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This is my first 100 AU, a Hogwarts one no less. I feel extreme pressure with this one and it's only the first chapter, so please be kind! (Any HP mistakes I have made or will make I apologize profusely for, I do so unintentionally). Important note about this story: Bellamy is one year older than Octavia and co. Same goes for Wick, Miller, and Jasper. I know it's not accurate according to the 100 universe but I'm pulling the author card with this one. Any other age differences with characters yet to be introduced I'll be sure to make apparent in the story. (Simple hint too: if the character was fist/primarily Bellamy's friend, safe bet is he or she is his age. Same goes for Octavia, unless otherwise said so).

And just cause I plan on this being a long story, heads up that this is a primarily Bellarke fic. Though other ships may appear (ex, Clexa) they will be my end game. And there will also be some Linctavia, Wicken, Miller/Monty (ship name?), and possible others.

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Bellamy didn't care if he was shouting at the top of his lungs, clapping his hands so hard it hurt, or pounding his feet in a way that made the table shake with each thump. Nope, he didn't care at all. Because his little sister just got placed in his house. Gryffindor.

Octavia was blushing madly as she scurried between the rows of students over to where he was sitting, her eyes looking at him with embarrassment but the smile she had showing just how happy she really was.

"Could you please sit down," She hissed, grabbing the sleeve of his robe and pulling him down with her. "You are so embarrassing Bell."

"Congratulations!" He exclaimed, completely ignoring her and ruffling her hair. "I'm so proud of you!"

Octavia ducked away with him with a shout. "Bellamy!" Still, she was smiling. "Now could you shut up for a sec? I want to see where my friends get placed."

Friends? Bellamy raised his eyebrow at that. They were, though he loathed to say it, mudbloods. Magical beings with muggle parents. Not that he really cared, and neither did Octavia, but it basically had alienated them from the rest of the wizarding world until the day Bellamy's invitation had flown in, clutched in the beak of a puffy brown owl. Even ignoring that, the Blake siblings had never been the most sociable bunch. They were on the poorer side of the middle class and spent all their free time trying to make sure dinner was on the table every night. Their mother, bless her soul, was always sick in bed and her medical bills didn't really help the situation. Friends, than, became a luxury neither of them could afford. When Bellamy's invitation to Hogwarts had come he nearly considered not going. His mother and Octavia were more important than his education. But then a second letter was delivered a day later, written from Albus Dumbldore himself. His mother never told him what it said, but whatever the contents had held it had ensured that he (and now Octavia) could attend school and not leave their mother in poverty.

"That's Raven," Octavia whispered next to him. "She's super cool,"

Bellamy noticed a tanned skin girl with brown hair in a high ponytail strut up to the sorting hat, not looking the smallest bit nervous as she did. She actually smirked when Professor Griffin plopped it on her head, and then grinned larger as the hat began to whisper things in her ear. As if the conversation she was having the magical item was amusing. Not a second later it bellowed, "RAVENCLAW!"

Octavia and Bellamy clapped with the rest of the room, than grew silent when another girl took her turn with the hat.

Her skin was pale, making her blue eyes pop out, and her hair was long and luminous. Blonde. Bellamy definitely liked blonde. She wasn't as confident as the Raven girl had been, but she wasn't exactly nervous either. She just looked…ready. Comfortably ready. She did wave at Professor Griffin, who in turn beamed back at her-a little too merry for just some student about to get sorted though.

"That's Clarke," Octavia supplied. "She's Professor Griffin's daughter. I sat with her and Raven on the train ride here."

Oh. Bellay had heard the rumors that Professor's Griffins daughter was going to attend this year, but hadn't paid them much mind. It really mean anything to him either way. He had figured the girl would have to be some goody two shoes nerd to have such an esteemed mother and as he watched Clarke sit patiently with the sorting hat on her, he wondered if he would be right. "She your friend too?" He asked casually.

Octavia shrugged. "Maybe"

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat announced a few beats later.

Professor Griffin's face faltered for a second, but it was enough for Bellamy to catch. She herself had been in Gryffindor back in the day and had probably excepted her daughter to follow in her footsteps. For her to be placed in Slytherin, their rival house? She was most definitely not happy about that.

Clarke, though, didn't seem to be too shocked at the outcome. She smiled just as happily as everyone else, and bounced over to her new family.

