Of course, of course she remembers him. How could she not? He is loveable, adorable with his green skin, his fang on the left side of his lip, and his sense of humor.

"Brain freeze," she chuckles to herself. She misses his sense of humor. No one really understands him or his jokes, but they always made her laugh. They still do.

When she was a Titan, she was closer to him than to all the others. She knows what it feels like to be misunderstood and always underestimated.

She cannot stop reminiscing about the good times. She misses the way he always made her feel better no matter what. She misses the way he would turn into a green puppy or kitten and curl up her when she was feeling sad or lonely.

He was the one who had faith in her when she apprenticed herself to Slade. He always knew that she was stronger than she looked. She proved it from time to time. Her belief in her strength never wavered until now.

She had a chance earlier to go back to the Titans, to go back to him, but she chose not to. She chose to stay in the shadows and stay out of the fight. She chose to pretend that she has forgotten him, but she knows she can never do that.

She sits in the library of her new school, regretting her decision to stay here. She thought that she would never see him again. She was wrong. She saw him and she crumbled inside. He has that effect on her. He makes her weak, yet strong.

It took all of her will power to say "no " to him, which she thought to herself showcased her strength in a certain way since it was a very difficult choice to make. A thought keeps tugging in the back of her mind. It says that the better, stronger thing to do was - and still is - to rejoin the Titans, to go fight evil or at least, to go back to him.

She hurts without him. He hurts without her, but she does not know it. She thinks that keeping her distance will benefit both of them, but instinct tells her that it is just going to throw her into despair. For some reason, she chooses to ignore her instinct.

But instinct does not give up easy. Instinct makes itself heard. It persuades the brain to force her to remember him. Memories of her being with him dance across her mind. She wants to shout out in joy because those memories were the happiest in her life. She also wants to cry because she fears she can never go back. She has given up another chance to be with him.

She becomes very unfocused. Her friends lose interest in her. She knows that he would never. He would always be there. She wishes she could be there for him.

She realizes that what she has chosen is not for her. She decides to go to him again, one last time for one last chance. She does not know the outcome, but she remains hopeful. She knows that the old Beast Boy would let her in again, would give her another shot, would give them another shot. She wonders if things change, but then again, maybe they do not.