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(Stargate Universe, post Ark of Truth)

Under Cheyenne Mountain within the headquarters of Stargate Command the leaders of the Earths greatest and most famous heroes and warriors resided. The Ark of Truth discovered by SG-1 had finally brought the Ori war to a grinding halt as the Priors were exposed to its light of truth, however soon after being used on the Priors in the Milky Way galaxy the whole thing had suddenly disintegrated with no warning. Most of the scientists had been heartbroken at the lost technology but most of the people involved figured that it was for the best that the strange device was gone, being able to control truth was a power no one should have.

But not everything was good in the Milky Way Galaxy, ignoring devastation of the Free Jaffa Nation the death of the Asgard the countless worlds forced to bend their knees to the Ori the Lucian Alliance poised to take advantage of the situation and the whole mess in the Pegasus Galaxy a new problem had reared its ugly head. And because of that Tomin, the interim leader of the Ori, was on Earth in the meeting room along with General Landry, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran.

"I'm sorry to meet you all on such short notice," Tomin said sitting down having just come through the Stargate to Earth. "However it was crucial that I get here as soon as I could."

"Whats wrong Tomin," Vala asked sounding concerned. "Is it about those loyalist Priors you told us about before."

"Unfortunately yes," Tomin said with a heavy sigh.

"I thought you said that they were a minor concern considering the fact that there are only a dozen of them with four ships and a few hundred soldiers," General Landry said slowly. "Weren't you massing the rest of the Ori ships to take them out before you returned to your own galaxy?"

"This is all still true," Tomin said nodding. "However I've recently learned that these particular Priors were sent on a mission originally by the Ori before you killed them and then continued by Adria. They were looking for something called the Janus Key, a ship built by the Ancient Janus that contained not only all of his greatest and most secret research but also his greatest invention ever. I don't know what it is exactly but the Prior loyalists found it, but there is good news. There are several traitors among the loyalists who send us information, one of them managed to steal the ship and is currently on its way here."

"Here," Daniel asked surprised. "But why?"

"Because he was caught during the theft and injured before he could escape and now he is cut off from us. Earth was the closest safe haven he could think of as all four of the motherships are currently in pursuit of him and the ship, they will be here in little over an hour."

"Shit," O'Neill cursed. "That's bad, but still it's good news that whatever this ship is it's out of the loyalists hands. Luckily for us all five of our ships are currently in orbit so I will give the word and alert them."

"That's great," Tomin said. "Luckily I sent word to my people as well, three of our own ships should be able to get here before the loyalist ships following the Janus Key do. They will be sending the friendly IFF you gave us so your ships should recognize us when they arrive."

"Well then what are we waiting for," Mitchell said as they all stood up.

(Earth Orbit)

Five BC-304 Daedalus class battle cruisers of the Tau'ri hung in high orbit alongside thee of the white and silver x-Ori motherships. There could not be a greater contrast between what was likely the two most powerful ship classes currently in existence. The BC-304's were small only 225 meters long and contained mostly primitive earth technology blended with reverse engineered Goa'uld technology, however the Hyperdrive, shield and plasma beam tech came from the Asgard and that allowed the BC-304 class to punch far above its weight class.

The only ship that could possibly equal it being the Ori mothership, the majority of the hull and internal structure was created by Iron Age primitive humans from another galaxy. The power source, Hyperdrive, primary and secondary weapons, sublight engines and control crystals had all be constructed and then installed by the Priors via the direction of the Ori. Because of this while advanced the inside of the Ori mothership was stupidly simple, three kilometers long it could hold between 5 and 10 thousand fully armed and stocked troops.

All of SG-1 new and old we're aboard the Daedalus which was acting as the flagship for the Tau'ri fleet at the moment while Tomin was aboard the lead Ori Mothership. "Multiple contacts exiting hyperspace," the subspace radar officer suddenly shouted alerting Colonel Caldwell to the danger.

"Shields to maximum prepare to fire APBs at full power," he shouted as alarms rang all over the ship.