Bellamy finally noticed the frown at Octavia's face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just…well, we all got along so well on the train. I had hoped…"

"Don't worry about it O. Just because you're not in the same house doesn't mean you won't be friends. You know how close me and Wick are and he's in Ravenclaw."

"I guess…"

"Seriously. Don't sweat it. This year's going to be awesome, right?" He bumped her shoulder and smiled encouragingly.

O smiled back. "Right."

It turned out Bellamy was right. (As usual he had boasted, to which Octavia had just rolled her eyes). Though the three girls were in different houses, they became the best of friends. They even forwent hanging out in their own dormitories just so they could sit and do whatever they felt like doing together in house neutral areas. (Octavia loved the outdoors while Clarke preferred the library— O complained about it on more than one occasion). It helped that they all shared the same classes as well.

Bellamy was happy Octavia was happy, really he was, but once and while he couldn't help but feel a little neglected. He loved his sister more than the world and for majority of their lives all it had been was him and her against the world. True, he had left for school first but he had always eagerly awaited the day Octavia would join him at Hogwarts.

But he understood Octavia now had a life separate from him, and respected it.

They found their rhythm that first year at Hogwarts, albeit any awkwardness that might have occurred trying to do so. Only a year separated the Blake sibling's ages but it was enough to cause some of a divide in their lives. Octavia was always either with Raven and Clarke or Bellamy and the two groups barely intermixed save some meals in the Dining Hall. They shared no classes together nor the same group of friends. Of course they were both in Gryffindor and had that group of friends, but that was different.

Save the pleasantries that came with sharing Octavia, Bellamy had little to no relationship with Clarke or Raven. There was the polite hellos and how are yous but that was about it. At least, for the first year it was.

The summer that followed brought more of Octavia's world into his own. Clarke and Raven were always over his house. There, it was a lot harder to avoid them. It confused him at first, since the Blake house really wasn't anything special (though he would never say it out loud). But Octavia would confide in him one late summer night, sweat on their backs and melting ice cones in their hands, that Raven was a orphan and had been adopted by a less than pleasant woman (who may or may not be involved in some illegal business practices) who cared more about the check she got each month than Raven herself.

"And Clarke?" Bellamy had asked.

Octavia just shrugged. "She just likes leaving her house."

There was probably more to it than that, but Bellamy guessed not even Octavia had been told that story.

When second year came around, Octavia and Bellamy again began to separate. Again they shared no classes and Bellamy had been taken on as Chaser for the quidditch team. When he wasn't studying, he was practicing, and what little free time he had could barely be split between his sister and his friends. Bellamy figured, with time, he would learn to balance it all. There was still meals (at least the ones he could attend) that he got a little breather. Clarke and Raven now always ate with Octavia or she with them. Bellamy was on much friendlier terms with them now (as they practically lived at his house in the summer) but it was still nothing he would really call special. It wasn't like he would ever be with one of them alone if Octavia wasn't there.

That year Octavia almost failed charms (which doubly sucked because Professor Griffin was the one in charge). Bellamy got sent to the hospital wing seven times due to Quidditch injuries. Gryffindor also lost the Cup (Hufflepuff got it, his friend Jasper had been particularly obnoxious about it). Clarke apparently made friends with an asshole name Murphy, a Syltherin like her, who Octavia couldn't stand. Professor McGonagall ducked their house twenty points on two separate occasions: one, because Octavia got caught leaving the Slytherin dormitory and sneaking around the halls after hours for a second time. And two, because Bellamy and his best friend Miller had hexed a Ravenclaw chaser who had called the Blakes mudbloods (she had, however, patted him proudly on the back and gave a wink after doling out the punishment). Raven found her calling in potions which lead her to acknowledge Wick's existence, as he loved potions as well (the two did not hit off). Bellamy had heard Octavia gossiping to Harper in front of the fireplace late one night about a Hufflepuff named Finn who apparently was the biggest (and hottest) flirt in the castle.

Summer came again but this time without Clarke. She went traveling with her parents all over the world until school started up again but sent letters and presents to her friends with each new country she visited (Bellamy had even gotten a history book from Rome, written in Latin, based from the one conversation they had once shared about their interests). Raven kept on with her visits and had even accosted Bellamy one night with a drunk kiss after being dared by Octavia (he had yelled at them both for the drinking and just rolled his eyes about the kissing. Raven couldn't have been less embarrassed).

