Bonus Chapter



Dash received his teddy bear at his 7th birthday. It was a present solely from his mother (Mother) because his father (Father) didn't want to do anything with it. Father was against the idea that his future quarterback will play with a cute stuffed animal. But Mother still pushed through in giving Little Dash the bear.

Mother and Father would often argue about little Dash having the bear. "But he's still just a kid…" Mother would say. "That's the point! Train him early… young. How would he learn how to throw balls with that?" Father would reply. Then they would argue more. However, these arguments were not that bad and would only happen when Father catches Little Dash playing with the bear outside of his room.

Father was the famous quarterback of Little Dash's school back in his days. He takes pride in that—the most famous student and everybody loved him. When Dash was born, he could already see it. He was so happy that he had a son. And at an early age, he already saw that Dash would be athletic. Perfect. He thought. He envisioned Dash being like him: handsome, popular, athletic. It was the good life, for Father. And he wanted it for his son. The legacy, the Baxter legacy, was just an extra.

Mother, on the other hand, did not really like that her son was so "big". When Dash was just starting school, up until recently, he was considered the biggest in his class. Because of that, the other kids were easily intimidated by him. Mother saw that no one would come and play with Little Dash and it made her sad. Popular, huh? She often thought, regarding what Father says. Little Dash was not saying anything to her but she can see that he was sad about it. He attempted to approach the others kids but they would immediately back away from him. So, Mother thought, why not give him a friend. Just one, for the mean time. Until he finds other friends.

Little Dash did see a friend in his bear. Even though he knew Father would often nag at him, saying, "Son, please don't play with that anymore. Let's play with this ball, hm? It looks cooler, right? You'll have lots of friends with this." Little Dash liked playing ball with his father but he will not, and will never, throw the bear away. It was his only friend and it was from Mother.

On Little Dash's 8th birthday, his family decided to go on a trip. They went into a province with vast meadows and fields. Father thought it was a beautiful place because he and Little Dash could play throw and catch there. Mother thought it was just simply beautiful. Little Dash enjoyed the trip, playing ball or catching butterflies under the sun. However, suddenly, even if it was just after noon, the sky darkened. Clouds already started forming above them. Thick and black clouds.

"Let's go home." Father said because it looked like there was going to be a storm. Little Dash wanted to stay but he got scared of the big and scary clouds so he agreed, and soon they were back in the car, driving back to the city. The rain started on their way home. They were on a curved highway on the side of a mountain. (TYPICAL, I KNOW. AM SORRY) The road was empty so it did not bother Father much even if he speeds up a little, even if the rain was pouring hard. Father reasoned that it was alright that they hurry because they wouldn't want to reach the city when it was already flooded and drowned.

However, the road was starting to be a little slippery. It was because of the few soil and rocks mixing with the rain that drips from the mountain sides. Also, the rain itself was making it worse. Father slowed down, thinking that it was too dangerous—they might fall down. But, as they took a curve, there was another car. Both of the cars lost control and they collided with each other. For a split second, because of panic and surprise, Father forgot that he has passengers. So when he turned the car to his side, the one that the other car hit was Mother's side. All the impact was there.

And she died.

Little Dash held the bear on his mother's funeral and Father didn't say anything about it. Since then, Little Dash started taking the bear to his school. Father allowed it because he, and Little Dash, were still in mourning. However, the other kids at school…started laughing at Little Dash. Such a big boy with such a cute bear. Of course, the kids did it because they just find it funny and nothing else. This made Little Dash angry and sad. After all, besides the fact that it was his only friend, it was his precious reminder of his mother. And that was when Dash started being mean.

Instead of crying and feeling depressed, even without any word from anyone, he started being a bully. He would push and pinch the kids that laughs at him. The damage was not really that serious, but the kids cry. They started treating Little Dash as a scary kid again.

But… it made Little Dash sadder. Since then, kids would actually avoid him, even the simplest eye contact. He never intended this, he thought. He was just mad because they were laughing at him. Now, he had lesser chance in getting a friend.

