"Was kidnapping me part of your plan?" Toadette remarked angrily as she rolled her eyes, struggling to get out of the ropes she was tied in.

"Of course!" Evilly laughed Dick Dastardly, who had the pink clad mushroom girl tied up in ropes as he was driving his Mean machine through the open meadows of North America's Midwestern region.

Muttley laughed as he pointed at Toadette, who sighed as she rolled her eyes, waiting to be rescued. Oh, how embarrassing.

Dry Bowser, who was following Dick Dastardly's insidious trail, was looking through his binoculars from the mountain as he murmured, "What's your plan, dick...?"

"To be the best influence ever!" Waluigi laughed as he was dressed up like Dick Dastardly, willing to take lessons from his idol.

Dry Bowser turned to Waluigi as he just shook his head. "Do you know any shame, man?"

"Shame? What's that?" Waluigi taunted with a smirk as he pretended to be stupid, causing Dry Bowser to punch him in the face.