Jaune kept the car his dad gave him when he started dating Yang. It was a brand cool new car, and then it became an old lame car and now was a classic vintage car. Jaune never had the courage to sell it away, as the vehicle held lots of memories of his teenage years and his love for Yang. So as he parked the old white car at Beacon, he gave it a long, satisfied stare. His wife noticed the look and smiled, giving her husband a hug.

"Can you two stop? It is our first day at Beacon and you two are acting like you do back home." Galahad Xiao Long Arc complained as he left the vehicle. Now he was seventeen, and that was going to be his first day at Beacon. That is, if he could pass the Initiation.

"Come on, Gawain, let them be. One day you will be like them." Summer Rose Schnee argued as she joined them.

"Really, Summer, they are my parents and I don't want my classmates messing with me because they still act like they are our age. And could you call me by my name?"

Jaune and Yang laughed at the exchange. Even after so many years the two cousins still acted with each other pretty much the same way. Galahad was almost like Jaune when they were the same age, but the boy entered Beacon with real transcripts this time, and he was already a great fighter. He wore a white hood with black pants, and leather boots, but no armor, except a pauldron in his left shoulder, with the crescent arcs of Jaune's family crest combined with the flames of Yang's own crest. Under that the pommel of a sword could be seem.

Summer wore a white and red battle dress, similar to Ruby's in design, but with red ice flakes of the Schnee family as motif. She wore the same cape Ruby had when she was at beacon. Yang would always tease Ruby and Weiss over the fact the girl was already more curvy than her mothers' when they were the same age. Summer now had a very pink hair, which she kept insisting was light red-ish. In her back was her own weapon, Winter Rose, as she called. It was a scythe like Ruby's, but instead of being a high-impact rifle, it used many types of Dust as it did Weiss's rapier.

"Son, we promise to be very professional when at work, don't worry." Jaune said as he sent Galahad a message on his scroll.

"Dad, this is access to the car…" The boy wondered as he checked the file received.

"It is yours now. I hated flying when I was your age and I know you do too. Now you and your future team have some epic wheels." Jaune explained and smiled.

"Wow, thanks dad. This is so cool!"

"Now you two better go join your future schoolmates. I am pretty sure you will find some interesting people out there." Yang said giving a big hug on the kids, Galahad blushing madly while Summer just giggled. They soon walked towards the entrance, while the couple decided to go to the teacher's lounge.

Many of their older teachers were retired now. Velvet Scarlatina was now History teacher in the place of Dr. Oobleck, now a famous author of books. Yang replaced Glynda Goodwitch in combat class, but Glynda was still headmistress of Beacon in place of Ozpin, and aside for her whiting hair, she looked much the same. Jaune was both Grimm Studies and Tactics teacher. The mysterious prof. Peach also was a teacher, but no one ever saw her, even Jaune and Yang.

As they entered the lounge, they found Velvet and smiled. She complimented then, and she probably changed the most of everyone from their school years, now with short hair, a small scar under her chin and a cut in her left ear, sign of the many battles she faced as a Huntress. She looked very mature, very little of the scared rabbit of the old remained. Glynda was repassing the profiles of some students, drinking tea from a beautiful tea cup and pressing two fingers in her forehead.

"Good morning." Yang said in her musical tone as they sat in the table.

"Good morning." Velvet replied cutely, and Glynda replied a little too tired.

"Any worries about this year's students?" Jaune questioned.

"Yes, starting of course with your children, Prof. Arc. Not only have I had to deal with Azul and Sapphire tendency to terrorize the students, now I have to deal with Galahad and Summer." She complained, and Jaune gave a nervous chuckle. The twins were too much like his sisters.

"Galahad is a good boy. Don't worry about him." Yang affirmed, and Glynda looked at her from over her cup of tea.

"I know he is, when he is alone. But Summer is here, as it is Lie Belldandy and Bianca Belladonna. I am just glad Pyrrha's son is coming too. And that is not all I have to worry about." Glynda passed a profile to Jaune and Yang, and they looked at it with a mix of surprised and curiosity.

"His daughter uh? Well, she has nothing to do with what happened so many years ago. We will treat her as we treat any other student." Jaune affirmed. Yang took a few more looks at the profile before giving it back to Glynda.

"As long as she is not like the father." She added, and the headmistress just sighed.

"And your children?"

"If they are like us, and I think they are, they won't hold the past against someone that has nothing to do with it." Jaune finished, and Yang agreed with him.

