Hey you all! I would appreciate any reviews. Constructive criticism is greatly welcome! This chapter will be a bit boring, just to set the plot and everything. This will be a multi-chapter fic. All characters belong to the wonderful Sarah. , as does her book, A Court of Thorns and Roses. Enjoy!


I'm lying in bed with Tamlin, unable to fall asleep, the faces of the two young Fae etched into my brain. I'm pondering whether I'll ever be able to capture the innocence of their faces, the beautiful symmetry of their eyes, noses, cheekbones, when the darkness suddenly seems to be alive. Watching. I'm instantly alert. I shake Tamlin awake. He turns to me, clear-headed already, eyes searching my face. "What is it, Feyre?" He asks as his hand strays to my face.

Tamlin freezes, spine straight, his right arm propping him up. "Well, this is certainly a pretty sight." A silky voice washes over me as I slowly turn around. Rhysand. Shit. Tamlin snarls and his claws shoot out. Rhysand raises his eyebrows. "Now, now, none of that. Your lovely Feyre had made a bargain, and I've come to collect." Tamlin is crouching now, feral and stunning. He lunges at Rhsyand, but snatches at empty air. "Enough. " Rhysand's cold voice echoes from the other side of the room. "She will come with me. And nothing will prevent that."

I my hands form into fists. "Oh? She-"I splutter to a stop, my tongue held by some unseen force. Darkness begins to wrap around me, and Tamlin drifts away, his face a mask of horror. I'm flying through a void, when I'm unceremoniously dumped in a large hall. My breath catches. It's beautiful. The floor and walls is composed of shiny black marble, with small bits of violet stones buried in the rock. Just like Rhysand's eyes. Elaborate scenes are etched into the marble, inlaid with colored rocks; flowers, vines, a magical stag, high Fae attending a banquet. And the ceiling… there was no roof, only an open night sky, all the constellations crammed into the space. A light hand came to rest on my shoulder. "Yes, Feyre. Beautiful." Rhysand's voice was soft and joyful. "Welcome to Night."