Third year. That was the year things began to change.

The separate worlds Bellamy and Octavia had were about to collide, and it all started with a hex.

"What did you do?" Octavia growled, not bothering to lower her voice as she marched up to Bellamy in the hallway. Students quickly dodged out of her way, and one who was too slow to do it almost got tackled to the ground.

Bellamy glanced at Miller in confusion. "What did I do?"

"Hell if I know."

"Don't act so innocent!" She hissed, poking him hard in the chest. "You know exactly what you did!"

Behind her was Clarke, looking just as livid. He had barely seen her since coming back to the caste, and couldn't even fathom what he could have done to annoy her as well.

"O, I have no idea-"

"Atom!" Octavia snapped. "What did you do to Atom?"

O, that. Yea, he had actually done something in regards to that. Nothing terrible of course. He had just scared the kid…a little. Bellamy had heard, through the grapevine, that a Hufflepuff named Atom was sniffing-in a flirtatious manner-around Octavia. He didn't know much about the kid as Bellamy didn't really have a lot of friends in Hufflepuff save Jasper And it was exactly Jasper, in the name of protecting his friend's little sister, who had spilled the beans about Atom.

But a impossible to wash stink bomb and harmless hex that turned his ears pointy and blue for two weeks was really nothing to get that mad about.

"Octavia, he's fine-"

"It doesn't matter that he's fine! You've embarrassed me! It had nothing to do with you Bell!"

"I'm your brother-"

"So what?! That doesn't make you my keeper! Who I choose to talk to or do anything with is my business, not yours." And with that she twirled around, stomping away in a huff. There would surely be more hell to pay in the dormitory later tonight.

"Sucks man," Miller snickered, backing away with a salute. "Good luck with that, I got class."

He nearly forgot Clarke was still there until he ran right into her to get to his own class.


"The hex you did," She said curtly, leveling him with a cool gaze. "That could have really hurt Atom."

She looked pissed, but in a very calm way. Like in a I'll-kill-you-with-just-my-stare. It was kind of more off setting than Octavia's blatant and loud rage. Bellamy met it with a smirk, determined to show her just how much she didn't affect him. This was just Octavia's younger friend after all.

"It was harmless."

"You could have screwed it up. One mispronunciation of a word and he could of-"

"But he didn't. Don't see what you're getting all worked up over Princess." He heard, around the school, it was the nickname everyone had dubbed her with. Professor Griffin's daughter with straight A grades. Hogwarts royalty. He used it just to annoy her.

And it worked. Clarke's composure finally cracked, if only a little. Her cheeks flushed faintly and her eyes narrowed even more so. Through gritted teeth she growled, "Just for future reference for any guy Octavia happens to like. It is none of your business and it's certainly not your business to go hexing innocent people."

"She's my sister," Bellamy warned, his possessiveness taking over.

"And she's my friend. Get over yourself and act like a mature human being." Than just like Octavia, she made her dramatic exit.

Bellamy had been five minutes late to class. Ironically, it had been Professor Griffin's.

And apparently, Clarke just wasn't someone he could write off as his younger sister's friend.

It was later that Bellamy learned how Octavia had pinned him for Atom's misfortunes. Jasper told him the whole story as they practiced throwing a quaffle around.

Apparently Wells Jaha, Professor Jaha's son, was a Hufflepuff and a very close family friend to Griffin. So close that he and Clarke actually called each other cousins. Bellamy had heard the name occasionally at his house but figured it was just some other guy the girls would gossip about. Wells was friends with Atom and though Bellamy had put the fear of Voldemort into him, Atom couldn't help but spill the identity of his attacker to his friend. So Atom told Wells, Wells told Clarke, and Clarke told Octavia.

"Just let it blow over," Jasper suggested, catching the quaffle. "Atom has already set his sights on someone else. She apparently digs the faerie ears."

As if that made anything better.

"What's the story with this Wells guy," Bellamy heard himself asking before actually thinking about it. "He and Clarke really that close?" Not that he cared. Really, he didn't. He was just curios is all. Had to know the kind of people his sister might be hanging out with.

"Yup, peas in a pod." Jasper replied. "He's a cool guy, though, I like him. Clarke too. She's funny, but in like a smart way."