The first hyperspace field opened and out came a ship that was clearly Ancient in design; it looked like a normal puddle that had a large angular aft section attached where the ramp would normally be. It was about 45 meters long and 25 wide a dull silver in color with Ancient designs carved into the hull just like a normal puddle jumper.

"Oh thank the Ancients, this is Jomer. Please help me I was hit by a staff bolt boarding this ship and their loyalist ships are right behind me," the x-Ori solider shouted over the subspace com as soon as he saw the ships waiting for him.

"Jomer this is O'Neill were sending you coordinates to land on the planet and an escort of F-302s to guide you in follow them and we will have emergency personal waiting to help you once you get there. But you need to concentrate and get that ship to safety," Jack said back.

"Understood," Jomer said as the Janus Key shot towards the Earth four F-302s racing to meet it. The Ancient ship was still about 10,000 km out when four more hyperspace windows opened up and the Loyalist Ori ships exited, apparently they were expecting them as they opened up almost instantly on the fleet in orbit. Four golden lances of exotic accelerated particles traveling at 75% light speed lanced out, two targeting ex-Ori ships and slamming into their shields. Their shields spluttered and fell to less than 20% and sparks exploded all over the ships throwing people around like rag dolls.

Two BC-304s the Odyssey and Sun Tzu did better but without access to a ZPM their shields fell to just under 50% from the force of the attack and both ships were knocked out of formation by several hundred meters before they could correct themselves and stabilize. The four Loyalist ships followed up their attack by launching 240 Ori fighters which made a b-line for the fleet.

"God damn it go evasive," O'Neill shouted as the fleet hit their sublight engines and rocketed forward in a zigzag pattern trying to avoid fire. "Launch all fighters and destroy those ships!"

A total of 96 F-302s and only 100 Ori fighters from their allied ships launched in response. The Daedalus, Apollo and Hammond all shot forward smaller and faster than their larger allies while the Odyssey and Sun Tzu held back to recharge their shields and behind them all three allied Ori ships opened fire concentrating on the lead Loyalist ship. Their three golden beams combined slashed through the lead ships shields instantly and proceeded to gut the ship. The armor as useful as a sheet of paper against the highly charged particles was torn asunder as the ship exploded from the inside out in a flash of light.

The three BC-304s each concentrated on one of the remaining three Loyalist Motherships each, their small stature and maneuverability quickly pulled them out of the firing arc of the forward firing weapon as their APBs fully charged. Dodging and weaving through the point defense particle cannons each ship unleashed white hot plasma death, two of the ships died without a fight as the plasma set them on fire from the inside out. The third and final Mothership however sensing its doom unleashed one last golden beam just as it exploded in a blast of light and fire.

But the blast wasn't aimed at any of Tau'ri or ex-Ori ships but the mass of fighters in orbit, the beam slashed through F-302s and Ori fighters on both sides with impunity but even they were not the target. They were just in the way, the Janus Key dodged wildly as the beam barely skimmed its ventral shields and continued on through the atmosphere.

With horrified realization the defenders of Earth were helpless but to watch as the beam crashed into the North American continent vaporizing the city of Atlanta and the nearly 500,000 citizens that lived there. But even then the horror was not over, the Janus Key began to shudder as it careened through the atmosphere shield glowing. Suddenly the space directly in front of it began to ripple and distort and then suddenly a large hole was ripped open in the space in front of the ship.

The Tau'ri and Ex-Ori ships has a clear view of a Earth without a burning Atlanta in the hole before the Janus Key flew through the hole and then vanished in a flash of light. "What in God's name just happened," O'Neill asked still shocked from the destruction of Atlanta.

"We got a data burst from Jomer before the Loyalist ships arrived," Samantha said with a hoarse voice trying to collect her thoughts. "According to him the device was called an alternate reality drive, or at least that's the translation they got from the Ancient language."

"Like the mirror," O'Neill asked as the coms began to explode with messages from the ground.