"Very well, hope that don't become a point of concern. Well, I will get ready for the entrance ceremony. Oh, and Jaune, Yang? Please, could in this year none of our students catch you two deciding to remember the 'good old times' in empty classrooms?" She glared daggers at the blondes, which just nodded in agreement. Glynda rolled her eyes almost sure they would not keep that promise before going out.

"At least, don't do it in my classroom, or here?" Velvet asked; her smile too menacingly to the couple take a chance with her. They learned in their third year at Beacon that Velvet was cute and adorable, but when angered, she scarier than Glynda, Weiss and Sara Arc combined.

And she still had her box.

Galahad and Summer were going to the landing area of Beacon to see if they could find some familiar faces. They knew Belldandy was coming, but for some reason Bianca decided to keep it a secret, and in the last few days she even refused to answer their calls and messages, what got Galahad concerned. He was trying to call her again, not looking around when he stumbled over someone.

"Hey, watch it!" The girl was taller than Galahad for a few centimeters, and wore a bright dark orange hair. She was in full armor, with an eagle crest in the chest and carried what looked like a mace. She analyzed Galahad for a few moments and gave a sigh. "Oh, you are a member of the Arc family…"

"Er, yes, Galahad Xiao Long Arc." He answered, wondered why that was of importance to the girl.

"OK… That will be awkward… My name is Elizabeth Winchester, my father is Cardin Winchester." Galahad got surprised at the mention of that name. It was thanks to Ruby spilling the beans over how exactly his parents started dating that he learned about Cardin. "Look, I am not my father, and I don't want this to become some stupid family feud about idiotic stuff he did when he was our age, so can we at least not be at each other's throats over something it was not about us?"

"Sure thing. You are you, I am I, and our fathers aren't us. Hope we can get along well." Galahad prompt answer and extended hand surprised Elizabeth. She hoped Galahad's parents would be so prompt to separate her from her surname as his, and shook his hand. "Thanks… I was really nervous about meeting you."

"Eh, as my dad always says, the past is GAAAHHH"

A green and black clad girl tackled Galahad to the ground. Lie Belldandy had a toothy smile as she gave Galahad a kiss on the cheek despite his protests. Summer laughed at the very common scene for her, while Elizabeth could only stare in shock.

"Hello, Gawain!"

"Bell, why are you trying to kill me?! And stop with the kisses!" Galahad pushed her off him and got up. Belldandy was so much like Nora, except for her hair and eye color. Her weapon was a lance that could change into a heavy machine gun.

"Come on, we will be awesome here, kicks all types of butts and create a legend bigger than our fathers, Gawain!"

"I thought your name was Galahad?" Elizabeth commented, making the boy groan.

"My friends keep insisting in calling me that, no matter how much I ask for then to not. I think they have a sadistic pleasure doing that." He explained, making Elizabeth smile.

"Hey, brother!"

Elizabeth turned to see the cutest person she ever saw. Wavy red hair curling over a headpiece made of bronze, wearing a Greek like armor that valorized the slim body, a beautiful face that could rival with many famous actresses. The Winchester girl blushed immediately as that person stopped and fist bumped with Galahad.

"Close your mouth, Liz." A silver haired bunny girl said to her, and Elizabeth jumped in surprise as she looked at her friend. The bunny girl had silver long hair and ears, her eyes were pink, and wore a very practical jump suit, a bow in her back with several arrows.

"Carol?" The group looked at the newcomer, and Galahad was happy that Elizabeth was friends with a Faunus, considering the stories they heard about Cardin. It really looked like she had nothing to do with Cardin's faults.

"Hello, I am Caroline Lewis, you can call me Carol, and I am Liz best friend." The girl introduced herself.

"Hi Carol, pleased to meet you. I am Summer, those three are my cousin Galahad, call him Gawain…"

"Please call me Galahad!" He begged.

"Gawain. The energetic girl is Belldandy, you can call her Bell…"

"But not too often, I am a busy woman." She said with a serious face that made the bunny girl giggle.

"And the cute boy here is our friend Perseus Nikos."

"Perseus? The four times Mistrali champion, top of his class and star of that show about the youngest Huntsmen ever?" Elizabeth couldn't control her excitement.

"Yeah, but the show is not very accurate."

Perseus followed many of Pyrrha's footsteps, and even after puberty he was still very girly, and many times if he used certain clothes people would confuse his gender. That created for him a huge fandom, both within the male and female population. He used the same weapons Pyrrha used, but his version of the weapons had a mostly bronze color with just some red details.

