Mary Waters



If I owned these Characters (aside from the ones you don't recognize) I probably wouldn't be writing these.  If I owned these characters, you would probably see this story on the show.  Hey!  You know what?  I am writing these and you don't see this story line on the show, therefore, I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS!!!  So don't sue me!

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Tapping her desk impatiently, Mary Waters looked out across the room full of students taking a test.  Everyone, for a change, was quiet.  She had pushed her work aside for a minute, while she watched for a few cheaters.  She then picked up a stack of papers and began to sign her name on some papers, and letters of recommendation for her college bound high school seniors' college applications.

She signed the first one thinking carefully.

Mary Waters.

She didn't believe that the kid would actually get into Yale.  He was having a hard enough time passing her English class, but she'd rather have him dream big, and learn about rejection (a valuable life lesson), than have him think his teachers thought he was a failure.  She picked up the next one.  This girl had the potential to go to any school she wanted, but the letter was written for a community college.  Mary had hoped that it was just a back up school, because she knew that money, and a boyfriend wasn't a factor in this girl's college search.  Mary picked up her pen and signed her name. 

Sydney Bristow.

Mary quickly snatched up the paper and began to rip it up.  Her class looked up as their attacked the paper.  "I made a major mistake; I have to start from scratch."  She lamely excused.  The class thought nothing of it, and went back to work.  The ruminants of the torn up name fell onto her desk.  The "S" was still intact and taunted her of her past life.  Sydney Bristow was gone.  She had disappeared five years earlier.  Sydney Bristow had become Mary Waters.  Mary had to turn to her computer to write up the letter of recommendation again.  But the words, who her student was as a member of the school, weren't coming.  She could only think about her life as Sydney Bristow.

She wrote the header, and paused.  Then the words came out of her fingertips.  But not the words for the letter, but words that if anyone got a hold of, would ultimately destroy her.  But Mary didn't care.  She promised herself that she would just delete the document when she was done.  By the time class ended, she had written ten pages.  Mary had poured her heart out about her life.  If she had wished, she could have sent it as an attachment to the man she cared most about.  But he knew her as Sydney Bristow.  He didn't know who Mary Waters was, where she lived, what she did for a living, he didn't know anything about Mary Waters.  Mary selected all ten pages, and deleted it all.  Instead she opened up her email account, and typed five words.

I miss being Sydney Bristow.

Mary paused.  She wasn't sure she wanted to actually send it.  But as her next class began to file in, Mary had to make a quick decision. She quickly added an email address and sent it, hoping that someone would hear her. Whether she wanted them to or not.  Dead or alive, Mary wanted her old life back.  Mary wanted to once again be Sydney Bristow.