do. You never age, you never get can have anything of your hearts desire with a snap of your fingers. Your father has given you almost limitless power, yet its not enough?"

"There is many things that you do not understand," he said seriously, looking over at her, but she saw the contemplative expression in his eyes. "do not presume to know me or my family."

She bit her lip, looking down for moments. "Sorry."

He was quiet.

"I – I want to swim..." she said quietly. "think you can...give me a bathing suit?" she asked quietly, picturing a white bikini in her mind.

With a snap of his fingers, she looked down, seeing the swimsuit on her body.

"Do you...see me naked when you do that?" she asked, tilting her head as her face turned red. Thinner now or not, she didn't want him seeing her naked.

He rolled his eyes. "Go swim."

"Are you going to swim?" she asked, grinning over at him.

"Will that please you?"

"Yes, probably so." she nodded, snickering at the exasperated look in his eyes as he looked down at his clothing, standing knee deep in water with jeans.

He snapped his fingers, making Auroras eyes widen and flush when he stood in only dark blue swimming trunks.

Her eyes trailed over his lean, muscular form against her will. His tan chest, biceps, back muscles and clear six pack on his abdomen.

Guy was made like a fucking greek God.

"My vessel pleases you, good."

Auroras eyes snapped to his, seeing him staring at her with a smirk as her face lit on fire.

"V-vessel?" she asked, blinking innocently at him. What did that mean?

"My...human form, as it were," he said, looking off in the distance. "It pleases you sexually-"

"Whoa, whoa, wait!" she exclaimed, putting her hands out and feeling like she was going to have third degree burns on her face.

"It is perfectly natural," he blinked innocently at her gaping expression. "you are a young female, my vessel is a young male. The desire to mate is normal in humans-"


He raised his eyebrows, looking at her with an amused expression as she groaned, rolling her eyes and running through the water, diving in head first. She swam for moments, swimming towards the surface and breaking it, rubbing her eyes as the water sloshed around her neck. The "sun" seemed to be setting as she watched it with wide eyes, feeling a complete and utter calm go across her body.

"Do you like it?"

She inhaled, turning to see Michael beside her, his head and shoulders poking out of the water. His dirty blonde hair wet and sticking to his forehead, droplets of water running past his piercing eyes and down his chiseled jaw. He looked so incredibly...inhumanly handsome – she didn't even know what to do with herself. It was like a male Aphrodite was wet and floating in the waves right next to her.

She swallowed heavily, not liking how her heart was pumping harshly.

"Its perfect..." she admitted quietly, forgetting that she was ever mad at him. Never had she expected him to conjure something so incredibly beautiful.

His eyes flashed brightly at the praise, a smile curling his full mouth, revealing his pearly white teeth that seemed to glow in the dim light around them.

"I'm glad you like it," he said quietly, and she saw hesitation flash through his eyes. "can I...hold you?"

Her eyes widened and she almost forgot she was swimming, nearly going under.

"W-what? W-why?" she asked, her heart punching her rib cage.

"I thought it would be nice," he said simply, as though it was the most apparent thing in the world. "given the situation. Do you not want to?"

He knew she did.

She sighed, looking back to the sunset and biting her lip, nodding slowly as her heart hammered. She was vaguely aware of him moving next to her and before she could react, she felt two cool, strong arms wrap around her frame as she was pulled back into his muscular chest.

She inhaled sharply when she felt him rest his chin on top of her damp head. She kept her hands down, a little unsure if she could touch him-

"You can touch me," he whispered above her, making irritation swarm through her, but being in his arms in this setting, she couldn't find it in her to be angry. "I've got you – just relax."

She took a deep breath, gently laying her head against his muscular chest, her eyes staying trained on the continually falling sun.

She felt an unusual calm at his touch, like she was...meant to be there, in his arms. She realized it was probably a stupid girl fantasy, but maybe she could indulge herself for a little while.

"Is this...wrong?" she asked quietly, hesitantly. "you're an...angel." she swallowed.

"Of course not," he said above her. "I can touch you however it pleases you."


She inhaled sharply. Was he ignorant or coming onto her? She knew that he seemed a little...unaware of some things, but surely, he knew what he was doing right now? He said angels didn't get horny, but...was he horny or something in human form? She didn't dare ask.

She stayed like that in his arms for a long while, just watching the sun set and watching the moon become clearer and clearer in the sky, in silence. A part of her wondered if he was as relaxed as she was, but perhaps not if he was currently making all this happen as it was before her eyes.

Her stomach growled, interrupting her thoughts.

"Hungry?" he asked quietly as she blushed. Having him hear her digestive system wasn't something she was crazy about.

"Erm – I guess so..." she trailed off, in all honesty, not wanting to move. At all.

He chuckled against her head.