"No," Samantha said. "The quantum mirror connected to parallel worlds, or worlds that were only slightly different from our own. Our next door neighbor as far as the time space continuum is concerned, but an Alternate Reality is a world nowhere near our own reality and the world there could be nothing like our own. The Stargate probably doesn't even exist in that world if it's different enough."

"Can we go after the Janus Key," he asked already expecting the answer.

"No way," she said confirming his suspicion. "That device is one of a kind and neither the Ancients nor the Asgard has tech even close to making that kind of device. No wonder it was Janus's prize creation, it trump's the quantum mirror and the time machine in terms of power. Odds are we will never see it or Jomer again sir."

O'Neill sighed but nodded, he didn't like that device being out of their control but if it stayed out of their reality he figured it wasn't their problem anymore. Besides he had to deal with the cluster fuck that was a burning American City and the inevitable fallout of an attack on Earth that they just could not cover up.

(Earth Prime, Quantum Entanglement Source, the Infinite Crossroads)

Looking back on my life if I had to call it one thing, it would have to be average. Not boring but certainly average, my name is Cayleb Dyson. At 24 nearly 25 years old I had my Bachelor's degree from college and I was currently employed as a Park Ranger at Red Top Mountain north of Atlanta. I came from a upper middle class American family as my father was ex-military and a Colonel from the Air force so I had plenty of opportunity growing up. My family took my two younger brothers and I on vacations and came to as many of our sporting events growing up as they could.

Really I had no reason at all to complain about my child hood, I was a bit lazy and like reading books about Sci-Fi and fantasy more than anything. I was pretty average looking as well, short blond hair and blue eyes and slightly pale skin which was starting to brown with my new job. I was neither fit nor fat but was leaning more towards fit these days again because of my outdoorsy job which I was enjoying more than I thought I would. But really all I really wanted out of life was something earth shattering!

It didn't have to be something like aliens invading or discovering the key to eternal youth, maybe someone finally settling a colony on the moon or curing some major disease. Something that could help unite the human race a little more overall instead of all the war and hatred that seemed to fill the world at the moment. At the moment I was out on patrol on an ATV riding along the back trails of the park, I was at least an hour away from any of the other park rangers though I could contact them on the walky-talky if I had to.

Suddenly a loud sonic boom echoed through the forest causing me to look up into the sky, a large hole seemed to have ripped itself in the air and without warning some kind of ship came barreling through. I only got to see the portal thing close before I was forced to gun my ATV to avoid the crashing ship,

"Shit, shit, shit!" I screamed and barely made it out of the way. The ship crashed into the ground behind me kicking up a wave of dirt, rocks and tree splinters. The ATV I was riding bucked but I managed somehow to keep it from flipping on me. Breathing hard from the sudden spike in adrenalin I slowly took the ATV back to the smoking crash site to look inside and gasped at what I saw.

The front end looked like a Puddle Jumper from Stargate Atlantis and it was connected to a larger back end of similar design, the whole thing was smoking but looked intact. At first I figured that it had to be some sort of prop, but I quickly pushed that thought away. There had to be something much more to this ship suddenly appearing and I got my answer moments later. The ramp at the rear of the ship suddenly lowered and a man staggered out holding his side with one hand and supporting himself with a silver staff in the other.

He was an Ori solider; I would recognize that garb anywhere being an avid Stargate Fan. My mind was racing with the impossibility but if what I was seeing was real I had to treat the situation as though this man was what he appeared to be. Pulling out my 45 revolver I approached cautiously wary of the staff in his hand, he was on his knees now and looking down but if he started to point that staff at me I would shoot first and ask questions later.

"Freeze," I shouted. "Don't move a muscle!"

The man looked up shocked and then relief flooded his face. "Please you must contact the SGC and let them know where we are," the man said.

I felt a strange calmness wash over me at the mention of the SGC, my suspicions were confirmed. "And exactly why should I trust an Ori solider?"

