Albus Dumbledore read about a country of warrior's from an ancient book passed down from headmaster to headmaster over centuries. After years of deciphering he has finally found a way to contact them, He finds his way to where the barrier of the Shinobi Nations is and uses the knowledge of the book to pass through. Ninja almost instantly surround him with multiple kunai at his vitals, he swallows nervously and then grounds himself, stating in a clear voice that he wishes to have an audience with their leader.

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"Speaking Japanese" "Speaking English" 'Jutsu, Spells, Foreign Thoughs' 'Thoughts'

[Konoha, Hokage Tower]

The early morning sun streamed in through the Hokage Tower's tallest window showing a young woman asleep at her desk with piles of paper at each side with a bottle of sake between her folded arms. A knock at the door startles her awake, she knocks her sake bottle to the ground spilling her favorite brew and starts to scream the name of presumed culprit "NARU-" Then she realises that the annoying brat is not the one to wake her, she looks at all her paperwork and then to the door sighing she says "come in".

-Albus POV-

Soon after I had stated my intentions, one man whom I assume is one of the warriors I came here to find still holding a kunai at my throat nodded to the two remaining warriors and they lowered their weapons, then continuing to speak with each other in a short snap of foreign words I don't even have the time to feel nervous when the warrior dropped the kunai from my now tingling throat and said in a heavy accented voice " we will take you to see the Lady Tsunade, do not attempt to attack or run if you value your life." he takes a breath and looks me in the eye "is that understood?" I nod slowly not dropping my gaze from his eyes.

I am then lead through a large forest that I could not deny was beautiful and gave a very peaceful feeling especially with the early morning sun shining through the tall tree leaves. As we walk I observe the warriors on either side of me, to the right a man who looked to be early thirties and a young woman to the left both were wearing blue long shirts with a red insignia of a swirl on each shoulder with what I also noticed to be a metal plate of some kind with a second insignia on the right, under a green vest with two main pockets at the front on each side of the zipper, matching somewhat baggy pants with bandages wrapped around the outside of one of their legs which I found curious but what truly caught my attention were their sandals 'must get myself a pair of those' I thought to myself smirking slightly.

I did not need to look behind me to know that the other man who if I recall looked to be mid twenties and was the one to recently hold his kunai to my throat was dressed much the same way. At the semi-fast pace we were travelling we soon reached the edge of the forest and I was surprised to see a towering wall in the distance with what looked like a huge double door gate that was open wide, two other men were standing at the entrance 'guards' I thought 'they are very well prepared'. 'Not surprising if what i have read about their country and culture are true'. 'The barrier put up by who the book referred to as The Sage Of Six Paths.. ' I brought myself out of my thoughts as we neared the gate, the young woman walked slightly ahead to speak with the guards I saw them nod and so I follow her through the gate and smile slightly as i admire the village 'it seems that I certainly made the right choice in searching them out, they have a very beautiful and cheerful village' I think to myself as i see laughing children running down the street and people greeting each other as they pass. 'Now I do not doubt that they are good people, my only worry is whether their leader will listen to my plea'.

When I look up I am amazed to see in the distance a giant cliff-face with five faces carved out of the rock, with the way the village is set out it looks like they are watching and protecting it. I turn my head slightly to catch the eye of the young man on my right and give him a small smile saying "that monument is quite amazing, am I correct in guessing they represent your leaders?" he only nods slightly not faltering in his steps towards what I assume to be headquarters, a large red and white circular building directly in front of the monument. As we continue to walk my attention is caught by a brightly colored boy with yellow spiky hair and crystal blue eyes, wearing an orange jumpsuit, who was walking out of what looks like a ramen shop to the left of us, he looked to be late teens and was grinning widely and then suddenly he jumped to the nearest rooftop with one effortless leap at which my eyes widened slightly and then he was running and jumping from roof to roof at a nearly supernatural pace at this point I had to make sure my eyes had not popped out of my skull 'I read that these people were very strong but I had assumed that the book was referring to their innate power, chakra.''This is a surprise indeed.'

We soon reach our destination and the warriors that I do not yet know the names of lead me up a large set of stairs and down a narrow hallway until we reach a set of wooden doors on which the older warrior knocks semi-loudly twice, I instantly hear a bang and splash of what I assume to be a bottle being knocked over and almost as instantly the loud voice of a woman "NARU-" she starts to say and then silence for a second until I hear an almost inaudible sigh and one foreign word "haire" at which the warrior opens the door to a large circular room, a gorgeous and dare I say busty young woman standing behind a desk almost overflowing with paperwork, she had chocolate brown eyes, long blond hair that she tied in two loose ponytails with her bangs framing her face. I noticed a strange violet rhombus symbol at the center of her forehead but did not have time to wonder about it because she addressed the warriors "kore wa dare desu ka?"

-Tsunade POV-

When I see the three man cell bringing in a strange old man with twinkling blue eyes, strange eyeglasses and the longest beard in existence wearing bright magenta robes of all things I almost lost it and had to stifle a laugh but quickly collected myself and addressed Ryusei asking "who is this?" he promptly explained that when he felt the presence of another chakra signature low as it was suddenly appear on his patrol on the outskirts of the forest, his team instantly investigated and evaluated the threat. "He does not speak our language but speaks English he does not appear to have any weapons, all he asked was to have an audience with you Hokage-Sama" Ryusei finished explaining bowing. 'Suddenly appearing on the outskirts of the forest.. I wonder what on earth this old codger would be doing out there' I thought as I looked at him evaluating his appearance, I brought my attention back to Ryusei and his team as I thanked and dismissed them. As they were walking out I yelled out "Shizune!", and as always she comes running with Tonton in her arms "This old man only speaks English, I need you to translate for me.. and bring me another bottle of sake" I said smiling widely at her, she simply rolls her eyes puts Tonton down and asks the old man a question which he smiles and answers. They continue to speak while I do my boring paperwork since Shizune did not get my sake, 'stingy' I think to myself pouting slightly. Each time I look up Shizune's face is expressing a different emotion starting with disbelief then sadness, slight anger and finally excitement I must say it was amusing watching her normally black eyes turn into sparkling stars so I had to ask "what are you so excited about Shizune?"

What she said in response was rather confusing so I asked again and her response was the same but slower "this is Albus Dumbledore and he has spent a couple of years searching for our country, he wanted to ask for help in protecting his school that teaches magic."

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