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*Kotatsu (low square table common in traditional jap houses) *Kami (God)

-Naruto POV-

I knock on Sakura-chan's front door and wait lightly bouncing on my heels, when I see the handle turn I immediately have a huge grin on my face "Tsunade baa-chan has a mission for us and Sasuke" I say excitedly once I see the pinkette open the door, not giving her the chance to even greet me. she gives me an exasperated look "Naruto you refuse to grow up don't you?" she says with a sigh but I can see a small fond smile so I just continue to grin.

"Let's go get Sasuke-teme dattebayo!" I say loudly as a fist bump the air and turn to lead the way. "Did Tsunade-sama give you any details on the mission?" She askes curiosly as she follows after me.

"Only that it is a protection mission for an eccentric jiji" I say with a smile while Sakura-chan just gives me a disapproving look but I can tell she is happy to have a mission with the three of us.

When we get near the Uchiha compound I challenge Sakura-chan to a race giving myself a head start and laughing while I run when I hear her curse at me, but she quickly catches up and I have to run at full speed to keep her from punching me.

Sasuke -POV-

As I'm sitting crosslegged amongst my many scrolls with one open on my lap while I slowly eat a simple onigiri, I hear in the distance loud boisterous laughter that could only belong to one village idiot and shortly after I hear Sakura's unveiled threats.

Sighing I put my scroll aside and take the last bite of onigiri as I unfold myself to stand up. dusting myself off I slowly walk to the front of the house

'if dobe does not get pummelled before he reaches the front door I will punch him myself' I decide now smirking slightly.

Naruto -POV-

I get to the front porch within an inch of my life and reach for the front door when it quickly opens and Sasuke steps out, he looks over my shoulder and I suddenly have a bad sense of foreboding that is confirmed when I see him smirk and suddenly I'm flying across the courtyard.

"What was that for Teme?!" I yell as I jump up from the hard ground glaring accusingly at my best friend, but Sasuke has the perfect poker face and turns his interest 'or disinterest' depending on how you look at it I think wryly, towards Sakura-chan who is walking towards Sasuke with a wide satisfied smirk on her face. When she gets to Sasukes door he stands aside to let her in with a smile and at this point I have my arms crossed over my chest in dissatisfaction 'I am NOT sulking' I tell myself 'just crossing my arms cause'... 'Because I'm squishy!' Embarrassed by my own thoughts I smack my hand to my forehead in shame.

"Oi dobe" Sasuke calls and I snap out of my momentary shame and look up to see his face of amused exasperation "are you going to come in or stay outside and sulk all day?"

"I am not sulking!" I defend immediately and start walking to his front door not slowing my confident walk as I brush past him, but I can't help but let a small smile slip when I hear him chuckle as he shuts the door.

Sakura -POV-

Settling down in the lounge room at the Kotatsu putting my hands behind me and spreading my legs out in front of me I sneak a few glances at the very few photos Sasuke-kun has while I wait for both my idiots to show up 'yeah I like the sound of that.' 'My idiots that are family in everything but blood' I think my eyes now on the only portrait with Sasuke and his family. Itachi had with his hand on little Sasuke's head both of them with happy smiles and even Fugaku had a slight smile gracing his face with his arm around Mikoto.

'Since the war we have not had a chance to work together as a team, mainly having all chuunin going out solo to help with repairs. The jounin being sent out dealing with disputes and more serious issues but seeing as how the whole ninja nations have bonded over the course of the war next to no problems have arisen where Tsunade-sensei has had to send even one of the more powerful ninja out...' 'Must be something very serious' I finish analysing just as Naruto folds himself across from me resting his head in his palm and I can tell he's sulking.

I see Sasuke-kun hovering in the archway leaning on the frame lightly "not that I did not enjoy sucker punching Naruto and seeing you Sakura but is there a reason you are both here and do I need to put on lunch?" He asks in his usual 'HOT DAYUM SEXY VOICE!' I mentally cough shoving inner Sakura to the side as I smile up at him saying "Tsunade-sensei actually has a protection mission for us but she is still working out the details so until then lunch would be good, do you need any help Sasuke-kun?"

"Nah but dobe needs to come make his own ramen if he wants any" he states walking off towards the kitchen and the reaction is almost instant, Naruto almost flips over the Kotatsu in his rush to follow after him and I laugh loudly clutching my stomach 'I will never be bored' I think still grinning.

Shikamaru -POV-

Letting myself in and walking into Sasuke's lounge room to find a bunch of children, no not elite ninja that were a major part in winning a war and worshipped as hero's...in there place were three 5 year olds one sitting by the Kotatsu giggling like a maniac and the other two rolling on the floor wrestling over what looked like a fish cake.

'Why I am friends with them again?' I muse to myself shaking my head in shameful amusement, lips slightly twitching from trying not to smile I address the now dubbed 5 year olds

"Hokage-sama said that they are ready for you now and to pack a lot of supplies, she deems it to be at the very least 8 months long mission." "Since there will be infiltration and spy work involved" I add as explanation watching in barely hidden amusement as Sakura takes both Naruto and Sasuke's distraction to steal and eat the fought over fish cake from Sasuke's hand both of them not saying anything just giving her a very loud look of *that was not fair and you shall pay for that*

Sakura gives them a look of innocence, stands and walks past the two seething boys towards where I was standing by the archway "thankyou Skikamaru-kun we will head right over after we pack. Thank kami you came when you did to distract them I think this one had the potential to destroy the manor" she says lowering her voice at the last part looking at me seriously and I finally give in and chuckle a bit but it comes out more like and awkward cough.

Tsunade -POV-

After asking Albus to conjure up a chair I decided on asking him to conjure a small table and enough chairs for the three of us so we would be able to have the rest of our discussion over lunch. Using Shizune as my errand girl as per usual I sent her to get food, when she returned the three of us ate and set up the mission parameters. Albus being unusually reluctant about giving permission to terminate threats saying that as the 'light side' they cannot drop to that level or some bullshit like that.

"You are in the beginning stages of a war am I right?" At his nod I continue "you are risking losing a lot of your comrades and the war if you do not fight take all the same risks, they hold a crippling advantage over you." "You would not have seeked us out if you thought you could get through this war without lethal force"

Albus bows his head looking worn "yes I am afraid a couple months ago when Voldemort was restored to his body, he started taking more extreme measures than I expected." "I was put in a position where I had to seriously consider finishing the research to find your country, and thank Merlin I did I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders." He finished now smiling and a twinkle in his eyes that could not be mistaken for anything but gratitude.

"Well!" I exclaim clasping my hands together "Shizune will you go tell someone to summon our favourite team here, and to inform them of all the not so magical mission parameters." "Their reactions to all of this is going to be a rather priceless moment for me" I say smirking somewhat evilly.

Anyone who knows the Lady Tsunade know that when you see that look, you hightail it out of there. But unfortunately team 7 will be going in blind and no idea of what she has in store for them.