And here's my new story. But it's actually a sequel from "The Prestige" and "What Am I?". The only info you'll need before reading this story is that Tony's dad is Loki and his mom is a mutant. This grants him loads of supernatural abilities. In "What Am I?" Tony went to Asgard with Loki but was abducted by Thanos in order to punish Loki for not completing his rule-over-Earth task. That's pretty much it but if you would still want to read the two prequels, I would like to warn or remind you that I wrote those two fics years ago and they're literally terrible in terms of grammar and descriptive skills. Before I leave you guys to the story, Tony in this chapter is in his adult form.

Tony's POV

I have to do this. First, go back to Earth and destroy SHIELD. Then use this weird locket thingy to open a portal for Thanos. And in the end all of us die. There, simple. But...but considering the fact that I'm the one who will be bringing the destruction this time, I just can't bring myself to accomplish this task with brilliance like I always did. I can imagine the looks of betrayal and disappointment from all those whom I cared about. The Avengers, Pepper, Rhodey and... The worst of all, father. I can already picture what he would think, his son taking after him in being the evil maniac to bring upon the destruction of a planet. He would be so hurt and be caught up in self blame.

While all the thoughts ran wild, I stood by Thanos's throne looking at Earth, my face must've betrayed my feelings as Thanos' hand delivered a slap across my face, so strong that I was sent towards the ground with my vision blurring and my tongue tasting blood.

"Do I have to remind you of your place again, pathetic boy!"

I got on my knees, keeping my eyes locked to the ground. "No. Sorry."

This time, it was the scepter that connected with my ribs, sending me flying into a wall. "No what?"

"No master." I bit my lips to prevent myself from crying out from the pain in my ribs.

"Now, go and wipe out SHIELD from their very existence. Do not fail me."


3rd person POV

The Avengers plus the house of Odin were all seated in the conference hall. All of them wore a tired and worried look, but none of them spoke up. The hall was silent until Heimdall came with Frandal hot on his heels.

"My lord, I've seen something really troubling. Midgard is under attack and the great organization SHIELD is not holding up well. If this continues, I'm afraid that Midgard as a whole will seize to exist."

"What?! SHIELD is under attack by who?" Steve got up from his seat, eyes boring a hole into Heimdall as he awaits for a reply.

Heimdall visibly hesitated as they all gulped in understanding.

"We must go and stop Anthony. The faster we act, the easier it is for us to bring him back." Thor said wisely while everyone nodded in agreement.


He certainly did not expect SHIELD to be in this state when he jumped through the bifrost. The hellicarrier crashed onto a secluded island where most of the agents were injured and were seeking refuge. Agent Hill was barking orders at the medical team to help those severely injured in the command pad but Fury was nowhere to be found.

"Captain." Hill caught him looking devastated.

"Where's Fury? Is he..." Steve couldn't bring himself to say it.

"I'm not sure. We lost contact after the first attack. He went to the base in New York approximately 19 hours ago. You should go check there." Hill said and walked off towards the wreckage.

"Agent, do you know who did this?" Steve knew the answer but he hoped that he'd been wrong.

"Steve, accept it. Stark's been compromised."


"Clint, Bruce let's go. Steve told us to go and check the New York base. Thor, do you mind following these coordinates and pick Steve up?" Natasha handed Thor a piece of paper.

"I'll go with you." Loki directed at Natasha.

"Ok but there's a possibility that he'll come here since it's his home. We need someone to stay here."

"As you've said, this is his home. He won't destroy it so there's no point in staying here." Loki tried to reason.

"As much as I hate to admit, Loki's right. We should all go to the base. If Tony decides to go berserk, we'll have a better chance at neutralizing him with Loki with us." Clint said while suiting up.

And with that, the three Avengers plus Loki boarded the Quinjet while Thor flew towards Steve.


Due to Thor's lightning speed, the Avengers reached their location at about the same time.

"Oh lookie who's here? My friends! Nice to see you guys again!" Tony sadistically greeted while creating a pack of lions of pure fire.

"Tony, stop this madness! Don't you remember that you're an Avenger?" Steve yelled, desperation evident in his eyes as he hoped that his friend was just joking around.

"I was an Avenger, Captain. But now I'm a merchant of death that had came to accept the fact that the world needs to be ruled." Tony created a field of energy around the Avengers and him so that they could have a good chat while his fiery lions were having fun creating chaos in the base.

"Anthony, listen to me. I know you're controlled by Thanos. Or even afraid of him that you're doing this but trust me, you're stronger than him. I know that feeling of being forced to do something because you're afraid. But you came into my life and showed me what's more important. Stop this and we can fight him together." Loki stared intently into his son's eyes, ignoring the approving and understanding stare from the Avengers.

For a moment there, Tony thought of stopping but he knew the consequences of it. He can't be so selfish and put everyone in danger. He's the one who caused all these mess, he'll be the one to get everyone out of it.

"Such a nice speech, oh daddy dearest but Master is right. We are all made to be ruled." Tony levitated himself as to look more threatening.

"Cap, we need to do something. The agents are sitting ducks out there!" Clint called.

"Tony, I'll ask you one more time. Stop this or we'll attack."

"Oh, you think that you're a match for me? Let's see."

With a reluctant heart and a tightened fist, Steve hung his head low and gave the inevitable order.

"Avengers Assemble."

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