The group talked a lot, and after the initial surprise that Elizabeth was Cardin's daughter, and the respective acceptance she couldn't be blamed for any of her father's actions, they were quickly developing a friendship. Liz couldn't stop drooling over Perseus though, one thing the boy didn't noticed, and Summer wondered if her uncle influenced the boy to be so oblivious.

"Gawain, why are you always checking your scroll?" Carol asked, and Galahad sighed at the fact he would not shake that damn nickname away any soon.

"Another friend of ours is not answering. I was hoping she would come to Beacon with everyone." He explained, and Carol gave him a knowing look and smile.

"Is she a girlfriend, perhaps?"

"What? No, Bianca and I are just friends."

"But by how worried you are, I expected her to be important to you."

"Of course she is! She is my friend, he has being friends since we were kids, and I am just worried." He said and jumped as he felt a kiss on his cheek. By his side was Bianca. He gave her a quick hug and sighed in relief, the others giving them the usual knowing looks and giggles. "Bianca! Why haven't you called?"

"I wanted to make you a surprise, Galahad." She shyly spoke and the boy face palmed at her explanation.

Bianca grew up to be incredible beautiful, her big amber eyes contrasting with her pale skin and white short hair. She wore a kunoichi outfit that was white with black details, her tail free to wing around. A pair of short sword-pistols in her back. Galahad blushed on how beautiful she looked, and Bianca had pink cheeks as she looked back, gently biting her lower lips.

"Are they?" Elizabeth asked. Summer giggled.

"Not yet, but soon. Or I will make them."

"We are late!" Carol shouted as she consulted a beautiful silver pocket watch. They all shared some looks and rushed towards the main hall.

"Of course it would be them…" Glynda said to herself as Galahad's group stormed into the main hall, almost tripping another girl, which turned around to look at them. She wore long green hair put in a braid, had ebony skin, red eyes and wore cargo pants and a top that revealed a bit too much to Galahad's poor heart. She gave them a very displeased look as they apologized.

"Be careful or next time I will hurt you." She stated simply.

"Hey, we said we are sorry!" Bell protested over the green haired girl gaze.

"Bell, calm down, she might as well ended up in our team later." Galahad said and Bell just showed the other her tongue. The green haired girl looked appalled at the act and just walked away. Before they could talk again, Glynda started her speech.

"Welcome to Beacon. Many of you look at this place as just a step in your journey to become true Hunters, but I tell you Beacon is not a step, but a wall. If you think your abilities are enough, we will gladly show how wrong you are. Our objective here is to prepare you for the most dangerous job in all Remnant. Tomorrow you be put to test your abilities, and hopefully those able to do it will surpass the wall that is Beacon. Now rest yourselves, tomorrow Initiation begins."

Glynda walked of the stage with the students looking silently at her back. To some that speech made no sense. To others it hit a nerve. To Galahad and their friends it made them think about their own objectives. Many were there to follow their parents' footsteps. But clearly that would not be enough.

"Wow, Glynda, I think some of them, might have pissed themselves." Yang commented as the headmistress entered the corridor behind the stage.

"If they did, they have no place here. I just hope the children you brought here is less destructive than you and your friends were. And that your son and Blake's daughter could keep their hands off each other."

"Aww, come on, they will look so cute together!" Glynda just sighed defeated. Retirement never sounded so pleasant like right at that moment.

Night came down fast, and everyone was preparing to sleep. Elizabeth almost had a nose bleed as she saw Perseus coming wearing just a lose t-shirt and a tight pair of shorts that showed his legs. She was wearing a night gown that somehow surprised everyone. Carol wore a white night dress, Summer pajama pants and string top with snowmen pattern. Everyone wondered the irony of the wintery motif in a girl called Summer. Belldandy wore a long green t-shirt with the word boop wrote in pink. Bianca wore a black short kimono. Galahad joined them soon while wearing just his white undershirt and yellow boxers.

"No sleepwear?" Summer questioned her cousin as he fixed his sleep bag between her and Bianca.

"I had one, but guess? My sisters decided it would be funny to change them for this!" He showed a white onesie with sheep pattern, and that made everyone laugh a bit. "And they are 3rd years here, so I can just imagine when classes actually start they will get on my back as much as they do back home."

"Calm down, Gawain, I am sure they will show some restraint." Galahad just stared at his cousin. "OK, we will just have to keep an eye on them."

"Yeah yeah." He said, but before he got down he saw the girl they almost stumbled earlier sitting alone. She looked sad, and Galahad, a heart as big as his parents, decided to talk with her, so he walked towards her. "Hey, sorry about earlier again."