One day, there was suddenly a new kid at school. It didn't mean anything to Little Dash, just another kid that will be afraid of him, he thought. The new kid was kind of shy and he talked less. But slowly, the other kids were approaching him and soon, they were acting like friends. Then, what surprised Little Dash was that this new kid… approached him. This new kid didn't approach anyone, the others were the ones that approached him, but he approached Little Dash. "Hi. I'm Danny. What's your name?"

Little Dash just stared at Little Danny, holding his bear tight. "U-uh… D-Dash." Little Dash replied. Little Danny smiled at him and offered his hand. "Let's play." He said. Little Dash smiled widely, taking the hand. And they played. "I like your bear." Little Danny said to Little Dash.

Ever since then, the other kids started playing with Little Dash. They saw that he could be an okay kid and he was not that scary at all. What they do know is that if they laugh at him, he would get scary again. So everybody became friends. However, for Little Dash, Little Danny was his special friend,

Unfortunately, Little Dash had to move for a while. Father got a new job somewhere far so he had to transfer school. And as Little Dash grew up in that other place. That other place was fine and okay, but he missed his friend, his first human friend (who is not so human now. Hehe). He named his bear "Danny" so he would feel that his special friend was always with him wherever he goes. But as Little Dash grew up, and became Dash, he stopped bringing the bear to school. He got more involved with playing football, which started when he was around 10 yrs. old. However, every night, he would talk to his teddy bear about his adventures, pretending that it was Little Danny.

When Dash was in high school, he transferred back. Father wanted Dash to play football in the same school that he did. So he searched for a new job near Dash's old school, Casper High. Even as the years passed, Dash did not forget about Danny. So he was actually quite excited to learn that he was moving back, wishing that his friend was still there. And he was. Dash was eager to approach Danny and tell him that he's back. But, his father wanted him to join the football team immediately, so he had little time at first. Besides, he started feeling shy, especially when he saw Danny talking to other people, to new friends.

When Dash finally got into the team, the students started flocking him. He was handsome, muscular, and athletic. He became popular fast. He also learned that Danny was supposedly not part of his group. The popular group. When he finally had the courage to talk to him, he found out that the other did not remember him at all. It frustrated him so much that the first thing he did to him was to push him—hard.

"What the fuck?" Danny said as he crashed into the lockers. Dash almost felt like he was about to cry but instead, his closed his hands into a fist. Before he could answer, people around them started to clap and laugh, especially his new "friends". He looked around him, all those smiling faces, and he dropped his hands. Why are these people so happy? He thought. When he turned to talk to Danny again, he was already gone. Since then, Danny had been avoiding him.

Dash was already in his teens by then and knew why the other was avoiding him. He was not a kid anymore so he knew it was his fault. He planned on apologizing many times but his new "buddies" praised him for what he did and told him, urged him to do more of it. Fucking sick people. He thought. He actually tried approaching Danny to apologize but it pissed him off that people were lingering around him, waiting for his next move. He felt pressured and it pissed him more. And because of that, without meaning it, he pushed Danny again. I am so sorry. Dash screamed in his mind but Danny could not hear it. He tried again and again to apologize but the same thing happens over and over again. Until it became a routine and he just accepted it.

But he was never angry with Danny. He was frustrated that he, the special friend, would forget about him that easily. He felt sad and betrayed but he was never angry. In fact, he got more confused as time passed by. He thought more and more of Danny, talking to his "Danny" bear how he could make things right. Actually, he thought 'Why am I so concerned with him right now? I've got friends, he's got friends. I mean… we're all happy now, right? It's not like I need him anymore….' But after learning about relationships and love and sex from the school, he finally realized why.

At first, he was not convinced. After all, the love and romance unofficially taught by his peers was only between a man and a woman. So, he didn't think that the feelings he had for Danny was romantic. Plus, we've been apart for so long. What do I know about him now? He doesn't even remember me. But the more he denied the thought, the more interested he became…and the more feelings he had. He started noticing little things about Danny. His hair, his eyes, his hands, the way he speaks—everything. It became too hard to resist, too hard to lie to himself. So, in the end, he started fully loving him.

Not long after, he dreamt of his mother without him knowing it was her.


Dash was holding Danny's hand as they walked towards Dash's house, away from the swing and the park.

"What happened…anyways? Why… were you outside with a bunch of stuff?" Danny asked, not wanting to say, 'Why did you ran away?' Dash sighed but he blushed. "Because I just confessed to my father that I love you." Danny blushed too. So that's what he meant when he said his father just have to accept me. "Then, why the hell are we going to your house, hand in hand, with me wearing your clothes?" And nothing is underneath it as well. "Well, not that you say it like that, I don't know. A while ago, I was so sure that I can tell my father, 'Hey Dad. This is the guy I was talking about. You just have to shut up and accept that your son is gay.' confidently. But now, I'm not so sure anymore."

Danny almost laughed. He never imagined Dash would straight-out say that he's gay like that. But he found the courage romantic. "So, what are you planning now? Do you want me to change clothes… or what?" Danny asked. Dash was quiet for a while and he suddenly remembered the past. "No. It's fine. But I know what to say now, to my father." He said. It actually hurt him a bit that Danny hasn't still remembered about the past.

When they reached Dash's house, Father was outside the porch. He was actually waiting on Dash. Father almost ran up to his son to hug him but the sight of another boy, holding hands with his son, stopped him. So, he just stood there, quite frozen.

Dash released Danny's hand. He took the bear from his bag (Don't ask me how it got there, because I don't know either. Maybe it's because of love magic. 3) and showed it to his father. "Do you remember this, dad?" he said as he showed the bear. "This… this is the bear mom gave to me when I was a kid. I named it after him," he pointed at Danny, "because he was the first friend I had, besides this bear. Mom said that this bear could be my friend until I had other friends… and it means a lot to me. It reminds me of her, of her words, her comforts. I never threw it away."

Father was silent because his lips were shut tight, quivering. "I love this bear, dad. I love mom… and I love him. I love you too, dad… but… I can't and I will not stop loving other people just so I could prove that I love you. You know… I will continue playing football. I'll follow whatever you want me to be. I want to make you proud, I really do. But I can't hurt anymore people. I can't be the cool kid you used to be. I'm sorry if I turned out this way. But this is how I feel."

Danny was quiet, first, because he knew he wasn't supposed to talk and ruin the moment, and second, because he was shocked. What is Dash talking about? His first friend? His mom? Where IS his mom? Danny thought.

Father gave in and he started crying silently. He slowly walked towards Dash and took the bear, stared at it with watery eyes. "I miss her so much, son." He muttered. Dash started taking deep breathes. "I miss her too, so much." Father hugged Dash for a long while. He knew that his wife, Mother, would actually be okay with this… and she would actually be happy to learn that her son is in love. "I just wanted the best for you…" Father said, muffled.

After a while, Father broke away with Dash and wiped his tear. "I… I'm sorry. But… I will really need some adjusting. Okay?" he told Dash, staring at him before looking at Danny. Dash smiled widely and hugged his father again. "Don't worry! I'll help you." Dash said. "Fine, fine. And… if you don't really want to play… I gu-guess that's fine. But son, you're really good at it so really really think about it if you're going to quit, okay? And… could you just tell me… why your…" Father gulped, "boyfriend is wearing your clothes?" Dash giggled, "Never mind that, it's quite a story."

After Dash finished things with his father, he went and put all of his attention on Danny again. "What did you say about me being your first friend? We were never actually friends, you know. Maybe except now." Danny said. Dash frowned at him. "I shouldn't have to tell you, you know." He replied. "And why not?" "You were supposed to know it. You just…forgot it and it pisses me off." "So… you're saying we've been friends before?" Dash nodded, offended. "You have to tell me about it." Danny found it quite amusing. "Idiot. Stupid, Fen-turd." Dash stuck his tongue out. "Stop that!" Danny pouted and suddenly, Dash kissed that pouted mouth.