A/N: I'm obsessed with pitch perfect, so in my love for it I'm making a bechloe AU. Idk what's gonna happen but yeah hopefully this will get good reviews, enjoy!


"I don't need to be here, Dad. I need to move to LA, I want to produce music."

"Out of the question Beca, you're going to Barden to get a college degree."

"Why? So that you and Sheila get me out of the house?"

The man replied, "no so that you're prepared for your future."

"I don't care. I want to go to LA," the brunette argued. "Why can't you just back off and let me do what I want."

"Because you're not old enough."

"I'm 18!"

"You may be 18 but you're still my daughter."

"Whatever," the small girl replied. "I'm going up to my room, I'll see you for dinner, maybe."


The girl walked upstairs to her room and put on her headphones.

I can't believe my dad's making me go to college. Especially Barden, Beca thought. It may be free, but I don't want to go to school where my dad works.

She groaned as she began to work on some new mixes, music was her escape, and soon enough she'll prove to her dad she belongs in LA.

Chloe woke up from a loud banging on her apartment door. She groaned as she got up from her bed and walked towards the door.

"What the hell," she says as she opens it revealing a very bubbly blonde.

"It's one PM," the girl say in a snotty tone. "You're telling me I just woke you up?"

"Yes, Aubrey. Some people like sleeping in."

"C'mon Chloe we need to start planning our recruitment ideas, the activity fair is in two days!"

"Aubrey relax, we're the Barden Bellas, I'm sure we'll find people to audition."

Aubrey stepped inside the redhead's apartment, "I hope you clean this place up before I move in. I've been gone for the summer and you managed to totally ruin this place."

"Well some of us don't have awesome parents that pay for you to travel the world over summer."

"Just clean up a bit Chlo, okay?"

The girl nodded towards her best friend, "you got it boss."

"Shut up. I'll be here tomorrow with my things," the blonde smiled.

"Okay Bree, see ya!"

The small girl tried to push her out but Aubrey stopped at the entrance of their apartment.

"Hold up I've been gone for three months and you're telling me to leave?"

"Well I've got to clean," Chloe teased. "It was great to see you Aubrey, by we can catch up tomorrow okay?"

"Okay," Aubrey said as she gave her friend a hug. "I'll see you tomorrow."


Beca finished her new mix and uploaded it to YouTube along with the album cover she had made with it. She wasn't very popular on social media. It was mostly her high school friends, the three she had managed to make, that followed her. But some other random people also followed her, at least...they would like her stuff, so that's good enough.

When she finished posting her mix and sharing it on all of her other media sites, she decided to start packing for the hell that is Barden University.

Chloe didn't take long to clean the apartment, she didn't understand why Aubrey had to over exaggerate things all the time. Luckily she found this awesome YouTube account BecMitch a few months ago. The person made sweet mixes and they helped her do chores around the house faster. She wondered who the person is.

When she finished she decided to take to social media. She saw that they uploaded a new mix. It was a mashup of Immortals and Centuries by Fallout Boy. This person is amazing, Chloe has a huge toner for whoever is behind it. The new mix was definitely one of her favorites. After listening to other songs by the artist she decided to do some research. She was going to find out who was behind the BecMitch account.

A/N: well that's it for this guys! Don't worry there will be a lot more use of all the social media. And Beca and Chloe will meet before finding out that Beca is BecMitch (yes it's obvious but Chloe wouldn't know beca's last name and cmon Mitchell is a pretty common name...just go with it) OH and Chloe will definitely cave in and fangirl on one of beca's accounts. Thanks guys for reading! R&R much appreciated (: