Delia Brown closed her eyes. She couldn't believe that she was actually at a frat party.

And here she is dancing with Derek, the fraternity president. He is extremely good looking and charming.

Still she barely knew this guy.

She feels his hands on her hips, moving up to her breasts. He is pulling her closer, and she realizes this is happening fast.


"Let's go upstairs babe. We can have some fun," he whispers in her ears. She looks up into his green eyes, and sees he has this silly grin on his face.

He doesn't believe there is any chance she'll say no. But she knows that she isn't ready for this. Not with a boy she barely knows.

"I rather stay down here," she says over the pounding music.

"Come on girl," he says grabbing her hand. She feels him almost pulling her upstairs, not caring that she said no.

"Derek, don't fucking touch me!" She says loudly enough where almost everyone can hear her.

He reaches for her again, and without thinking she slaps him. Noone stops drinking or dancing to come over to help her. He puts his hands back on her again. Making it clear that he was not taking no for an answer.

"Stay away from," she shouts.

"You know you want too," he says moving closer to her.

I glance around the room. Was there someone there who could help me? To my surprise I see my brother's friend Bight Abott.

What was he doing here?

"She said no," Bright says loudly as he walks over to us.

"Who the hell are you?" Derek asks, still not letting go.

"Her boyfriend," Bright says pushing him forcefully off her.

"I didn't know she had a boyfriend," Derek said finally walking away. Delia feels her heart beating faster.


They are in his car, and Bright is driving her back home. She lays her head on his shoulder.

"Did Ephram send you?" Delia asked finally breaking the silence.

"No. I came because I was worried about you. Good thing I did. That asshole was going to rape you,"Bright says.

"I am glad you did. I can't believe you said I was your girlfriend though. Hannah would die," she admits, looking at him a new light.

She always had a crush on him, but this is something different.

"Well, Hannah isn't my girlfriend anymore. Just felt like we were forcing something. Hannah and I aren't meant to be. Not like Ephram and my sister," he admits.

"I know. Sometimes I feel like I'll never find a relationship like theirs," she whispers.

Bright pulls up into her drive way, looking carefully at her lovely face.

"You will Delia," he says his blue eyes searching hers.

Then he pulls her into his arms and kisses softly. Delia kisses him back, completely consumed by him.

"Perphaps I allready have," she says, when he finally pulls away.

He says nothing, put his hand in hers. There were no more words needed. Because she knew how he felt now. She knew he loved her.