Author's Note

Thanks for following me through this journey. I'm glad to tell you that's it's not over yet. I've still got two more books planned for this series. The next one is called String of Lies and is going to contain a great majority of Beowulf's story, along with Chase's journey for forgiveness and Bolt's quest for his family. I hope you continue to join me while I create these stories, I'm glad to have every one of you with me on this incredible journey. So once again, here's a sneak peek at what you can expect in the next book.

"Slow down!" Lalia called out as she found herself buried inside the hood of the little kit. His speed was something she had never experienced before, thought it built up over his own start up, it built quickly once he started going. She was glad that she had found herself inside his hood, because she would have never been able to hold on otherwise. The air trapped inside the hood was keeping her steady right now, but it was only a matter of time now, and Chase was scared out of his mind at the moment. "I said slow down!" she called again, hopping her voice would reach his sensitive ears. It did no good, and she could feel the static seeping into the fabric, too much more and it would act like what Chase had explained a bug zapper would be like. She leaned forward, gripping the tips of his fur with her hands, and pulled, bringing herself closer to him. When she was close enough, she bit down on what she hopped was skin, and she bit it hard.