"Are you a real villain?" Toadette asked Dick Dastardly as they were still in Dastardly's Mean Machine, the dick driving it through the molten innards of a volcano somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

"Well of course I am, why did you think I kidnapped you?" Dick Dastardly responded as he rolled his eyes.

Muttley shrugged casually as he was taking pictures of the lava spurts that were occuring around them.

Dry Bowser was not too far, jumping from fiery platform to the next as he was closely following the two, catching up as the volcanic terrain was his advantage point.

"All right, it shouldn't be hard to do this," Dry Bowser muttered to himself as he then took a leap of faith, jumping right on top of the Mean Machine. Unfortunately, all it did was break his bones, which prompted awkward glances.

"Is he going to be fine?" Dick Dastardly asked as he staretd up his vehicle again.

Toadette rolled her eyes. "He does this every week. He'll be fine."

Muttley chuckled as the Mean Machine took off, with Dry Bowser's skull falling onto the magma hardened ground as he sighed in disappointment.

"To be fair, that was on me," Dry Bowser mumbled, feeling stupid about not planning his plan through.