Korra was giving it her all. Her mind was focused on the match. She was concentrating on knocking the firebending Rabaroo out of the ring and into the water below. She succeeded and she saw the other two Rabaroos follow suit. The bell rang. She knew it before the announcer said it: the Fire Ferrets had won.

"All three rounds go to the Future Industry's Fire Ferrets, who win their opening match of the tournament!"

Korra felt so exhilarated. She was ecstatic they had won. She was happy that she had teammates and friends to share this accomplishment with. She was just so happy. This was a memory to behold. Nothing could ruin this moment. She was not even thinking about Tarrlok, his dumb task force, the Equalists, or her terrifying encounter with Amon. Only two things were on her mind: the victory and Mako.

Mako - the firebending hottie. Korra thought that this was a cheesy way to describe him, but how else would she do it? He was not the nicest guy, though, but she could not help liking him. The heart was so damn crazy at times.

Mako was closed off and he brooded a lot, but he really cared for his family, his friends. He was determined and strong. The fact that he was hot was definitely not a detriment. Korra liked looking at him, especially during their practices, when he would wear a tight shirt or no shirt at all.

She had to admit that it was weird that she felt this way. Back in the South Pole, she never had these kinds of feelings. She did not have time for a relationship. She was not allowed because apparently she was 'too young." She never wanted it. It compromised her independence. At least, that was what she told herself. Also, there was no one there hot enough to melt the ice.

'Mako could definitely melt ice just by glancing at it. Hell, I'm melting when he looks at me', she thought.

Pema's advice flitted across her brain. Korra decided that this advice had worked once for Pema, so why would it not guarantee the same results again? Korra made up her mind. She was going to make a move, a move that might changes both of their fates forever.

She thought that there was no chance that her approach could fail. They just won a match and everybody had high spirits. Maybe Mako would appreciate that she helped them win the match so much that the same feelings would be stirred in his heart. This thought gave her hope and made her heart soar. She saw Mako and started walking with him.

"Wow, we were really connecting out there in that ring."

'Connecting. What a romantic word, Mako!' Korra thought.

"Yeah! You know, I feel like the two of us have been connecting really well out of the ring too."

Mako looked a little uncomfortable. "Uh, sure."

'He probably has an idea of what I am about to say. Good, because then I won't have to spell it out for him.'

"So I was thinking we should spend some time together."

"We've been spending lots of time together," he said.

'Okay, maybe he does not know what I am about to say. This might be a bit awkward.' This did not deter her, though. Some people were just not good at picking up hints. She kept on going. She wanted to clarify. "I mean outside of the gym, and not while searching for kidnapped family members or fighting chi-blockers."

Mako looks down. "I don't know. Asami and I are..."

'Of course! Asami! But you guys have nothing in common. You do not spend as much time as you with me.' Korra was on the verge of saying that, but she held back her tongue. Bashing Asami was not going to be a good tactic.

Korra pondered on what to say next, but words tumbled out of her mouth. "Look, I really like you and I think we were meant for each other."

Mako's face said it all. Korra wanted to hit herself. These were not the words she wanted to say, but damn it, they were out there. She could not take them back. 'Well, no one could say that I'm not gutsy.'

"Korra, I'm really sorry but I just don't feel the same way about you."

'Ouch, that hurt,' she thought. This is going to turn into a really awkward situation. Korra wished that she could take it back. She knew this moment was going to haunt her worse than Amon. She would rather fight Amon right now than be here with Mako. She tried to fix things. "Forget I ever said anything."