"A huh," Bellamy replied, his mind already somewhere else. Somewhere not concerning a certain blonde. And since when did Jasper hang out with her?

"Dude, you have to get me in."

Bellamy raised his eyebrow as Wick plopped down opposite him at the dining table. "Get you in where exactly?"

"Not where, with who. Your friend, Raven."

"She's not my friend. She's my sister's friend."

"So you have a in."

"Wick, what do you want to do with her? Can't you go and scam some other girl?"

"It's not a scam!" Wick protested, actually looking offended by the idea. "I actually might, in a way, like her. She's infuriating."

"Oh, and is that what everyone wants in a girl now a days?"

"Yes! Trust me, when you find the girl who makes you want to kill her then yourself, than you'll know. She is so smart, like brilliant actually, but is a cocky son of a bitch about it. She's witty as hell and doesn't let anyone get away with their shit. There's only one problem."

Bellamy plopped a grape into his mouth then grinned. "Let me guess, she's not a fan of your charming personality?"

"Alas, so few are. But the only time we see each other is in Potions class, she's needs to see me in a more casual setting. Which is where you come in."

"Wick, I told you-"

"Come on, do me a solid will you? Who helped you pass your first year with Snape? He would have failed your sorry ass had it not been for me."



"Fine! Just leave me to my lunch in peace!"

It turns out, even though Bellamy was trying to do a good thing for Wick, it didn't work out.

Bellamy knew Octavia and the girls liked to hand out near a willow tree (not that willow tree) on the grounds after their charms class. So he had grabbed Wick and planned for a casual run in, even bringing some chocolate frogs with him (they were Octavia's favorite).

It had all gone fine, at first.

Octavia had been a little miffed at Bellamy's presence. Raven had been a little miffed at Wick's presence. Clarke just look unimpressed, as if she knew exactly what they were trying to pull off. But everyone got over it, went on their best behavior, and actually started engaging in some friendly conversation.

Raven and Wick bantered, but it wasn't vicious. Bellamy listened as Clarke and Octavia discussed their history homework, putting in his own input every now and then (he loved history). They all had a good laugh over a kid making his own skin peppered with purple polka dots in potions. It had all been dandy.

Then it wasn't.

"So Raven," Octavia began, a glint of mischievousness in her eyes. "I saw you darting in the broom closet with someone the other day. Tell us, who's the guy?"

Wick's face paled.

"You're with someone?" Clarke exclaimed. "How could you not tell us?"

She blushed, Raven Reyes was actually blushing, and ducked her head. "I wanted to tell you but I wanted to make sure it was serious first."

"So spill!" Octavia demanded.

"Well, you know him actually. You know, my neighbor?"

Bellamy wasn't sure who she was hinting to, but he noticed Clarke now mirrored Wick's face. Pale. A surprised-disappointed-pale.

"Finn?" Octavia laughed. "Dang, way to take him off the market! But I thought you two were practically like brother and sister?"

"Ew, no way. We're kind of like Clarke and Wells. Except, you know, we actually wanna bang each other. I've always had a crush on him but I never knew if he felt the same. Until now that is. This summer we actually started flirting with each other, like serious flirting, and then when school started I just went for it and kissed him."

Clarke jumped up, her eyes wide and horrified.

"Clarke?" Raven asked.

"I-I have to go," She stuttered. "I just remembered that I-ah, forgot about some homework. It's due tomorrow. Um, yea, bye." She dashed away, ignoring Raven and Octavia's pleas for her to wait.

The whole group sort of dissipated after that. Wick left in a rush, upset himself, and then Octavia started freaking out over forgetting the same homework Clarke did (they did share the same classes). So Bellamy left with her, splitting with Raven in the castle to go to their own dormitories.

"Bell," Octavia said quietly a couple days later. Her eyes were downcast and her face grim. Had hadn't seen her look this sad in a while.

Bellamy immediately moved over on the couch, patting the spot next to him for her to sit down. "What's wrong O?"

"It's not me, exactly. It's Clarke and Raven. And I don't know what to do."

"What happened?"

"Remember that guy, Finn, Raven was talking about? The one she was getting serious with?"


"Well, apparently, Raven was the only one thinking they were actually getting serious. He was, ah, seeing someone else."

