'Hey, calm down! Both of you!' Noelle says as Dominic pulls Mary and Anthony apart. It had been a quiet few weeks since Noelle and Vincent talked and surprisingly, Victoria and Noelle have stayed away from eachother.

Dominic tells Mary and Anthony to go to their rooms for a time out, remembering what Noelle was like at that age. 'When your little one is older, i hope that he or she doesn't act like you did at that age.' Dominic says, sitting down after the kids have gone to their rooms.

'I wasn't that bad!' Noelle says as Dominic looks at her, a questioning look on his face. 'Hey, she hit me first and i was four years old!' She says as Dominic brushes Noelle's hair back, running his fingers over the scar on the younger girl's neck.

'I remember that day. I was trying my best to behave and Victoria insulted my mom. That was a few months after my mom died...i miss her, Dominic. Even more now that i'm having my own child and she's not going to be able to see her grandmother.' She says as Dominic hugs her, brushing her tears away.

'You still hoping for a little girl, Ellie?' Dominic says. 'I always promised myself that if i have a little girl, i would name her after her grandmother.' Noelle says.

'I think that your mom would be proud that you would want to honor her like that. Of course if it is a girl, she'll have your feisty attitude when she's older.' Dominic says, making Noelle laugh.

'Oh, god. What if she brings home a boy like Vincent? I'll be in real trouble then.' Noelle says as she and Dominic laugh. 'Nah, you'll be able to handle it.' Dominic says as Noelle rests her head against his shoulder.

'I'll be right there with you, kiddo. No matter what.' He thought, kissing Noelle on her forehead as she closes her eyes to rest for a little while.