Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin's quest.

Author Note: Okay, so basically this is the movies with Bella scenes thrown in, really I just wanted to do a twi crossover with this and then hopefully lord of the rings. SO story is for myself, no hate cause I'm warning you now so you know what to expect!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don't own any of Tolkien's amazing work.

Third POV

Isabella stumbled, her hand grasping her chest in pain. She tried to push away the grief, but it was slowly consuming her very life force. She could feel the numbness beginning to set in and following that would be nothing, sweet blissful nothing.

Bella, also known as Canadriel the fourth daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, sister of Celebrian, Neliel and Celephinthel. She is known as Moriel - Daughter of Night by many and Isabella by those of this land. There were many names you could receive from her homes land, the mother or father name, that of others choosing and the one you choose yourself.

When she fled to this forsaken land, where magic is rarely seen to try and live a normal life she had named herself Belle, but those who had taken her in had lost a daughter Isabella and they had given her the name in remembrance. Charlie and Renee had given her home, love that she had always wanted from parents and knew the truth.

Canadriel meant the fourth daughter and after the loss of her elder sisters to the wars or grief, she did not want to be reminded that she was the only one left. Moriel was given to her by her sister's chosen Elrond, which seemed to catch ears of many as she had enjoyed the night in his realm. Though, it soon matched her beauty, unlike her sister and mother, she had gained a crown of black.

Oh how she longed now for home, how she wished she had never fallen in love with a vampire to begin with. Mortal he called her, she was going to tell him the truth soon but it turned out he no longer – never – loved her to begin with and shattered her heart upon the dampened soil.

The forest grew dark around her, a chill setting in and yet Bella could not feel all that has happened as she stumbled out of the edge and into the open yard of Charlies. She could barely make out the flashing lights, the voices calling her name before she collapsed in warmth.

"Bella! Oh god Bella, what happened?" She heard Charlie's frantic voice. Flashes of his little girl's death many years ago pushing to the front of his mind, he couldn't lose another. She was paler than usual, her lips blue and eyes unfocused and as he took closer look, he could see the elfish features begin to show.

"Thanks Sam." He hurried out as he took her from the large man's arms and rushed her inside. Charlie brushed away all help and thanked those who came to look for her but he needed them to leave, not once since he had known Bella had she let her glamour slip since she masked herself to look like his daughter.

It was a blessing and a curse, a blessing to see what his daughter would have become of in age, a beautiful mix of him and Renee but a curse to know it wasn't real. But, don't get him wrong, he loved Belle with all his heart along with Renee until they separated and though Renee still loved Belle, she couldn't hold back the grief of their daughter anymore. Charlie, though it hurt, never faulted her.

"Charlie?" She managed to get out confused as she felt herself shift from warm arms to another and placed on a soft bed.

"I'm here Belle, what happened?" He asked soothingly, placing the blanket over her shaking frame.

A cry escaped her lips as her magic burst through the glamour, causing Belle to curl up as she felt her body shift. She hadn't remembered the pain of holding a glamour for a long time and for it to break. It had only happened once and that was when she was injured greatly in the wars.

Charlie watched amazed as his daughter grew taller, her hair lengthening and features becoming more defined. But what he adored the most was the pointed ears, how they seemed to stand out against the darkness of her hair. Sadness took as he saw the tears, watched as her body shook from the cries and screams she held in as her body shifted. For his own guilty desire to see his daughter grow, he had caused Belle pain.

"He left me… he ripped out my heart and discarded it as if it was a mere passing thing." She gasped out, the words stabbing the blade deeper within her heart. "I need to go home… I can feel the grief clinging and I need to say goodbye to my kin before I perish."

"What do you mean before you perish?" Charlie asked, a lump forming in his throat.

Bell cast a look up at her father of this realm and sighed sadly, painfully. "Elves can die of grief, great grief. My sister Neliel perished when her chosen died and Celebrain went to the undying lands after great torture and Celephinthel simply traded her immortal life for that of a mortal one. There are many forms of grief, some can be passed but I still need to find my mother and father… I need them; I need help to pass this bone crushing grief." She explained in a gasp.

"How can I help?" Charlie asked softly after a few moments of thought.

Belle looked upon him sadly. "You cannot, I have one chance to open the doorway to step through… Charlie, once I leave, I cannot ever come back."

"I figured and I cannot come with you, I know that I would not survive that place. I'll miss you Bells, you gave me what I had hoped for, to see my daughter grow. It's time I let Isabella go and I lose you as well." He managed to get out, frowning confused at the jumbled words.

Belle gave him a small smile. "You were like a father to me as well Charlie. I must hurry before I grow weak." She murmured, gesturing to the trunk that sat in the corner of the room.

The trunk was given to her by both Charlie and Renee to keep what she had brought over from Middle Earth, which was not much. She had stepped through the doorway with her bow and arrows, a sword and two daggers, two simple dresses, her hunting apparel and a cloak. She of course had elven food and money with her which she was now thankful for.

Charlie nodded before leaving the room, making sure that everyone had lefts while Belle changed out of this realms clothes and into her elven ones, glad that they still fitted her, if not tighter around the waist and bust.

