Bella has enjoyed spending the day with her best friend Jacob and the pack, even though he had almost lost his temper when he had heard of her decision to become a vampire. Except this little disagreement it was the best day she had for a very long time. She had felt more like herself. Edward however would be with her the second Jacob returned home. It must have been really hard for him to stay calm when she had driven off, effectively skipping school with her best friend. But somehow it almost had felt liberating to leave him behind. As much as she loved Edward he simply was not able to leave her some space and acted more like a mother hen then a lover sometimes. Well, he was old-fashioned after all. It was late and Charlie would probably throw a fit but she hoped that the fact that she had spent the day with Jacob would lessen the long speech she was about to hear. He had suggested the deal after all. Entering the door a strong feeling of dread was slowly beginning to spread through her body. What was she dreading? She had this conversation with her dad a thousand times before! Why did she dread it now? She could hear that the TV was on. He was probably watching some football game. Hopefully his team was winning. Then he would be in a more agreeable mood. Just as she wanted to step forward to greet Charlie there was a knock on the door. Edward. Right on cue! Sighing she slowly opened the door to greet her pale, worried boyfriend. His normally golden eyes were very dark.

"Bella, do you know how hard it was to not break the treaty?" he asked accusingly but suddenly stopped sniffing the air.

"Right. Sorry! I know I smell after wet dog" she murmured, trying to get out of her jacket, but was interrupted.

"No! It's not that" he hissed entering swiftly and running behind her slowly crouching to the living room.

"Edward? What it is it?" She asked confused, following him until she stopped dead in her tracks. The overwhelming smell of salt and copper slammed into her. There was blood everywhere! On the floor, on the carpet and even on the walls! She could not move! The urge to vomit was very strong. Charlie was still sitting in his favourite chair! It was her fault! She had befriended the Cullens which had put her and her entire family in danger. Now her father was dead! Slaughtered by Victoria or one of her disciples! Bella's hand twitched to reach her right pocket where her phone was. The urge to call him was very strong now! But he could not help her with this! He worked for the government! They probably didn't even know that the supernatural existed. Did they? Or worse he would put her in an asylum for insane, making her an easy target for Victoria. But she had to protect Renee! She needed to find out if she was alright! She couldn't protect her dad! She couldn't lose her too! He was dead! Gone from this world forever! No more football games with silly shouting at the TV, no more awkward father-daughter talks. The smell of salt end copper was getting heavier; her head began spinning out of control. She could not faint now! She had to figure out what to do! But the last thing she felt were Edward's cold dead hands catching her, before everything went dark.

Walking through his former lover's house he was in a sombre mood. No one deserved to be killed like this. He would not even wish it upon his worst enemy. She and her younger husband had been slaughtered! There body's heavily mutilated. Through his job he had seen many bad crime scenes, even supernatural ones, but this one was quite heavy to stomach, even for him. Not only because he had known one of the victims intimately, but also because he would have to be the one to tell her and Charlie about this. What was even more surprising was that his people could not find any trace about the murderer. Not a single string of DNA. No footprint! Nothing! Nada! He could also not think about a reasonable motive why they were murdered. Phil (his namesake) had been a promising baseball player with many fans, groupies and a few jealous haters. Yet, Rene was the more likely candidate for enemies as she had had worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. once. But this had been years ago and only for a year until she had discovered, that it had been a bit too strict for her. She had started as a promising, intelligent mind, but had never been able to stick to the rules, which had caused some maham at the agency and had ultimately drawn him to her. He just seemed to attract trouble. Adding the immense work load to an already young and fragile marriage with Charlie she had then found solace in him until she had changed her mind again and decided to give her marriage another chance. He had been crushed at first, but also understood to some extent. In the long run it would not have worked out anyway. He tried to remember if Renee could have possibly made any enemies during her time at S.H.I.E.L.D. but his memory came up empty. Renee had not been on the front line. He had seen to that. Her workplace had been behind a computer, coordinating missions via satellite at unearthly hours, and hacking for valid information. Finding information via hacking had been her speciality, because of her creative and approaches, but nobody except him and Fury had known her real name. Her codename had been "The mongoose". Perhaps one of his countless enemies had found his connection to her and taken revenge. But this would mean that this killing spree is not yet over! She would be in danger! He had to get her to safety!

A sudden ringing made him stop his assessing! "Director?"

"A jet is waiting for you! Mrs. Sawyers, case is not the only one!" he heard the gruffly voice of his one eyed boss.

"Where is the other one?" he asked firm but was feeling quite sick, as his heartbeat accelerated. 'Please, let it not be Bella' he thought.

"Forks, Washington!" Fury's voice said.

"Wh..." Phil needed to find his breath again, took a deep breath. "Who is the victim?", he enquired holding his breath.

"The Chief of police: Charlie Swan." His heavy heart became lighter as he heard that it was not his godchild.

"What about Isabella?"

"Report says that she and her boyfriend were the ones who found him."

Oh! God! Why was she the one to find him!' She is currently in hospital getting medical attention!" 'Medical attention! Has she seen the murderer?

"Why? Is she hurt?"

"No, just fainted at the sight of blood and hit her head on the floor! I've sent Barton and Romanov to keep an eye on her until you arrive. They were closer to the scene."

Could Barton and Romanov really protect her if necessary?

"Thank you, Sir!"But Fury had already disconnected the call. He was not one to hear what he called "sappy things". He had to get to her as soon as possible! With the jet it would still take one and a half hours to reach the hospital. One hour to get to Port Angeles and half an hour to get to the hospital. Too much could happen in that time! Even with the agency's two best spies/assassins there.

