If you're not interested in my depressing shit, don't read on. If you are, you have been warned.

~Third Person~

"Well, Fondue? What do you think?" Raphael, whom was still clad in his large, over-sized, light blue top and knee-length shorts, and, being lazy on this fine Friday, morning, earlier than school, in the fine Friday sun, didn't intend to change until after breakfast, gestured to the inscription he had just carved into the window frame with a little pocket knife that was only about the diagonal length of his hand, from under his left pinkie to the base of the palm underneath the thumb, even when extended. Fondue, being unable to read, looked at the inscription curiously, before turning his gaze to his faithful owner - no, partner - and tilting his head with more curiosity. Raphael rubbed his forehead in a shy understanding.

"That's right. You can't read. Here, lemme read it for you." He turned to face it again, cleared his throat with a few coughs, and began to read. "If you want to forget something or someone, never hate it, or never hate him/her. Everything and everyone that you hate is engraved upon your heart; if you want to let go of something, if you want to forget, you cannot hate." He finished and adjusted his glasses with a smirk, despite its dark meaning, alongside other slightly masochistic statements that he had carved there over time. "Whaddya think?" Before waiting for an answer, he got up and went into the kitchen to start on breakfast, while Fondue had turned his gaze back onto the inscription and whined questioningly.

Not too long after, Raphael was sitting at kitchen counter on a bar stool, wolfing down the breakfast of 2 pancakes he had made himself while Fondue was going through his own food as fast as he could. As soon as Raphael finished his pancakes, he left the dish, fork, and knife in the dishwasher. Fondue looked up for a moment to see his partner heading back into the bedroom, just barely dragging his feet. A few minutes later, he came out with his normal outfit, adjusting the pin carefully.

"See you after school, Fondue!" Raphael yelled back as he charged through the small living room of his apartment, grabbing his backpack and phone on the way, and after he closed the door, he stopped to grab the mail, then to proceed to run out of the building as though there was a serial killer loose in the building. Once he ran out onto the sidewalk, he found that Emile and Michel were already outside, waiting for him.

"Come on, Raphael! We're gonna be late, and we have history first!" Emile called excitedly. Michel grinned at Emile's side. "It wouldn't matter anyway. I'm so much better at history than him." Raphael just rolled his eyes and dramatically sighed, when he then couldn't take it anymore and was grinning from ear-to-ear as he followed his classmates to school, checking his mail on the way to find that there was only bills as usual.

~Raphael's POV~

"Now, before we begin history class, we will have a new student joining us for..." He looked down at a piece of paper he had come into the room with and adjusted his glasses as he read it out loud. "History, Latin, Biology, and P.E. Charlotte, would you come in here?" I froze for a moment, calmed down and unfroze, then froze again when my frenemy entered the classroom. Nothing that the teacher or Charlotte said within the next few minutes reached his ears, until the teacher gestured for an empty space, 2 seats to the left and one seat backwards from me. Once Charlotte noticed the red hair, though, she began to glance at me periodically. It took a lot of my strength to not glance back at the face. To my delight, however, the next class was Calculus, and I wouldn't have to see her for at least another half hour, and was I out of the classroom before anyone could say a word to me.

Time flew by, and soon it was Science. Charlotte now sat 3 seats behind me, and for me, the class just dragged on and on, and that's how most of the rest of my day was spent. Avoiding Charlotte and trying to pay attention in class. And I still had to make the trade outside after school, and now I had to make sure I wasn't actually seen by Charlotte.

The last bell of the day rang loud and clear, and I was out the door, but rather than exit the school immediately, I, instead, wandered off to another part of the school grounds. I hope I did my mom and dad proud; this was a hard college to get into, at the very least. After a few more minutes of walking, I reached a brick fence with a small opening directly in front of the paved path I had been walking on. A red-haired girl wearing a yellow hoodie with a sapphire a few shades too light decorating the front, navy jean shorts, and black flats, was leaning on a post, signifying the end of that section of the fence. As I approached her, she seemed bored and was in a kind of sleepy state, but once she saw me, she seemed wide awake. My own expression had turned into a serious, business-like one.

"Do you have the lettuce?" Her hand went for her hoodie pocket and she was immediately fingering around in her pocket, expecting my usual answer of 'do you have'. "Do you have everything I asked for?" The girl nodded rapidly and removed a small, brown, paper bag from her pocket, obviously weighed down by something inside of it. "Here they are." She tossed it into my hands and I did a short search of the contents. After satisfying the fact that everything I had asked for was, indeed, in the bag, I removed my wallet from my pocket and paid her $20. Her merchandise was expensive, but at least she was trustworthy. Couldn't ask for a better drug peddler. "Pleasure doing business, Raphael." She turned to walk away. "To you as well, Aimée." I whispered quietly after her, and turned around to go back the way I'd come and leave through my normal exit.

~Third Person~

Unbeknownst to either of the two, Charlotte was watching from nearby, whispering into a phone, telling her Vergier everything she had just seen take place. She hadn't seen what was inside the bag, but she was unsure if she really wanted to know what the bag's contents were.

Well, here this is. 8:20 in the afternoon... I made great time, despite it being a short thing. It's so... depressing though. It feels like a redo of 'Spiderweb' with the darkness, but still.

Das vedania!