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Sapphire's POV

Yes, my mom said i can go to Amelia's house for a sleepover I better get packed.
As I was running down the stairs my mom said. Hey you do not cause any trouble for her do you hear me.
Yes mom I mumbled.
Before she could say anything else I opened the door, got onto my bike and rode all the way to her house as I was about to put my bike up I heard a crash in her garden.
I ran over to where the crash was and turned on my torch.
Then I see Amelia running out to meet me.
We both looked at the box and it said Police Office Box.
Why did a Police Office Box crash into your garden? i said before she could answer the doors open and a Strange man was there.
Can i have an apple? All I could think are apples, am I having a craving, thats new, never had a craving before.
As he came out Amelia asked If he wwas okay.
Just had a fall all the way to the library, hell of a climb back up he said quickly.
Your soaking wet I said.
I was in the swimming pool.
You saidyou were in the library Amelia said.
So was the swimming pool he said.
Are you a police man she asked hopfully.
No, did you call a police man.
Then why does your box say Police I said suspisously.
Did you come about the crack in my wall? she said What Crac.. he was cut off when he yellled in pain.
Are you okay I asked.
Yes this all perfectly normal and he puffed out golden powder I think out of his mouth.
Who are you she asked.
I dont know yet i'm still cooking. Does it scare you? he asked.
No, it's just a bit weird.
No not that the crack in your wall does it scare you.
She mumbled yes.
Well then no time to lose, I'm the doctor, dont ask stupid and dont wander off.
He then hit his head on a tree.
I laughed and said are you alright?
Sterring a bit off. he said.

Time Skip

As Amelia was getting the " Doctor " an apple I went to the fridge and looked for fish fingers and custard.
As I was sitting there on the table I saw him spit out beans, bread, bacon and yogart.
Until he looked in the fridge and had a sad look.
Then he looked at me and then my food.
What do you have he said.
Fish fingers and custard...
Can I have a bit he said.
Sure... Everyone says I'm weird cause I like but you can have a try...
He takes one and eats it.
HE DIDN"T SPIT IT OUT He looked at me and said good choice.
As he sat down and ameli got a tub of ice cream. As he dipped in the fishfingers in the custard and eating it he left some custard ontop of his lips.
I giggled and Amelia said Funny Funny, funny's good and what's your name he asked.
Amelia Pond she said.
And you he looks at me.
Sapphire Lawson I responded.
Amazing names, are we in Scotland he asked.
No in England and it is rubish I say.
What about your mom and dad we should have woken them by now he said.
No I dont have a mum or dad, just an aunt she said.
I have a mum, no dad though died when I was young i said sadly.
I don't even have an aunt he said.
Your lucky she said.
I know he said proudly.
So your aunt where is she? He asked.
She's out she said.
She left you two all alone.
Were not scared! We say at the same time.
Of course you're not, your not scared of anything, Blue box falls out of the sky, man falls out of box and man eats fish custard. You know what I think. He says.
What she says.
I think that's a yell of a scary crack in your wall he said.

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