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Anzu Mazaki = Tea Gardner

Katsuya Jounouchi (referred to as Jounouchi but called by first name by sister) = Joey Wheeler

Hiroto Honda (referred to as Honda) = Tristan Taylor

Shizuka Jounouchi (in actuality, her real last name is Kawai since her parents divorced, but I kept it as Jounouchi) = Serenity Wheeler

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Hi, That's Not My Sister

Chapter Ten

"Jounouchi!! What's wrong with you these days??! You always avoid me ever since that that trip to the mall and everything!! What's going on!!?"

Anzu had finally managed to get a hold of her best friend in the hallway outside Ogino-sensei's Social Studies classroom, having been extra vigilant in her pursuit to talk to Jounouchi. For the past two days, the blond had slipped through her attempts to corner him, running off in the other direction when she tried to approach him or slipping into a conveniently placed niche on the streets. But alas, Jounouchi could not elude capture this time as he was being hemmed in by scores of students trying to get to their lockers.

Plus, two days of trying to catch him had led Anzu to be in an extremely foul mood…

"Why aren't you even explaining yourself!!?"

Cowering under the girl's venomous gaze, Jounouchi could only stutter and stammer through his words as he tried to shrug off the hand pushing his shoulder into the wall. Anzu was especially clever to pin the boy to the wall –now, there was no means of escape as the brunette tend to have freakishly beastly strength when she was horribly angry.

"I-I…I-uh…w-was h-having an h-headache…"

Knowing what he just muttered made no absolute sense, Jounouchi braced himself for another round of yelling.

"Right! Does anybody who has a headache run around, trying to make it worse??"

Racking his head for any ideas that might get him out of this dilemma, the blond thought back to the conversation the two had in that café some days ago (where he fainted quite dramatically). Anzu had been going on about being partners in crime in order to track down the "mysterious" secret admirer, while Jounouchi was panicking inside his mind…Realization dawned on him; the teen now knew a surefire way to get out of the brunette's clutches.

"Okay Anzu, you really want to know why I was avoiding you?"

"Haven't I been trying to get you to tell me why for the last few minutes??"

Lowering his voice a pitch, the blond peered all around to make sure nobody was listening in their conversation. Seeing that nobody was there, he proceeded to murmur out the following:

"The reason I've been avoiding you is so I can track down your secret admirer. I was afraid that if you were with me, he wouldn't show up at all. That's why, Anzu. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier."

The brunette's face registered surprise and disbelief before it blossomed out into unmistakable happiness. Jounouchi thought he was home free until she promptly went ahead and hugged the boy with every fiber of her being –which meant choking her friend to death.

"Is that all?? Why didn't you tell me earlier?? Did you discover anything??"

Well, if Jounouchi thought he was in trouble before, he was surely in dangerous territory now. Anzu kept bombarding him with questions regarding her mystery admirer which the boy tried to shrug off with vague answers of his own.

"Did you know what he looked like?"

"I didn't get to see his face clearly."

"Well, what grade is he in?"

"Don't know."

"Okay…What about the people he hung out with?"

"He doesn't have any friends."

"That sounds like Seto to me. Are you sure you were looking right?"

"Yes, I was. And he's not damn Kaiba!!"

For the rest of the day, the duo's conversation pretty much fell along those lines with Anzu asking even more and more personal questions as the hours ticked by, making her friend wish he could have faced her right hook rather than this torture.


During the duration of Jounouchi's confrontation with Anzu, Seto had kept watch by hiding discreetly behind a row of red lockers, smirking when the brunette threatened the blond, frowning when he managed to string together an explanation to please the girl.

Then the horrors of horrors had to occur –Anzu hugging Jounouchi.

Clenching his fists remembering the janitor's confession, he wondered when the dog will tell Anzu about his crush on her, swearing never to let him come even close to that day. Seto was going to schedule a little visit with the older boy sooner or later…But not now. He was going to see the outcome of events in the next few days first before he would get his revenge. Then there was the matter of not letting Anzu find out about the whole thing.

A knuckle cracked. These next few days were going to be quite chaotic…


Free Period in Sakuya-sensei's Class

"Anzu, come over here!!"