Bellamy didn't really know Finn. He had saw him in passing, and knew Jasper hung out with him. Beyond that, though, they had little to no reason to care about each other. So the news didn't really bother him, much, but the gentleman in him grew a little irritated that anyone would do that to someone. Shockingly, he actually felt a wave of protectiveness for Raven at the news. "That sucks" He offered lamely, knowing it wasn't enough but not really sure what else to say. Was he supposed to offer to beat the guy up? He was sure Octavia, and Raven for that matter, wouldn't like that.

She sighed. "Yea, it does. What sucks even more is who he was seeing behind her back." O bit her bottom lip before supplying the name. "It was Clarke."

Bellamy's body gave a small jump in surprise. Clarke? Perfect Clarke? Protective friend Clarke? Seeing the guy her best friend was? That didn't sound right. At all.

"She didn't know," Octavia said quickly. "She was being quiet about Finn too. Apparently Clarke has a had crush on him to but never really said anything. And, ugh, she just kissed him one day too and they've been doing whatever since then. She doesn't really do hookups, so when she and Finn started she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Didn't want to jinx it and all, you know? So, basically,-"

"Clarke didn't know about Finn and Raven. And Raven didn't know about Finn and Clarke." Bellamy answered.

"Yea. We said this sucked right?"

"Might have mentioned it."

"Anyways, once Clarke found out, cause Raven finally said something, she confronted Finn about the whole thing. Apparently she wanted to keep in under wraps, to break things off with him and brush it under the rug so Raven wouldn't get hurt."

"Guessing it didn't turn out that way?"

"Finn, the jerk, decided if he was losing anyone it was gonna be Raven, not Clarke. So he told Raven everything and then, well, you can guess the rest."

"Raven's pissed at Clarke and everyone's pissed at Finn?"

"But I don't care about him!" Octavia groaned. "I think even Raven and Clarke could care less at this point. It's them I'm worried about. They're not talking and it's awkward and weird and I don't know what the hell to do. I've never had friends Bell, so how the hell do I fix this?"

Bellamy let out his own sigh. It was a fucked up situation, no doubt, and it was all because of that jerk Finn that it was happening. Now his stupidity and its consequences were affecting his sister. "I could hex him. Quick and easy."

"Bell," Octavia warned but a smile was threatening her lips. "Be serious!"

"O, there's nothing for you to fix. This is between Clarke and Raven. They have to work it out. Trust me on this, wait it out and soon enough everything will be okay again."

"You sure?"


Apparently, the universe again wanted to make life difficult for him. Clarke and Raven didn't get over their spat as soon as expected and Octavia grew more miserable everyday over it.

She didn't know who to hang out with anymore since the two of them wouldn't go near each other, so Octavia decided to play it neutral and not go near either of them. Harper was happy to console her during these "dark" times, especially when it was proving too much a task for Bellamy.

He was going to have to take matters into his own hands at this point.

Getting Jasper to gather some intel from Wells, Bellamy discovered Clarke's favorite alone space was the third floor in the library, near a statue of a griffin (ironic) that was placed in some dark corner that was all but forgotten by the general populace. He found her there, lounging on a mountain of pillows she had stacked up against the beast's paws.

"Princess," He greeted, stopping right before her so that the tip of his boots nearly touched her outstretched legs. "We need to talk,"

"Do tell," Clarke said, faux happiness in her tone.

There was nowhere else to sit so, ignoring her grumbling, Bellamy plopped down next to Clarke on the pillows. He stretched his legs out too, figuring he should get comfortable during this uncomfortable conversation. "You need to get over your fight with Reyes."

Clarke whipped her head towards him. "I don't know who you think you are-"

"Look, don't bite my head off okay? I come in peace. Octavia told me what happened because she's upset. She's never had friends before so she is at a total loss of what to do right now. I told her there is nothing she can do-"

"Which is true-"

"But," He gave her a silencing look. "Obviously letting this blow over by itself is not working. This Finn guy is obviously a dick, so why let him ruin your guys friendship?"

All the tension in her face seemed to slowly melt away at Bellamy's words. Clarke closed her eyes for a moment, seemingly very tired, and blew out a sigh. "He isn't worth it. But honestly, it's not about him. Raven is mad that I tried to hide everything that happened. And yea, I guess I lied. But I just didn't want to hurt her…I was already hurting enough knowing the truth."