"I'm not a part of the Loyalist faction," the man pleaded gasping for breath. I could see the blood running between his fingers from the hole blasted in his armor. "I stole the Janus Key from the Loyalist Priors but was shot down when they attacked the Fleet in orbit."

This must be post Ark of Truth I thought, obviously this had never happened in the TV show but it obviously had in the reality this man and the ship came from. Janus meant that it was created by the Ancient Janus himself and the device inside must be what brought the ship to this dimension in the first place. "Prove it, drop the staff weapon."

He did, "my name is Jomer," he said.

"Cayleb," I replied and stepped forward. Jomer swayed and I caught him lowering him to the ground. I pealed back the burnt armor to check his wound and hissed. Slowly I placed the armor back over the wound and breathed out slowly, "I'm sorry," was all I could say.

"It's alright," Jomer said with a cough and a smile. "I figured as much, but at least I managed to wreck those Loyalist Priors plans. A hundred thousand generations they enslaved my entire galaxy with a lie and even after learning the truth they can't let it go. Please just make sure the SGC gets the ship, promise me."

I nodded slowly smiling and holding Jomer's hand as his eyes slowly closed, after a minute he stopped breathing and finally passed away. I felt tears track down my eyes, this was the first time I had ever actually seen another human being die in front of me and Jomer did so believing he had gotten the ship to the SGC. Never realizing that he wasn't even in the same Dimension anymore, I couldn't pick up his body on my own so I had to drag it back into the ship before closing the hatch via the button on the side of the wall.

Looking around the inside of the ship I spotted a large cylindrical device that had to be Janus's dimensional transport, attacked to it was a terminal just like the ones in Atlantis. Walking over to it I could see the Ancient text scrolling over the screen and cursed, "shit can't this thing display in English."

As though responding to my question the text instantly converted to English. So it had voice control, which was a pleasant surprise. I asked it what the device was and like I figured it was a device that could lock onto a dimension of my choosing and travel to it. However there were side effects, once two dimensions were linked together it cut off the parallel realities of both dimensions. In other words if I had a quantum mirror it would be useless and any divergent parallel realities would be sealed off. On top of that I was linked to the Stargate universe that this ship came from and due to relativistic effects this ship had in that universe and the path it took to get to this one while I go use the device to appear in any time after the Janus Key had come to my dimension I could not go to a time in that universe before the Janus Key arrived here.

It was strange but that's what the computer told me the device did so then asked the computer what else was on the ship. To my everlasting surprise this ship contained the entire cumulative knowledge and research of Janus in the data base, the entire history of Ancient technology and everything Janus had ever come up with was at my fingertips. I knew at that exact moment that I couldn't let this gold mine slip through my fingers, both because I knew that if the military or government got ahold of this ship it could start world war three and because of simple human greed.

I wanted the ship and I was the only one here, I knew the military had to be on the way. A ship like this falling out of the sky they would be swarming all over it a matter of hours, I had to act fast. I next asked the computer what sort of security requirements the mainframe had. To my shock it had none, further probing confirmed that the Loyalist Ori had removed the security programs up to and including the requirement for the ATA gene, I asked if they had downloaded the mainframe but to my relief they hadn't. Jomer had stolen the ship before they could and because all the security had been removed even he could fly the ship.

To be safe I told the computer to reset the security based off my biometrics and DNA only, once it was confirmed that the security was in place and that I was the only one who could control the ship I asked the computer if there was anything else aboard. Turns out the only other thing on board was a molecular construction device similar to the one Daniel Jackson used to construct the anti-ascension device but without the need to stick my head in anything.

The Janus Key it turned out was powered by a Mark III ZPM, it was an invention of Janus. The ZPMs were like batteries and the amount of power you could draw from them was proportional to the size of the artificial dimension stored inside, the Mark I was the normal orange ZPM used in Atlantis, the Mark II was a Blue ZPM with 5 times the power of the Mark I. The Mark III a green colored ZPM that had twice the power of the Mark II, in other Words the Mark III had ten times the power of the Mark I.