"Anything else?" She dryly retorted, and Galahad rolled his eyes.

"You know, tomorrow we will receive partners and a team. If this will go exactly as the previous years, it could be kind random. You can stop the 'I need no one' discourse. We always need someone to lend a hand. You can make it harder for you by going all 'lone wolf' or you could just accept that we won't leave you alone." Galahad little speech made the girl raise an eyebrow, and she thought on it for a bit.

"Your girlfriend will get jealous." She answered as Galahad jumped with Bianca by his side.

"Bianca! I am so getting you a little bell!" The catgirl just smiled at him and made him blush. Caroline approached and extended her hand to the green haired girl.

"I have known them for just a few hours and I realized they won't give up. So come on, join us. I am Carol, by the way." The girl hesitated for a moment, but ended up accepting the hand extended to her.

"I am Isabel. You can call me Ise." The green haired girl finally smiled and was taken with them to Galahad's group.

The students were lined up in the cliffs, as many before them lined up before. Glynda inspected them once again, and saw many held great potential, while others clearly had no idea what they get themselves into. Every year she did that was full of surprises, and that year started well enough. Galahad and Elizabeth were in good terms, what was a victory to her as she always regretted she wasn't able to fix Cardin's attitude in the past, but the girl clearly was already a better person than her father.

Galahad was as good natured as his father, but with the benefit of being properly trained, so she knew she didn't need to worry much about him. Bianca clearly liked him, and couldn't take her eyes from the boy, and Glynda just expected they wouldn't do like Jaune and Yang. The girl called Isabel had a mysterious past and she hoped that didn't mean she would do what Blake did in her first year. Especially considering the people she was befriending. But right now she had a job to do.

Scare those children a little.

"You will be launched at the Emerald Forest, were you are expected to find and bring back some relics we hid there. This forest is full of Grimm, so you will be confronted with real life and death situations. The teachers will not interfere, and you will be evaluated from the start. As for your partners, they will be the first ones you make eye contact with. Questions?" Some of them raised their hands. "No? Good!"

She started launching one by one as she walked before them. She could only smile as Belldandy launched with a menacing laugh. Bianca gave Galahad a wink before being launched, making the boy blush once again. Glynda stopped in front of the boy for a second.

"Hope you have a launching strategy, Mr. Arc, differently from your father."


Glynda just smiled and kept walking.

Galahad was very glad that his family was composed of great Hunters (and he would never say it out loud, but also lunatics and the scariest women ever born) and he indeed had a landing strategy. His pauldron extended and closed over his left arm, becoming a full armor piece and gauntlet. He cocked it and started firing Dust rounds to slow his fall, and soon the boy was walking on the ground, hoping his future partner would be a good person.

He wanted to partner with Perseus. They were much more like brothers than friends, and he also was OK with Bianca. He didn't know Elizabeth, Isabel or Caroline well enough to decide over them. He would work nice with Summer, but he wished to never be paired with Belldandy. He was sure she would end up killing him.

Lost in thought he them noticed the presence of Grimm. An Ursa Major appeared, growling on him, so he reached the pommel inside his pauldron and drew a sword. The blade extended, revealing a large white sword with an empty space in the middle. The blade made a musical sound as it was released.

The Ursa attacked, and Galahad blocked its paw with the armor, which was as resistant as Jaune's shield. He countered with the sword, and every time he attacked, the air crossing the space inside the blade made a sound like a musical note, and that was from where Galahad took the name of his sword.

Chant Épée.

The Ursa growled and tried to bite his left arm, but its teeth broke on impact, making Galahad smile as he used the opportunity to attack. His sword shone white as he charged it with his Aura, and the fast attack decapitated the Ursa.

"Sorry Teddie, but I am too old to play with you."

Galahad was about to walk away when he heard some noise, and as he turned towards it he smiled.

"So, what do you think about his partner?" Jaune asked his wife as they followed him over their scrolls. They were in the forest, as different from what Glynda, and in another time Ozpin, implied, the teachers would save the lives of any student too weak to pass initiation. Of course, the students didn't need to know.

"Just perfect. I hope he have as much fun as we had." Yang commented with a bright smile, before Juane kissed her again, like it was their very first kiss.

"Well, maybe not as much fun. Glynda would have a breakdown if he did." Yang laughed and cuddled with her husband.

"If he does, I will be sure he will be as happy as us."

"I hope so, because I love you, sunshine. Always will."

"Me too, sir knight, now and forever." She answered, and they kissed once again, feeling blessed for the life they had together.

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