"I get it," Bellamy said, losing his own sharp tone. "Really. But the best thing to do now is just bite the bullet. She's pissed, take it and get over it. Be friends again. You'll laugh about this in a month, trust me. Drama seems to go with freshman territory."

"Knocking my age there Blake?"

"Most definitely Princess."

She grinned and Bellamy found himself doing the same.

"I'm sorry about Octavia. This sucks this has to affect her."

"Yea, we've already gone over how much this sucks."

"I'm surprised." Clarke said, actually bumping his shoulder. "A boy hurts your sister, even unintentionally, and you aren't' calling for blood? Change of heart?"

"Maybe. But I knew I'd have her, you, and Reyes on my back if I so much as looked at him the wrong way."

Clarke let out a laugh. "You know, maybe this time, I would have let it pass."

"Well, the day's still young."

A beat of silence passed, and Bellamy wasn't sure if the conversation was done and he should get up and leave. He made the slightest movement when Clarke blew out a sigh, low and sad. He snuck a peek her way, and a pang nipped at his heart when he noticed how dark her blue eyes were. Sad. Dark and sad and defeated. He had never seen Clarke Griffin look this way.

"He was…my first boyfriend," Clarke whispered, her voice quivering. "If we were even in a relationship. I-I hadn't even told Octavia and Raven that. I'm just so embarrassed. I've never been with a boy before. Never felt anything for anyone before. And you know what he said to me?"

Bellamy remained silent but nodded his head.

"That he wanted to be with me and hadn't said anything because he and Raven had history. That Raven just kissed him and he couldn't say no. That he wanted to see us both till an opportunity arose where he could break up with Raven slowly and hurt her feelings the least. I mean, what the hell? Seriously. What the hell was he thinking with that crap?"

"He's an idiot and an ass." Bellamy replied without hesitation. "There's really no better of an explanation."

Clarke laughed mirthlessly. "Yea, guess there's not."

"Clarke," Yes, he used her real name. No, he wasn't going to think too much into it. "I'm going to risk sounding like a complete old man when I say this, but, you're young. It's your third year. This seems like the worst thing in the world right now, but you'll get over it."

Another laugh, but this one at least had a little more humor in it. "You're right, you do sound like a old man."

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of it."

As it turned out, just because it made Clarke smile (Bellamy convinced himself that it wasn't because of that) he did have a little fun with the Collins boy.

Jasper, and now Wells (a new friend who had the shared interest of hurting someone who had hurt Clarke), helped place itching powder in Finn's bed, clothes trunk, brush, and shampoo. Then, with aid from Wick (who was more than happy to) they made it so Finn's Potions homework would melt into goo the moment Professor Snape had it in his hands, and his books would do the same once placed on that specific's classroom's desk. The cleanup, Bellamy had heard, hadn't been easy.

He, Wick, Jasper, and Wells were all laughing over their success in the dining hall that night at dinner. Laughing so hard, unfortunately, that they weren't quick enough to conceal it when the three girls came over to join them.

"Idiots," Octavia stated, shaking her head. "You're all idiots."

"Yea, but at least they're our idiots," Raven sighed dramatically, plopping down next to Wick. She stole a fry and took a bite with a grin.

Clarke took a seat next o Bellamy, smiling tentatively at him as she did. "You really didn't have to do that," She whispered under her breath.

Bellamy shrugged. "No, I didn't. But hey, at least you two are good right?"

Clarke glanced over at Raven, who was continuing to steal Wick's fries despite his protests. "Yea we are. Took your advice and sucked it up."

"I give good advice. Just ask Octavia."

"Hm, I think you're giving yourself a little too much credit there."

"I have to since no one else does. You'll get used to it."

"What are you two whispering about?" Octavia inquired, looking at them pointedly. "It better not be about me."

"So modest O," Bellamy laughed, shaking his head. "Me and Princess here were just discussing my finer qualities."

"Ew, Clarke was he trying to flirt with you? I'm so sorry. Bellamy, cease and desist immediately. Like, right now."

"It's fine," Clarke giggled (it was definitely not cute). "He wasn't. And if he was, he's terrible at it."

"You've yet to begin seeing my charm," Bellamy protested, even waggling his eyebrows. "You'd be helpless if you did."

"I'd love to see the day that happens."

"That a challenge Princess?"

"Bring it on Blake."

Octavia groaned. "Ew, now I think they're both flirting."