Moving up to the front of the ship I sat in the command chair which lit up in response to me, it looked exactly like the inside of a Puddle Jumper minus all the earth stuff like safety nets or cargo cases. A quick overview showed me that the ship was just fine and not damaged by the crash, a quick query informed me that the Janus Key did indeed have a cloak so I flipped it on and brought the ship up. Hitting the thrusters the Janus Key quickly rocketed up through the atmosphere and into space.

It was truly amazing watching the Earth from up above, I could even see the international space station floating around the planet several thousand kilometers away. But now came the decision, what to do with the ship and all the treasures it held. A quick hack with the ship let me watch the news feed down on Earth and sure enough it was already all over the news that something had crashed in Georgia, for the moment they were calling it a meteor.

A hack into some of the government, which was really just me asking the computer to do the hacking, informed me that even the government and the military thought it was a meteor. At that I breathed a sigh of relief; if no one was looking for the ship then I was much safer. But that still left the question, what did I do with a dimension jumping ship with all the advanced technology of a race more than 40 million years old. I write Fanfiction and love reading books so the answer seemed to present itself to me in a seductive voice in my head. The two fanfictions that stood out to me as multiverse fics being Beginning a New Path by stargatesg1fan1 and StarGate: Galactic Imperium by Vex Master.

They were the two multiverse fics I had read most often but if I had to rate my situation it would most reflect Vex Master's Galactic Imperium. But the theory that all the stories that I loved converging on my home reality and being expressed as books, movies and videogames was a main theme in Beginning a New Path. But where BaNP was a Harry Potter God fic GI was a self-insert fic. So I could only wonder if an alternate version of myself was sitting in his room somewhere writing these events as a fanfiction, I could only hope the story would turn out good.

But enough of the self-inflicted mind games, if I took my notes from Galactic Imperium I could take the technology I had and rule. Take powers and technology and women from across the multiverse and become a god in my own right and the temptation to do so was incredible, in the span of an hour I had my wish and more than I could have ever dreamed for. In the end it took me three hours to make up my mind in orbit of the earth, I had the means and the ability to rule and the make everything better for everyone and everything I touched. Those who had power had the responsibility to use it and my only other option was to turn the ship over to some world power, yeah right.

Ok step one was to get back down to Earth and check in with my job, thinking quickly I had the mater replicator make me a remote control for the Janus Key that looked and acted like an Apple Watch, strapping it on I flew back down into the park cloaked and hopped out of the ship. Using the watch I instructed the ship to stay cloaked and follow me in the air and to avoid other objects. Checking in with my boss I made up some bogus story about my walky-talky being damaged by the crash and only now being able to fix it and check in.

From there emergency personal started arriving on the scene, it had taken so long only because of how deep in the park the imagined meteor had hit. A sob story to my bosses about being shocked at coming so close to death got me three months of paid vacation, after all death by meteor wasn't covered by my contract and I think they were afraid I was going to sue or something. Luckily I managed to avoid any media attention as the authorities and military were now swarming over the sight, I slipped off and knew that I was never coming back.

Once back at my apartment I ordered the Janus Key to hover invisible above the roof, my room was luckily on the top floor so I had easy access if I needed it. Then I began to plan, I was to do this I needed to take over my home dimension Earth to begin with. The easiest way to do that was with the technology I possessed but to start a company I needed money, I could steal the money from off shore accounts with the Janus Key's computer and no one would ever know or I could replicate precious metals and gems and sell them. But in both cases the origin of the money or the gems might raise suspicions.

Instead I decided to make my fortune other rich people made theirs to begin with; I was going to go to Vegas. Calling up my family I informed them that I was fine and on paid vacation due to the meteor strike. They wanted to know if I wanted to come home but I refused citing my Vegas plan as a vacation I needed, my middle brother had just graduated college and my youngest was still in college so they understood. My parents were a little concerned but gave me their blessings after a little prodding.