"Don't worry, we have all the time in the world," he said quietly, making her groan as she knew he looked into her mind.

"Get outta my head, Michael."

"No, I like knowing what's going on in there."

She flushed. "Why?"

"Its..." he chuckled, making her heart beat faster as she felt his chest rumble against her back. "interesting."

"Hmmm," she shook her head. "I'm glad I can somehow entertain you."

"You do, actually," he said, sounding contemplative. "what do you want to eat?"

"I want a rare steak," she grinned, biting her lip. "mashed potatoes...macaroni and cheese...with a glass of pink chardonnay."

Her eyes widened when she felt herself being lifted out of the water, being carried bridal style out of that ocean.

"What – why couldn't you just poof us? Or I can walk-" she trailed off, trying and failing, desperately not to look at the water droplets running down his chiseled chest.

"I could, but that gets boring." he smirked down at her, his blue gaze piercing through her.


She looked away, looking at the table they were approaching and seeing a meal already there with candles stuck in the sand around them so she could see to eat. Although the moon was bright, it wasn't bright enough to eat by.

He sat her down in her chair, grinning as he snapped his fingers, both of them instantly dry. He walked to the other end, sitting down and watching her.

'He could at least put a shirt on...' she thought lamely, trying not to find herself distracted by his perfect body as she slowly cut her T-bone steak.

"I could, but I know for a fact you prefer me this way."

She sharply looked up, seeing him lean back, crossing his arms over his chest with a cocky expression.

She couldn't help it when her heart fluttered.

Stupid hormones.

She took a bite of her steak, almost moaning out loud. It was, without a doubt, the best steak she'd ever had. It was cooked to perfection. All the spices, everything was just...perfect. She quickly tried the mashed potatoes and macaroni, unsurprised that it was the same.

She lifted her glass of pink chardonnay, examining it before taking a sip and grinning from ear to ear at the sweet taste.

"This is amazing." she said, taking more bites as she looked out at the moonlit ocean.

"I can make housing arrangements here if you'd prefer it over the room." Michael offered, leaning forward.

Of course she wanted that! But at the same time, she didn't want to be any trouble...

"I don't want to be too demanding-"

"Its not problem at all," he grinned, snapping his fingers as she jumped in surprise, seeing a small cottage appear right on the sand. "how is that?"

"Its beautiful." she nodded, smiling at him and taking another sip of wine as she finished off her meal.

She looked up at him, seeing him stare at her with a small smile on his lips. It seemed his previous anger was gone, but she felt slightly uncomfortable. She had a feeling she was being wooed, for whatever reason. It was highly doubtful that he actually liked her, making it clear she was a lowly human just a few hours ago. But, a part of her rationalized that maybe he had only said that in his anger. That was possible. Whatever his reasons were...she hated to admit it, but it was working. How could it not? She was being wooed by an extremely handsome man in paradise. Well...she supposed he wasn't technically a man, but part of her didn't even care.

"Want to see the cabin?" he asked, snapping his fingers and making all dishes except her wine glass disappear.

"Yeah, sure..." she smiled, holding her wine glass as she stood and walked around the table to him.

They walked over to the cabin, her tensing slightly when she felt his hand on her lower back.

They walked up the couple stairs, across the porch as he opened to doors of the light brown cabin.

Her eyes widened, her mouth dropping slightly. There were windows all around the walls, the ceiling also had a window above the bed, showing the night sky. The bed was in white silken sheets with a canopy. The wall in the middle of the room had a large TV and she walked across a fluffy white rug into the bathroom, gasping when she saw the entire ceiling was missing. It was mostly the same as the other rooms bathroom for the most part, all stocked with a large tub and shower.

She walked out, looking around in amazement again. It really was gorgeous. This was better than anyone in he worlds honeymoon.

"Any adjustments?" he asked, looking around and smiling at her.

"No..." she said quietly, looking around and smiling. "everything is perfect."

"I'm glad you approve," he grinned, looking over her white bikini. "do you want to change? Or do you want to swim some more?"

"As tempting as that is..." she chuckled, shaking her head. "I do feel a little tired...I think I want to shower, get in pajamas, lay in that amazing bed and watch a movie."

"Very well," he nodded. "shall I get you some clothes?"

"Yeah..." she trailed off, thinking. "in fact, just like conjure up a bunch of clothes from various fashion magazines or something. That way you won't have to keep doing it."

He nodded, giving her a small smile. "I can do that."

"...Thank you, Michael." she said quietly, looking down and already feeling guilty for being so mean to him.

"There's nothing to apologize for. There will be clothes in the bathroom when you're done." he assured her with a soft expression.

She flushed, nodding and hurrying into the bathroom quickly, closing the door.

She was in some deep, deep shit...officially crushing on an angel.