Natasha and Barton had no difficulties entering the hospital. It was a small local hospital. Every one of the staff seemed to know the other personally. Finding the girl, they were sent to protect was also not hard as there was quite a commotion near her. Five strange, impossibly beautiful people were standing around the girl and some strong young native men.

They must be on steroids! she thought remembering that she would investigate the supply chain later. This could not be legal! Scanning the beautiful ones first Natasha thought that they cannot be really that beautiful. She took a mental step back and assessed them one by one. Something was definitely off about them. They had faces that would make Snow White jealous and bronze eyes.

Who has bronze eyes? There was the blond, kind looking man in his mid twenties, early thirties, who apparently was a doctor. Then there was a motherly looking female who seemed a few years older than him. A very bored looking, sneering blonde with a perfectly structured waist, who seemed to not like the girl very much, as she was standing further apart then the others.

Why was she here, when she didn't like her? The massively muscles young man with dark curly hair next to her had something of a bear; Ridiculous amount of muscles, but somehow protective.

This town has a serious steroid problem! Closest to the girl was a young pale man with bronze hair that looked attractive at first sight. But by closer inspection it was obvious that he was unhealthily thin. His face did not have perfect 1:1:3,63 like the other ones. It was not that regular. His eye brows were thicker than the others and he was standing too close to Isabella Swan than Natasha would have liked, because if he wanted to do her harm, she would not be close enough to counteract his moves. At that moment the small pixie looking girl, with short black hair seemed to have a small seizure as her eyes became unfocused. Well, it didn't look like an epileptic attack, but maybe it was something else? This certainly was interesting! Were they gifted? Where they Mutants, Inhumans or something else? The last one of the others was also not the epitome of beauty by closer inspection. He was untidy, lanky and had a quite feminine look about him. His face was also not in perfectly proportioned and his mouth was a slightly crooked.

Why was the bronze guy next to the girl looking at her like that! He was analysing her! Ha! He should try.

Meanwhile Barton had studied the natives. Two looked as if they were eating steroids for breakfast. They were tall, seemed to consist only of muscles and everyone had a tribal tattoo. On the first sight the tattoos looked all the same, but on closer inspection each one was different than the other. Each one was probably telling the story of their family lineage. The third native was sitting in a wheelchair, but he still looked impressive as he seemed to have the air of a leader around him. He was most likely the chief. The second one also held himself quite proud. He was tall, looked collected and calm while the youngest who seemed to be the son of the men in the wheelchair as they shared some facial similarities looked as if he would like to tear the pale ones into pieces.

The girl was still lying on the daybed. Her breathing was slow but steady. They needed to protect her until agent Coulsen could come. Barton wondered what her connection to Coulson was. She obviously meant a lot to him, as he had left everything behind in Phoenix and was on his way here. Even Fury seemed to know her better than most of the agents in the agency.

Edward was looking at his little fragile Bella. He had caught her just before she had hit the floor. How she had managed to fight her fainting for so long was a miracle to him. He had called the police and told them what they have found and asked for an ambulance. The sirens of the police cars had then alerted the pack that something was amiss which lead members of the pack to make an appearance. Sam, Jacob and Billy were now standing in the infirmary arguing where Bella should stay after her father's demise. She could not get back into the house. Not until the police has cleared the crime scene. Billy was arguing that he was her father's best friend and that she can stay in his daughter's old room. She would be protected in the Rez, as they had obviously not been able to. This statement seemed to attract the attention of a stealth middle aged man with short brown hair who had entered the room quietly before with a female red haired companion. Strangely they did not look for someone here and lingered in the room.

Edward realised that this man did not take his eyes of the pack, while the red headed female, who reminded him a bit of Victoria seemed to have taken an interest in his family. Who were these people? What were they doing here? Entering their minds he could see how precise they were in taking in every detail. Really every detail about them! But he was even more surprised when he could hear in the female's head that he was standing too close to Bella! She was seeing him as a potential threat! They were here to protect her?!

Where have they come from? But he couldn't manage to get the answer out of their heads, as they were only focusing on assessing them and protecting the girl until Agent Coulson would come. They really had very focused minds.

Coulson! He had heard about the man after the debacle with James in Phoenix. He was an agent? Who was he to Bella? Was he a danger to his family? This man had called Renee on her phone while Bella had still been unconscious. She had picked up and had told the man called Phil on the phone, that Bella was fine and that she had simply overreacted with her boyfriend. He assumed at first that Phil had been her husband the Baseball player but this voice was older. Not knowing that Edward listened in on her she almost started a fight with the strange man. He had insisted that Bella was not someone who overreacted and that she was normally very level headed. Like her grandmother! It made no sense to him.

But Renee had defended him and had told this man that it had all been a terrible misunderstanding; obviously the wrong thing to say! He had criticized her about forgetting her training in the academy and demanded to know the name of Bella's boyfriend and his family, but Renee had hissed angrily in her cell phone: "Phil Coulson! Don't you dare poking around in her life! She is not one of your cases!"

This Agent Phil Coulson was on his way here! But to do what! Would he take her with him? Had the police informed him? Was he a relative? Why haven't they called Renee? He did not know much about Bella's family background. He knew that Charlie had been an only child. That's why Billy had almost been like a brother to him. Maybe he was an uncle from her mum's side. An uncle who was an agent! Agent of what?! FBI, CIA, NCIS, or one of the other countless secret agencies in this country. He would not let this man take away his Bella. He would not leave her again! She was his!