After that I knew I needed to prepare for my trip to Vegas, I used the information in the Janus Key to study the idea of genetically enhancing my body to make me stronger and give myself a longer life span. What I discovered was far beyond that, considering the way the Asgard had achieved their immortality I was curious if the Ancient data base had similar technology. Turns out that it did, in fact it seemed like the Asgard had based their own tech of the Ancients. Not that surprising actually when you thought about it.

But while I could clone myself a new body I didn't want to suffer the same degenerative affects the Asgard suffered in the end, thinking hard I asked the computer if the matter replicator could create base proteins. Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine, the building blocks of DNA. Turns out it could make these simple proteins from basically anything so long as it had raw materials and the source didn't even need to be biological, it could be rocks or trash. Knowing this he took some of his own blood and had the computer make an electronic copy of his DNA in the computer. This way even if his original body was destroyed for some reason I could construct a replacement from the DNA up.

That was a big weight off my shoulders as I programed the computer; first I had the matter replicator create an artificial womb to grow my new body in. It looked like a large tube with a clear cover to see inside; I took my blood sample and used the database to rewrite my DNA to be that of an Alteran's as it was the most advanced evolution of the human race available to me at the moment. But that wasn't enough, while the Alteran body would live for well over and thousand years and give me access to a plethora of psychic abilities and vacuum/zero point energy manipulation a bullet to the head would still kill me.

So the next thing I did was pull up the entire Asuran data folder and the cellular nanites they were made up of, the entire program file was open to my manipulation and I knew what I wanted. The nanites required the element Neutronium for construction but luckily it seemed like a fair amount of Naquadah, Neutronium and Trinium were stored in electronic space for construction purposed. It wasn't a lot but it was nothing to sneeze at either.

I had the computer program the nanites so that they were would fuse with the nervous system of my new body all along the spine and into the brain. Furthermore I programed the nanites so that they would enhance and protect his skeleton, muscles, organs and even enhance my immune system. With a permanent subspace link to the Janus Key even if this body was somehow destroyed my mind would just download to the computer and a new body would be grown. As for the Asuran nanites themselves they would only supplement his biological body not turn him into a walking mass of nanites, furthermore all aspects of self-learning, aggression towards the wraith or even the ability to replicate without his command was removed. The nanites were programed to obey me and me alone and would never harm me.

Once all the programming was done I set the machine to work, it took a whole week for the body to grow to the appropriate age. Biologically the body was the same age I currently am at 24, however there several notable differences. Physically my new body was fit with defined muscles and I added a few inches of height putting me at 6'2, I may have also given myself a little enhancement below the waist. What can I say I'm a guy and no guy would pass up that kind of opportunity.

Transferring my mind to a new body was fairly easy, another pod was constructed and hopping inside it closed up on me and nanites inserted themselves at the base of my neck to connect to my nervous system. The program pulled my mind from my original body and the computer program guarded my mind with religious zeal as the process was conducted. Then suddenly I felt like I was waking up from a dream as I opened the eyes of my new body, the pod hissed open and I fell to the floor. Gasping for breath I rose to my feet feeling the power of my new body, it was wonderful and I felt the power of my Alteran based psychic abilities expanding my mind and the mental like of the replicator based nanites giving me super solider like strength. I began the laugh softly, then chuckle and before I knew it my head was thrown back in galling laughter.

Then my head snapped down in a feral smile and I whispered softly into the empty ship, "Well then."

Post AN: Well that's the first chapter sorry Cayleb didn't speak that much but that will change once he gets going. The first few chapters will be in his home universe until he can take it over then he will visit a few other realities to collect a few things before finally hitting the Stargate Universe. A Question for those who read the chapter and like these kinds of fics, do you want me to include graphic lemons scenes because this guy will have a harem of beautiful women from across the multiverse. One last thing I will be posting a list of potential dimensions Cayleb will be visiting to collect powers and take over if there is any verse you think should be added to the list let me know and I will consider it.


Multiverse List


Star Trek

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Star Craft


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Gundam Seed (Maderfole Trilogy)

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