A/N: Now, attention all, this takes place in the summer of Sixth year, and in season 9, in the Power of Four, only this is called the Power of Six, Lily and Petunia have been separated at birth from their Halliwell sisters, who all don't know about this; due to their Mother keeping them safe from their own world.

Lily's real name is Penny, and Petunia is Poise, who both were to not have heard of from Prue, Phoebe, and Pipper.

Harry, who's home during his sixth year, suddenly has a connection to his Auntie's sudden outburst, one night, on his seventeenth birthday, he's whisked away into the dead of night, along with Petunia, who both are suddenly in front fo the Halliwell Manor.

Harry's Return into the Wizarding World: The Battle

The Hidden Witch

Petunia Dursley couldn't handle all of the beatings that her husband, Vernon Dursley, had done to her nephew, for the past sixteen years. At least her husband didn't know that while the child was stuck at home; when he was a lot younger, of course, she would tell him stories of her family... Or so; the family who had taken her in.

Not only that, but Harry, who was currently, once again, home with her, while he was doing some of the work; he would sometimes get this feeling of his Auntie looking at him, but when he looked around, he saw that his Auntie was nowhere to be seen.

Petunia was going mad; to say that she'd been like that only a few hours, she didn't want her nephew to know that she, herself, was not only his Mother's sister, who also had a secret of her own, one that she 'pretended' to hate, and only a few people know about it. Or about them, in general.

You see, the Evans sisters aren't who they appear to be; not only that but they both have something in common. Both sisters had been separated at birth from their real family, who happen to live in San Fransico, they're known as the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches in the world; and Petunia and Lily were both glad to say, that they were both happy to have been born into the world of the Charmed Ones... Or so that's what Petunia had thought sometimes.

It just so happened that on this very day, when Petunia had woken up; she got this jolt on the side of her head, she gasped as a vision hit her, full force:

She was standing in front of the Halliwell Manor, she'd just got there; when she heard shouting, it was coming from inside the Manor home, the next thing she knew, was that the door opened, and out came not only four, but five young ladies... One of them, she had to stop herself from running at.

And she knew that the fifth one just had to be her sister, Lily Evans Potter Halliwell

Once the vision was over, it left her in shock, Lily was not only alive; but after all these years, she'd returned home, back to San Fransico, back to their birth place, and back into the world of the living.

The vision left her questioning whether or not she should reveal the truth to Harry, once the boy was on their doorstep, she knew, just knew that he had inherited his Mother's power of being half White Lighter and Wizard, of course, she'd never say that to him or in front of Vernon or Dudley or in front of anyone, for that matter.

However, when she called her nephew downstairs, he seemed different for some reason. At first glance, she thought that he was fine, but when he passed her, her eyes following him, she saw that the Halliwell mark was on the back of his neck. When she forced him upstairs, another vision hit her,

She saw Harry's look of confusion, that's also when she moved him out of the way, as a Demon tried to blast both of them, once she turned to destroy the Demon, however, he ran at both of them, but the next thing, she and Harry were both up in the air. Then she saw her sisters, and they all, but Harry, got rid of the Demon.

That's when she knew that she and her sisters were really the Power of Six

Petunia's hand froze on his shoulder, Harry saw her look of shock, however, just before he was about to ask her what was wrong, she flew backwards, her shock soon turned into fear, or rather helplessness, she landed on the back wall with a thud so loud, that Vernon ran into the living room, the moment he saw that his wife was on the other side, his eyes snapped to his nephew, he saw the look of not only shock; but also confusion and worry on his face, and Vernon snarled at his nephew, "What did you do to your Auntie, boy!?"

Before Harry was about to answer, Petunia shouted, "Both of you, move out of the way!"

When either man didn't move, she screamed, "NOW!"

Both of them stood there, shocked, confused, and worried, she didn't want to use her other powers, both that have been passed down through generations, one of moving things without actually moving them, and freeze time itself, she soon grew frustrated that the two didn't move at all, her powers had been unlocked that morning, and she knew that she had to use her powers on her husband and nephew, yet she was also trying to keep it a secret from them.

Just then, and to her horror, a Demon appeared before her, causing Vernon to shout, but he was soon cut off, Petunia soon had to choose, yet she knew what to do, een if she was alone, as the Demon went for her, she began leading the Demon upstairs, away from Vernon and Harry, who both looked at her, she saw their looks of confusion, worry, and shock.

Once upstairs, the Deamon said, "You would choose your secret over your family, Witch?"

She said, "Oh; I'm sorry, didn't get the memo? Well, here you go!"

As she ran at him, he blasted her, only she just returned the blast back at him, as he begun to scream, in flames, she watched in calmness, even after all these years, seeing a Demon disappear was a good sign, once he was gone, she breathe a sigh of relief, and muttered as she went downstairs, "I'm surprised that I did it all on my own..."

But, little did she knew, she had help from an unknown angle, who happened to watch nearby.