It was a gift given to her as a well, payment of sorts for helping one of the villages in the outer lands. It was revealing a little, designed not to have pants and to show cleavage, but she always wore pants. It didn't take long for her to be ready; it was ingrained into her of where everything should go and how secure it should be. She was thankful that they never found or saw this, they wouldn't understand.

"Wow Bells, I know we saw you dressed formally but this is simply amazing." Charlie whistled as his eyes took in the leather armour.

"Would you mind?" Belle asked, handing the leather and metal bracer to Charlie for help. She could always do up one but not the other. Charlie smiled before quickly placing and tying up the cuff, his fingers trailing softly over the etched swirls that created leaves and tree branches. "Thank you."

"I uh… brought you up this to take with you, to remember us." Charlie explained as he handed over a small photo album that could fit in the bag on her other hip.

Tears pooled in Belle's eyes as she thumbed the worn spine before giving Charlie a grateful smile as she put it in her bag and securing it tightly. She didn't want to lose it; she never wanted to forget those who helped her here. Casting a look out the window she quickly gathered her bow and cloak, she quickly placed it on and let the sleaves flow down before strapping her quiver on. It was time to go.

"I need to leave; it'll need to be in the forest." Belle explained before brushing past Charlie and quickly making her way outside, thanking the very stars that she was elven and had extreme grace. If only they could see her now.

"Do you know where you will end up?" Charlie asked as they came to a stop just inside the tree line, causing Belle to shake her head no.

"But I will find my way; I have travelled all the lands and know which way I need to go. Worry not Charlie, I will be okay. Farewell Adar." She whispered, grasping him in a hug before stepping back and closing her eyes.

She felt her magic expand out from her and then she was falling, she hoped and prayed that she landed easily and not on her bow or blades. Suddenly Belle found herself landing hard against the ground, a groan escaping her lips as she rolled onto her back to ease off her side. Thankfully it was day time and it hadn't rained and caused mud, which was the worst besides landing on rocks or anything else. Mud, she hated mud.

"…in the name of wonder…" Gandalf exclaimed as his horse reared back at the sudden appearance of a figure.

Belle glanced up and laughed. "Gin suilon, mellon-iaur!"

Gandalf hummed as he calmed his horse before dismounting, holding out his hand for the elleth to take. His surprise was sudden as the hood fell back, revealing the familiar face of his youth.

"Canadriel of Lórien, or do you go by Moriel now?" He asked with an amused chuckle.

Bella laughed while she rubbed her hip, shaking her head no. "I go by Belle now, or Isabella. Now tell me my friend, where are we?"

Gandalf raised his brows before smiling, maybe with Canadriel there was hope, but he still needed someone else. "We my dear girl, are just on the borderlands of The Shire."

"The Shire?" She exclaimed amazed, she had only been there once, long ago and only in passing but she didn't think she would be that far from home. "What are you doing near The Shire?" She asked suspiciously.

"Oh... hm, just going on an adventure, finding the last of our party." He explained as they began to walk the path towards The Shire.

"An adventure? Now, Gandalf, what does this adventure entail?" She asked with a soft smile, pushing the pain to the back of her head.

"I need someone swift and silent on their feet." He explained simply before catching Canadriel – Belle – as her knees gave out, her hand clutching to her chest.

"What is wrong dear friend?" He asked worried, coming to a stop and helping her to become steady on her feet once more.

"I'm afraid mellon-iaur that grief has taken me; may I journey with you to wherever you may go towards my home?" She asked pained, softly and hoped he didn't raise the issue.

"Grief? Yes… yes… but you must know that I will be in the company of dwarves. I would very much enjoy your company and hope you shall help us, you will help us?" He asked, not pressing, he would find out soon enough. All within good time, within good time.

"Dwarves… You know I have no hard feelings towards dwarves like many of my kind do Gandalf and you know I shall help you if able… but why… oh…" She trailed off as a little bit of memory filtered across her vision.

"This has to do with Erebor doesn't it?" She asked softly, her heart aching for those who lost their homes and lives to the dragon. But she knew that it was due to the Kings sickness, one that all get when they have too much gold, but still none have returned to claim the mountain.

"Yes, in due time. Come, we must hurry so you can rest." He stated urgently, his eyes upon the sky before casting a look upon his friend.

He was - is still - close friends of Galadriel, and had aged within their home for some time, learning all he needed to know of the elves. He of course grew close to all her children and watched as they all perished one at a time bar Canadriel. It was a sad day when she had left home to travel, he even accompanied her on some of them but both Galadriel and Celeborn were nearly swallowed by grief when they learnt their youngest had disappeared, assumed dead.

Yet, Galadriel stayed, urging her promised to stay with her, that she could tell there was hope yet.

There was hope but it was frail, broken and slowly being consumed by grief. He didn't know how long the celebration of Canadriel's return would last before she simply let go or sailed for the undying lands.

Gandalf hummed softly as he cast a look upon Belle's face, her eyes wide and full of awe as she took in the beauty of The Shire and hope bloomed strongly once more, maybe there was still hope yet.

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Adar – Father

Elleth – Female Elf

Gin suilon, mellon-iaur! – I greet you, old-friend. (informal)