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So what if our illustrious Chester is younger than Tara Belle as featured in our story? Wait, remember how he had a crush on Lark, Nikki and, even Bianca? But then, even Jillian was a bit partial to Troy. Well, let's hope there's no traces of OOC nor PWP here in the following story here. Anyhoo, let's carry on...


Chapter 1: Switchboard, A Spoiled Brat?

"No, Switchboard, no, NO, and THAT is final, and I don't mean Final Fantasy," said a disturbed Chester Mc Tech, who, along with Jillian Thorndyke III, was inside one of The Teenclub's big rooms, which featured a pool table which the boy genius and his girlfriend/kid sister of Pierce Thorndyke III, were grouped around. And standing before them, acting indignant, was the controversial gossip diva known as Brenda Andes, aka Switchboard. Right now she was whining, "You can't do that to me, Chester! I got my rights and the first Amendant does say freedom of the press! I deserve a right to cover your birthday party next week, which I believe is the social event of Beverly Hills. My reputation is what I live for and besides-inquiring minds want to know!"

"And I say the answer is no," stated Chester, with a scowl on his face. "There is NO WAY I will allow you to bring any tape recorders and/or hidden mikes, listening devices, bugging devices, hidden mikes-ANYTHING connected with you, not even MP3 recorders, et al, not even a notepad-in my labs, especially to my brithday party!"

"You tell her," said a testy Jillian, a sneer on her face. "Here's one time the queen of gossip don't get her way." Then to Switchboard: "So you'd best swallow your pride, do what we say and enjoy it, or we'll uninvite you."

Like a spoiled brat that couldn't have her way, the gossip freak stamped her feet, protesting in a immature way, "And I say I know my rights! Even the birthday boy should take a back seat and give some conscessions to the press like me, and besides, I am older than you and you should respect your elders. You never heard of take and give? Looks like all take and no give. Okay, my mind's made up, I am STILL taking my few tape recording devices, so like it or not-it's my job and my way of life! Not to mention a matter of principle! Remember, we're in a free nation."

"Not always," said the boy genius. "Such rules doesn't apply to everything, as such, the answer remains no-and for your so called matters of principle and all that other stuff listed, on behalf of Jillian and me, you can consider yourself UNINVITED to my party-effective post haste!"

Upon hearing that, Switchboard was livid, her face turning ruby red before she yelled, "You can't do that to me and get away with that! I'll get even with you if it's the last thing I do, you pint sized Einstein! Mark my words!"

On that, the gossip freak stomped out from the room, just as the BHT starlet Nikki Darling entered; for the moment, it seemed peace came back to the billiard room. From there, because of their height, Chester and Jillian each sat on a stool facing each end of the table, and readied their cue sticks, with some balls in groups, and that was when Nikki arrived on the scene and asked, "Sorry for overhearing, but what's the furor with you two and Switchboard?"

"It's pathetic," replied the boy genius, "Switchboard had a fit because I wouldn't allow her to bring any media equipment in my labs for my birthday party next week, not even cover the said party, so when she refused to comply to mine and Jillian's request, we uninvited her."

Yup, we 86'ed ol' Switchboard," said the Thorndyke sibiling, "which proves not all inquiring minds want to know."

"And I know the feeling," agreed the starlet, who also took up a pool cue stick and was standing near Chester at the table. "If I had a party and Switchboard tried to butt in and cover it, I'd stick a rocket in her skirt and aim her towards Johannesburg. Oh, I had a hard time picking out your gift for your bithday, but I think you may love it." Then noticing the arranged balls on the billiard table, she added, "Trick shots?"

"Sure, " replied Chester. "Check it out."

Aming his cue stick at a special angle, the genius shot the cue ball which hit a trio of balls; one went into the upper right corner pocket, the second in the lower right pocket and the third in the lower center pocket.

"Yay, Ches!" said Jillian. "Now check out mine." That said, she took aim and shot the cue ball which a aligned group of six balls was split in all six directions, each ball landing in all six pockets.

"Righ on the ol' bazoo, Jillian," said an impressed Nikki. "But it's time you step aside for the female Minnesota Fats."

Aiming her cue stick, the starlet shot the cue ball which split apart two balls each ball hitting a group of three balls, each group landing in its own pocket.

"All hail the Nikkeroo," said the Thorndyke sibling. "She's the new queen of the billiards!"

At the moment, a yard from behind Jillian, was the happy go lucky vivacious belle of the south, Tara Belle who chirped, "Howdy there, all of you!"

"Morning, Tara," said the trio in unison.

Approaching the billiard table, and like Nikki, also took up a cue stick, the Southerner took her place next to Jillian and said, "Looking foward to your birthday, Chester? I hope y'all pert near like the gift I picked out for you-oh, I can hardly wait for you to see it! I feel like I just stumbled onto Scarlett O'Hara's DVD collection."

"Who wouldn't be looking foward to that?" said Chester. "So what trick shot you've got in mind?"

"One moment," said Tara, who touched a button marked AUTOMATIC RERACK; A pipe came from beneath the table then sucked up the other balls, before a pair of robotic appendages placed the triangle hoop on the table. After that, the pipe filled it with the balls, then placed the cue ball nearby then withdrew while the appendages removed the hoop. From there, the Southerner took aim and shot the cue ball-

-and it hit the balls, which caused them to split into six groups of balls, which went into all the pockets, one pocket for each group. All of which left Nikki, Jillian and Chester astounded, the genius saying to the starlet, "Nikki, I got the feeling you've just been dethroned as the queen of the billiards."

"Don't bother, " said a chagrined Nikki, "I just abdicated."

"Say, I remembered," said Jillian, who put aside her cue stick and went to Chester, "I got to get ready to get the supplies for the birthday cake-it'll be 4 tiered, seven layered with with white buttercream frosting. Don't forget our date at the golf course, OK?"

"Sure, as long as you don't forget our date at the ski slopes," said the genius.

"It's a date," said the Thorndayke sibling who kissed the genius and added, "See you on the greens, birthday boy," before heading out the room. one noticed, 4 feet from the window that looked into the billiard room, hovering on its VTOL engines at the height of the fourth floor of The Teenclub, resembling a manta ray, spanning twelve feet square, with two jet engines at its backside, a high definition camera eye mounted on its front, its top side emblazoned with The Teenclub logo with the acronym KBHT below, was the custom built survellance drone probe that Switchboard comissioned Chester to build so she could cover her reports and stories and other purposes. And right now, holding her bulky remote radio controller with the LED screen above the joystick, a VHS tape slot on the side, crouched atop the probe, staring in the screen which had the interior in the room and its people onscreen, was the disgruntled gossip freak, who was glowering.

"Uninvite me to the party, will he?" muttered Switchboard. "I demand sastisfaction-and REVENGE...all I need is an idea, an angle, to shame that pseudo professor, and let him know no one shuns, let alone puts the screws on Brenda Andes, alias Switchboard and gets away with it...all I need is an angle, some kind of idea for false gossip...and I may have found it..."

Holy tabloids! Can Switchboard be planning to muckrake Chester with some false slander like she did before to the other BHTs to get in Mona Blabbit's good side? It looks like it. P.S.: VTOL is short for Vertical Take Off and Landing.


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