Answering to the girl's call, the brunette wondered what Miho Nozaka a.k.a. Ribon-chan summoned her for –it wasn't often Honda's girlfriend would concentrate on anybody else besides her "sweetie" and her usual group of gossiping females. So it was with hesitant steps that Anzu advanced towards the giggling classmate wishing that Jounouchi or any of the other guys had shared this class with her; it would had been much better going through this with a friend.

"Anzu, me and the others here-"

She nodded to a crowd of girls behind her, who bobbed their heads in unison.

"-were talking about your love life. We decided that you should get out more. I mean, it's nice to have guy friends like Yuugi, Jounouchi, Ryou and etc, but don't you ever feel the need to have a boyfriend?"

Extremely uncomfortable, Anzu only tugged at her suddenly itchy uniform collar; it wasn't everyday that people chatted about her doings and goings and she felt ill at ease among Miho's friends who acted like robots, serving only to follow their leader's orders.

"Well, sometimes, but-"

"Did you hear that everybody?? Anzu does want a boyfriend after all!! Thank God, we thought you went the other way!!"

Having felt already miffed that she was cut off in the middle of her explanation, Anzu was furious at the fact that these girls mistaken her for being lesbian –sure she was oblivious at times, but she wasn't so thick as to not get the meaning behind Miho's words. She had nothing against homosexuals, but she thought Honda's girlfriend would at least know better than to think of her like that!!

"Ribon-chan!! I-"

"-This means I don't have to worry about tonight after all!! Anzu, how do you feel about going on a blind date??"

"A blind date?? Why would you-"

Yet again, Miho cut her off, making the brunette even more frustrated as the other girl went around to her friends, squealing about what "a perfect match" she made with Anzu and whoever guy she set her up with. Taking out her cellphone, Miho quickly punched in a phone number as she held the ridiculous purple thing to her ear –the girl always had a penchant for purple and anything resembling purple as the once silver cellphone was transformed overnight into a purple monster with purple stickers plastered here and there. It was quite tacky and gaudy for Anzu's taste.

"Moshi-moshi!! Yes, you have a date tonight!! Meet her in front of Tokyo Delights at 6:30 PM!! You better bring some money with you and dress nice!! All right, bye!!"

Clicking the phone shut (it was after all, those phone with flip covers), Miho turned to the flabbergasted Anzu, supremely pleased with herself. In her eyes, she was the best matchmaker a friend could have and she had just made another successful match!! In Anzu's eyes, Miho was asking for trouble with this blind date business.

"But Miho, I don't want to go on this blind date!!"

Anzu wished she could have kept her mouth shut. For Miho and her gang looked thoroughly shocked.

"Anzu!! After all that time we put into setting up this date and now you want to cancel!!?"

"You're being so ungrateful to Ribon-chan!"


Anzu blinked. She obviously ruffled quite a few with the way Miho's friends were shrieking in agony.

"Well, I was trying to say so in the first place, but-"

Pointing an index finger between the brunette's cerulean eyes, Miho truly looked like a monster what with her lavender bangs splayed hither and thither on her angry face and forehead, her ponytail bouncing behind her head with her trademark yellow ribbon. She spat out the following words with a contorted expression on her face that would have made Anzu laugh if only she wasn't on the receiving end of Miho's spit.

"You. Are. Going. On. The. Date. No buts!!"

The bell rang, signaling the end of free period in Sakuya-sensei's room. Anzu scrambled to pick up her book bag from her desk while acutely aware that Miho-tachi's gaze was following her. The girl gulped as she looked behind her, watching the other girl mouthed "No buts," with apprehension growing in her at the thought of telling Seto and her friends at what she had gotten herself into.

Walking out of the room, the girl thought it the last she would see or hear of the lavender-haired girl about the issue. That was before her ears rang with the message, "Dress nice!!!"


"Get in."

Bristling slightly at the animosity that Seto carried in his tone, Anzu slid into the passenger seat of the limousine, accidentally bumping into the CEO's shoulder as she tried to take her place in the car. The boy simply responded by drawing the limb roughly away which only made the female more curious –what was with Seto??

