'So what do you think of Vincent? I like him but i don't really remember him.' Eight year old Mary says as she climbs up on Noelle lap.

'I like him too,Mary.' Noelle says,putting her arms around Mary as the younger girl watches Sleeping Beauty on the tv but Noelle glances at Vincent.

If Mary was older,Noelle would tell her that she had a crush on Dominic at that age but something strange happened last night at the wedding.

Noelle felt drawn to Vincent when she danced with him last night and now it seemed like Mary was following in her footsteps.

Did she really have that much of an influence on her little cousin? It worried her a little bit but then she relaxes when she feels Mary's little hand touch hers.

' You have a crush on him,Ellie?' Mary says, making Noelle smile. 'Yes but it's our little secret,ok kiddo?' Noelle says,gently brushing a strand of Mary's hair out of her little face.

She has Michael's eyes,the older girl thought. 'Don't grow up too fast,Mary. Childhood is one of the best times in a person's life.' She says.

'My wise older cousin. I love you.' Mary says as she and Noelle hug.

'I love you too,Mary.' Noelle says,feeling calm for the first time in the last few days.