Prologue: Decisions

The fight was an incredible sight, at least for her 5 year old self. It wasn't everyday that you saw superheroes, real ones, fight villains. Well... It wasn't a daily occurrence anywhere outside of Brockton Bay, at least. As it stands, it was a rather normal occurrence in the Bay. Still, it was an incredible sight to behold.

First month in a new Town and already such a spectacle.

Her father was a businessman, a Frenchman and a good father. He spoiled her and she revelled in his attention, as every small kid should. He had been 25 when he was sent to Tianjin to help out the local branch; there he met her mother.

Long, raven hair; lethal curves; a fit body... he still couldn't believe he'd actually managed to marry her.

And together they had a much beloved daughter, a daughter they really wanted to be healthy which was why they always sent her to sports groups for children and started teaching her easier styles of Kung Fu, something the mother, Guo-Han, excelled at.

And they were happy, probably the most important factor in one's life.

The pair had decided ot move to America, to Brockton Bay, because Antoine-Phillipe's, the father's, employer wanted to open a new branch there. For some reason the father's employer thought there was hope for the gang ridden city.

But there were certain complications.

As soon as one of the local Gangs, the Empire Eighty-Eight, had gotten wind of some french-chinese couple running a security service, they decided to intervene.

And because one of their capes, Krieg, had been nearby, they sent him and some flunkies on their merry way to intercept the girls family.

And although the heroes did arrive, the thugs still managed to injure his father while her mother managed to protect her. Krieg had been content with hanging back and observing the fight.

After a few minutes the Protectorate arrived; Armsmaster and Velocity. That had been enough fend them off. Velocity speeding about, fighting the gang members, Armsmaster engaging Krieg.

The fight took the good part of an hour and reinforcements in the form of a PRT squad, but the heroes managed to beat the enemy, although Krieg escaped.

And when the girl felt safe again, after she had seen her mother, father and the PRT protect them, she thought: "I want to be like that, too. I want to be a hero."

And with that thought she hardened her resolve and vowed to one day be able to defeat as many enemies as necessary so she could protect herself and her family.