"What's going on, Seto? Are you mad at me?"

"Do you like anybody in school?"

Rather taken aback by the subject matter of the question (which strangely resembled her one-sided conversation with Miho), Anzu leaned back into her upholstered seat, wondering why everybody seemed to be so interested in her love life today –it felt like everybody was out to get her.

"No, Seto."

"Are you sure? Not Honda, Ryou, Yuugi or Jounouchi??"

Raising an eyebrow at this, the girl contemplated on whether the older Kaiba was spending too much time with his computers and stocks again. He must had been going off his rocker to ask Anzu such questions especially since he knew she had been friends with the four since who knew when.

"No. What's going on?? Have you been talking to Ribon-chan or some of her friends?"

"Anzu, I do not communicate with girls who are only able to concentrate on frivolous matters. What gave you that idea?"

Shaking her head, Anzu inwardly breathed out a sigh of relief hearing this news –well, she knew anyway that Seto would never talk to Miho, but she needed to make sure just in case her classmate and Seto were in league with one another to make her go crazy.

"Nothing, nothing. But why do you insist on talking about these kinds of things? I am not interested in anybody at school because I haven't seen anybody yet that I could like in a 'more than just friends' level. Honestly, if you're going to give me 'the talk' again, I'm going to get sick."

Watching the male brunette pale considerably at the mention of "the talk," Anzu remembered quite fondly the day he had pulled her aside at age 13 to "chat about certain matters." Before she knew it, he had gone into the technical details regarding the subject of sexual intercourse and Anzu had promptly threw up on the floor at how risqué Seto was becoming. It was not a pretty sight.

"I'm not going through 'the talk' again, Anzu, I'm just telling you…If you like someone in school, you better be careful because-"

Knowing she was acting like Ribon-chan by cutting off Seto in mid-sentence, Anzu did so with good reason as she had heard this argument cited over a hundred times before, enabling her to recite it off the top of her head word-for-word.

"-he could use me and spit my heart out in a million pieces when he was done with me and then I'll be depressed and lonely. I know, I know. But you don't have to worry. Even if I do find out who my secret admirer is, it's not like I will love him at first sight. But he does sound the closest to a guy that I could have a relationship with…"

Part of the reason for Anzu's search for her secret admirer was fueled by a want to discover somebody that would match her image of Mr. Right –perhaps this boy would be the one that she was destined to be with forever. The contents of the letter certainly had Anzu thinking in that light.

Looking over at Seto, the brunette could see that his expression has changed vastly towards the end of her words, changing to one that was almost unreadable. But it was something unmistakably close to anger and rage if Anzu peered closer at his features.

He was mad. But his anger didn't came from being overprotective of a family member, like he had expected it to for Anzu, but rather from something that he couldn't quite point his finger to. This fury had been brewing ever since he found out Jounouchi sent that wretched love letter to his Anzu. Really, he should not even be worried about whether Anzu had found her significant other, only that she wasn't consorting to secret trysts or letting that significant other do things to her that might hurt her.

That was the problem: he didn't want Anzu to find a boyfriend, whether it be Jounouchi or some other person. At all. In fact, he would have liked it very much if Anzu didn't have to divide her time with him in any way. Why did he care so much?

"Seto, we're here."

Watching as the Kaibas' mansion came into view out of Seto's window, the limousine screeched to a halt, making the birds who had resided on the mansion's gate posts to fly away in panic amid much squawking. Seto got out of the automobile first –he held the passenger door open for Anzu as she struggled to get out of her seat under the weight of her book bag.

So what did any good caretaker do in this situation?

Helping to pull the girl out of her seat, she landed softly in his arms causing great turmoil to arise in the CEO –she was delicate to the touch and his hands found their way to her auburn hair which was sleek and smooth like silk…

"Can you let go of me now?"

Abruptly extricating himself from her, Seto awkwardly dug around in his navy uniform pocket for his remote while pondering what he just did. He had just held Anzu for one moment too long and mused about the qualities her cropped hair contained, which meant one thing: the stress and fatigue that came from being head of KaibaCorp had finally hit him.

