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Chapter One: The Start Of An Odyssey

"So it won't be long till the fascists are gone

And all of their likes are finished and done

We'll throw the clods of dirt in their face

And walk away from that lonesome place

So long, it's been good to know you

There's a mighty big war that's got to be won

And we'll get back together again." -Woody Guthrie


Steve Rodgers was known to have a strong sense of duty, honor, and humility. Its what makes him loyal to the ones he loves. He never fails at being the moral compass, Always weighing on the aspects of the situation. He even remained positive on the day of his Mother's funeral.

He knew her mother was no longer in pain, that was the upside to the situation, however Steve still remembered her the most in her final moments.

"Steven?" she asked, "Can I ask you for a favor?" He nods and sits up in his chair next to her bed grabbing her waxy hands. "Please take care of Annie, she is much more reckless than you are, I always thought she would end up with your father before I did." She laughed at Steve with a twinkle in her pale blue eyes.

"Mom, you didn't have to ask." he says gently

"I know, But I never had a chance to be her Mother, not like i did with you." She softly strokes the blonde hair off his forehead, "And Annie grew up on the streets with you and Bucky she might as well been raised by wolves!" Steve grins at her outlandish humor.

Steve knew Annie was far from an ideal lady, with Mom working double shifts to feed both her and Steve, There Mother was not around much. Annie didn't really have a feminine figure in her life, however much to her dismay her mother did teach her manners. So she still wore her hair curled like any other girl.

Steve was filled with the humorous image of his sister pulling her hair ribbons out of her hair on the way to school. Steve and Bucky would frantically try to redo them at the bus stop so she wouldn't get herself in trouble, as there school had a strict dress code that girls wore their hair up. The results where always less than admirable. Every day she would come home from another adventure, with a new hole in her tights and flowing blonde hair.

"Don't say that Ma! You did the best you could, after Dad died you replaced him financially, She loves you! that is why Annie is covering your shift in the factory, she isn't real keen on manual labor."

He noticed her wheezing from the conversation, so he kissed her forehead, preparing his leave.

"Don't worry Mom, consider it done. Go to sleep, it will make you better." His mother lets out a long sigh.

"Steve, let's stop pretending, we know I am not getting any better." he tightens his small hands on the door frame.

"It's not like we haven't done it before, remember last winter? The snow nearly froze in my lungs so we all slept next to the generator and…"

"Enough Steve, It's different this time, I can feel it sweetheart." she whispers, "So be brave and listen up, I am giving you all my wisdom I gained on my short life on earth." she says

"Its not…"

"I brought two children into this world, my daughter is a fierce firecracker who won't compromise and isn't afraid to get what she wants. She fights with her wit and her surroundings, but you…" she looks at Steve, her eyes seemed even paler, the sickness was turning them grey, she was ageing in front of his very eyes. "You don't have her strength, at least physically. but you have the biggest heart, and a strong heart will take you further than any physical strength. A strong heart means you'll never quit."

It was not anything Steve hadn't heard before, He knew he was weak from the asthma, so Annie and Bucky would say similar things, that he was a good person, kind and reliable. Coming from his mother it meant more now than it ever did.

The biggest regret Steve had from that night was that he did not talk to her more, That he didn't insist Annie came home from her shift at the garment factory. It was those very words that haunted him for the rest of the night because he found out the next morning she never uttered another word.

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