Dash's Teddy Bear

Yaoii -Don't like, Don't read :3

Chapter 1: The Curse

"And that's what you get for disturbing Danny Phantom during his exams! Did I mention that my life depended on these exams?" Danny said as he watched the Box Ghost flew. He brushed his palms together like there were some kind of dirt in it that he wanted to take off. He sighed and started to lazily fly off the Ghost Zone. However, before he could reach the portal, someone—or something—stopped him.

Her hair was white and long. It was flowing, like how hair would float in water. Her eyes were closed so you could see its glittery eyelids. Overall, this ghost looked like a ceramic figurine that hasn't been colored yet, but still looked precious. Despite its beauty, Danny tried to avoid it, flying straight to its side so he could just pass by it. But, even without physically touching him, he was stopped.

He could feel some kind of force dragging him back so she could face him. "Danny Phantom" she said. Danny's eyes widened. Of course, he was surprised that the ghost knew his name because he was positively sure that he had never met this ghost before. But what surprised him more is that she sounded like… a guy. Her voice was whole and even deeper than his own.

"Wh-who are you?" Danny said, trying to fight the force that's holding him back. The ghost just ignored him and continued her—now Danny wasn't so sure if she's a she or a he…or if ghosts even have genders—declaration. "I curse that you will become your bully's favorite teddy bear. Only true love's kiss will revoke the curse." Her voice became deeper as she finished her sentence. What?

After her last word, she disappeared. The force holding Danny back also vanished. What? What? Never in his life did he imagine something crazy and life changing would appear so unexpectedly in a matter of seconds. But this thought is just in the present because he was so shocked that his mind stopped functioning for a while; he actually forgot that something crazy and life changing that appeared and happened in a matter of seconds already happened in his life, that is, when he became what he is now, a halfa.

Danny couldn't help but blink; his eyes were already dried up. He blinked for seconds before slapping his cheeks. Okay, Fenton. You had a rough day. You don't need things like this, especially when you have very… very important exams. With that in mind, he headed for the exit. This time, he won't let anyone stop him.

When he reached his room, he immediately took a shower to prepare himself for… studying. He put on his most comfortable clothes and sat in the most comfortable way in his comfortable chair. Despite all those preparations, there's that lingering "uncomfortability" that crawls on him like little ants. And it seemed like he became dyslexic for a moment because the letters and words of his open book started flying off the page. Danny knew that he should forget about the stupid statement that weird ghost said… but he can't.

Why would somebody curse me? Well… I kind of understand that. … Bully? Dash? Dash has a teddy bear? Now, that would be a sight. And kiss…? What is this? Some kind of fairy tale?

Nothing made sense. Danny just scratched his head vigorously, obviously frustrated. "Danny, time for dinner!" suddenly, Jazz yelled from the kitchen. Danny stood up and scratched his head one more time before leaving his room. "Coming!"

In the middle of eating, Danny suddenly passed out; his head dropped into the half-eaten mashed potato.

"Huh? What happened?" Danny didn't seem to notice that his face just got buried into a pureed carbohydrate. In just a matter of seconds, he was awake. He tried to look around but he couldn't. "Wha—what the hell?" he said aloud but no sound was coming out. He couldn't move… and he couldn't speak. With that realization, he wondered if he could see and hear. And he can.

He saw images but he just couldn't process them yet because of the shock. He tried to move his eyes, which he successfully did, to try to comprehend where he was. He could see a door adjacent to where he was. What's weird though is that he seemed like… he got shorter. He could see the door knob perfectly; humans are supposed to look down a bit to see the door knob… right? Along with the door, he could also see a bed, it was nicely made. However, his view was limited because he couldn't move his head. So the door and the bed was all he could see. Even so, he was sure he had never been to this place before. It was a room… and the only rooms he'd been is his family's (except for Jazz's) and his friends'.

Suddenly, he heard a door open. That means… he could hear fine. However, the one he heard was not the one adjacent to him. It was coming from the left side. Surely, it was a door he couldn't see. Then, he saw a guy, who looks like he just came out of the shower, come out from the door on the left. His shortened height made it so awkward—his view is directed towards the guy's body, more specifically, his chest, abs, and a little more, his crotch. He's got a nice body, though. What's making it more awkward is that only a towel wrapped on the guy's waist is covering him. Good thing that everything is in black and white. … Wait, shit, that's not a good thing. What happened to the colors?!

With every realization, Danny started getting confused again… more confused than before. With his mind clouded with all these sudden happenings, he didn't notice that the guy took off his towel before sitting down his bed. However, when Danny noticed this, everything seemed to make less sense.

He knew, even without the colors stating that the guy's hair was blond, his eyes blue, and his skin fair, who it was.