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BEGINNER'S NOTES: Anzu is NOT adopted into the Kaiba family. She is simply a permanent boarder as Seto's dad had gotten killed in an accident before (Seto's mom died giving birth to Mokuba) he could sign Anzu's adoption papers.

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Note (revised):

Anzu Mazaki = Tea Gardner

Katsuya Jounouchi (referred to as Jounouchi but called by first name by sister) = Joey Wheeler

Hiroto Honda (referred to as Honda) = Tristan Taylor

Shizuka Jounouchi = Serenity Wheeler

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Hi, That's Not My Sister

Chapter One

10 years ago, Streets of Domino City

"Mommy? Where are you taking me?" A young girl around the age of 5, with cropped chocolate hair, looked on rather imploringly at the ruby eyes of her mother. She had been abruptly woken up at 5 am in the morning by her mother, who apparently mumbled something about "a better place", and had insisted in dragging her daughter through the rain-soaked streets of Domino. The girl's shoes were dyed an ugly brown from walking into mud that resided near the closed manholes, and the asphalt sidewalk was getting more and more muddier by the second.

"You'll see, Anzu." Time flew and Anzu, getting ready to run home herself, was halted by her mother's braking. They were by Domino Harbor, and the orange-crimson tinted rays of sun had started faintly to color the gray sky, and sleeping seagulls were perched on the navy-blue painted fence that separated the shifting tides of the ocean from land.

"What are we doing here, Mommy? Are we going fishing?" Leaning down to her daughter's height of 3 feet exact, she put her hands on Anzu's shoulders, sighing remorsefully.

"No, we are not. Remember when I told you that God took Daddy to Heaven? I am going to go along with him and be with him."

"We're going to see Daddy? But we didn't bring our things along with us!!"

Signing yet again, frown wrinkles and fatigue could be seen in the woman's face, as she gripped Anzu's shoulders harder.

"You're not going with me, Anzu. It's not time for you to go yet."

"What do you mean?? I miss Daddy a lot, I want to go see him!!" Letting go of the child, Karumi Mazaki walked alongside the fence, fingers tracing through the metal's scratched exterior.

"Bye, Anzu. Always remember that Mommy and Daddy love you!" Climbing over the fence, she smiled her very last smile to Anzu as she let go of the metal and disappeared.

"Mommy? MOMMY???" Running over to the fence, she stuck her head out of the steel rectangles. The ocean roared with its usual early tides, but there was no sight of her mother.

"Mommy???? Where are you???!!!!!!!!" Screaming at the top of her lungs, swift tears cascaded down her cheeks, dropping one by one into the ocean. Her father and mother were both gone.


Present Day, Domino High School

'God, I don't want to study for my stupid math midterm!!! How am I supposed to memorize the law of cosines, sequential 3 and all those formulas, by TOMORROW??!!' Flipping through the rough pages of her math textbook, 15-year old Anzu was busy cramming for a midterm made to kill and at the same time, fail her. She did had 2 weeks to study for it, which she used the time to kick back, relax with friends and shop. All the more, leaving the mere idea of a test at the back of her head, until Honda and Jounouchi had screamed out in class today to protest against it, then did Anzu's mind screamed with burning fury.

"Anzu??" And due to lack of experience, she was studying in the hallway, walking ever so slowly to her locker, a hall and a corner away, while cliques of people had to swerve to the left to avoid hitting her. All except for a blond whom insisted on wanting to talk to the teen.

"Anzu?? ANZU!!" Bewildered, the thick textbook dropped with a thud onto the black and white tiled floor, as Anzu, muttering between her teeth, bent down to pick it up.

"What is it, Jounouchi? I'm trying to study for the midterm tomorrow." Cantankerous and not at all in a good mood, Anzu opened the book again and turned the pages to the desired page 201, detailing the dreaded algebraic formulas of the 10th grade.

"You know, you and I have been good friends since, like what, 5th grade, so what do ya say to-"

"No, I will not tell you who Hitori likes. Now come on, stop bothering me."

"But Anzu, it's not-"

"Anzu, what are you doing next to Jounouchi no yarou (that bastard Jounouchi)?" A voice devoid of all emotion and full of hatred stopped the arguing duo in their tracks. Technically it was Jounouchi that stopped because of the CEO, while Anzu had to stop since Seto was blocking her way.

"Seto, he is not a bastard. Now let's just go home in the limo while I study for my exam." Shooting a death glare at Jounouchi, the CEO walked off with Anzu, as Jounouchi stuck up a fist and stuck out his tongue.

'That baka hotshot thinks he's so smart just cause he owns his own company and has a mansion. Just wait and see, Kaiba!!!'


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