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Chapter 1

Deeks tapped his foot impatiently, looking at his watch for about the thousandth time. God, he hated waiting in line. Why weren't they moving? Leaning to his left a little, he looked towards the teller bank. The only two tellers were still helping the same people they had been for the last five minutes, what was the hold up? He could hear the guy on the left arguing with the teller over a fee they were trying to charge him. The woman at the other window seemed to be paying her bills for the next decade, one money order at a time. He looked at his watch again. Crap, he was going to be late for work now. He'd better text Kensi and let her know he where he was, tell her to pass it on to the team. He hadn't carpooled with her this morning as he had a meeting with Bates at the precinct later in the afternoon and he was going directly home from there. He hadn't wanted to hold up her leaving tonight if things went long. He'd hoped he would be in and out of the bank quickly. Not so much. Pulling out his phone he started texting.

Hey babe. I'm running late. Could you let everyone know? I'm standing in a freaking long line at the bank. It hasn't moved in like hours! ARGH!

His phone pinged with an incoming text almost immediately:

You didn't mention stopping at the bank when you left this morning. Everything ok?

Yep. Didn't realize I was so low on cash until I stopped for coffee. Had to run back out to the car to scrounge up enough change to pay for it!

Why didn't you just go to the ATM?

I DID! Stupid machine ate my stupid card. Now I have no money and no way to get any, other than standing in the line from hell!

Ok, cu when u get here. XXOO

Deeks smiled. He never thought he would see the day when Badass Kensi Blye ended a text with hugs and kisses. Of course, if he told anyone, she'd deny it to her dying breath. The line finally moved forward a few inches. He looked up to see Mr. "I'm not paying that fee" walking past talking on his phone. As he passed where Deeks was standing he could hear him complaining about being robbed at the bank. He sighed; hopefully the line should now start moving as at least one teller had been freed up. He hopped from foot to foot, earning him a look from the woman in front of him. He smiled apologetically and tried to stand still. God, standing in one place for too long made him feel like ants were crawling all over his skin! Moving was the only option. He tried moving just his upper torso but that just didn't seem to work. He needed to engage his mind. Staring around at the people in the bank, he started a guessing game with himself as to what their lives were like.

The sweaty guy in the three piece suit with the balding head? Accountant with a much younger wife who he was pretty sure was cheating on him. The tall blonde woman in the power suit? Attorney, divorced from another attorney, sharing custody of their Shih Tzu. The elderly lady, holding the hand of a small girl? Grandma and her granddaughter spending the day together. Moving on, his eyes lit on a man standing just inside the door and he felt his whole body tense. The guy had on sunglasses, a ball cap pulled down low and a hoody, carrying a large duffle bag. Why would he need a hoody today? It was 80 degrees out. The only thing he could think of was he was hiding a weapon. His "spidey senses" were tingling. He searched for the bank's security guard, only to find another man dressed identically to the first standing right behind the guard. He pulled his cell back out, figuring he'd call it in to LAPD. If it was a false alarm, well, they didn't like him much anyway, so what was one more black mark against him? He turned slightly away from the two men to find a third standing between the bank of tellers and the customer service area. Damn, if he'd had any doubts, they were gone now. Just as he started to dial, the man by the door pulled out a gun and yelled "Everyone on the floor now! No phone calls! No one push the silent alarm or people will start to die!" The other two also pulled out guns and leveled them at the people in closest proximity.

Without looking, Deeks entered his agent in distress code on his cell and sent it. He would thank Hetty later for insisting he practice dialing it that way. He got down on the floor with the rest of the customers, glad he had left his service weapon locked in his glove compartment. It would have been too obvious under his t-shirt and might panic these men. The other two ushered the tellers and other bank personnel into the customer area where everyone else was sitting. The guy from the door pulled a bag out of the duffle, moved up to the sitting figures and yelled "Everyone turn off their cells and put them in this bag NOW!" Everyone moved to comply and he walked from person to person taking the proffered phones. Once done, he threw the bag into a corner. He pulled another bag out of the duffle.

"Now that I have your undivided attention, ladies and gentlemen, empty your pockets of wallets and cash and put it in the bag. The same with all jewelry." Once he had everything in the bag, he passed it off to one of the other men. "Now, who's the branch manager?" An older woman put up her hand. "Get up. You're going to open the vault now! Don't try anything or one of these people will pay the price. Understood?" The woman nodded her head and slowly got up off the floor. As the two of them started towards the back of the bank where the vault was located, they all heard the sirens. Deeks groaned, this was going to get ugly.