The two brunettes entered the grounds without a hitch, Seto refusing to look Anzu in the eye and Anzu preferring to look at the flowers and sparkling fountains that adorned the sides of the path. Arriving in the mansion, the girl proceeded to shed her heavy book bag, dumping its contents in the hallway entrance while waiting for the younger teen to do the same.

"Seto, I…"

Leaning against the white wall, Anzu thought back to the blind date that Miho set up for her, not wanting to really go to Tokyo Delights to meet him. But then there was the fact that Ribon-chan was quite fearsome when in ire and Anzu would not like to face her at all, if possible. And then there was the likelihood that the date might turn out to be nice anyway. But Seto would object to the idea of her going out on a date after the turbulent exchange in the limousine. Unless she did something about it…

"What do you need?"

"Well, I…Some friends of mine asked me to have dinner with them in some restaurant at 6:30. Can I come?"

"Who asked you?"

Anzu bit her lower lip at this –as always, if she was going to get anything past Seto, she was going to have to come up with a better lie than what she just offered to the boy.

"Uh, you know…Miho, Sakura, Hitome...those friends. So can I go?"

"Which restaurant are you going to?"

God. The girl had hoped to avoid that question by being as informative as possible yet letting on as little information as she could, but she was not going to slide through that easily today. But why should Anzu be afraid of telling Seto where she was going to go? It wasn't like he was going to set his guards to spy on her –he was neurotic about her safety at times, but he wouldn't resort to that.

"I'm going to Tokyo Delights."

"Hmm, that place. Fine, go. Curfew's at 9:00."

"But today's TGIF!!!"


Honestly, the CEO could be quite difficult to deal with at times and this was frankly one of those trying moments that Anzu wanted to avoid. She tapped her foot repeatedly on the ground, her expression demanding more lax on her set curfew.

"You're giving me a headache, Anzu. 9:50, but that's that. If you come home later than that-"

"I won't, Seto. I promise."

"I'll see to it that you will fulfill your promise."

"All right. Thank you!!"

Running up the grand staircase, she waved goodbye to Seto behind her while trying to decide on a particular outfit to wear on the blind date. This was her first date ever and Anzu needed to look nice for the event –but what did one wear for a date? The girl chose to solve that question by experimenting herself.


At 6:00, Anzu filed down the spiraling carpeted staircase, dressed impeccably in a black tank top and skirt that went along with it. A quarter-sleeved jean jacket graced her body also, while black leather strapped sandals went on her feet. In short, simple and chic.

Seto apparently thought the opposite as he surveyed her attire, scrunching his face in disgust as he peered at her exposed collarbone area. Mokuba –who had came home just an hour ago from afterschool –gave a thumbs-up before remembering that he was supposedly a young boy with no taste in fashion whatsoever and promptly gagged at the sight. The female brunette rolled her eyes at the immature act.

"Anzu, are you sure you're going out with these clothes? This shirt drops down two inches from the acceptable level."

"Seto, it's only showing my collarbone!! You should see what other girls on the street wear!!"

"And I don't want you to be like those other girls."

"I don't want to, either. Just let me go. Besides, it took me forever to find something that I thought you would accept. But if you're going to be this way…"

The older Kaiba sighed at the obvious guilt trip Anzu was trying to lay thick on him and decided to let her go –the girl was prone to give him migraines by the way the she argued incessantly about mundane matters each and every day. But there was something dubious about Anzu's story that he couldn't let go…Since when did Anzu willingly hung out with the girls in school?

"Fine, Anzu. Just be careful and don't let any suspicious men follow you. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't. I know self-defense –you taught me! Well, ja ne!!"

A wave to the two Kaibas and the front mansion doors slammed after her, each door sounding out a huge thud on the entryway; then all was silent. Until Seto announced the plan he had formulated in his head ever since he came to the conclusion that the brunette was being dishonest to him.

"I'm going to follow Anzu, Mokuba. I know she's lying about eating out with a group of girls. She's always preferred Yuugi and the others to Sakura and Miho. It's what she's lying about that I don't know."


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moshi-moshi = This means "hello," but you use this phrase over the phone

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