Cyborg got it. He got it: the perfect way to prank Beast Boy.

"Oh, BB, come here!" Cyborg hollers.

A green cheetah rushes into the living room, currently occupied by Cyborg. The cheetah transforms into non-other than Beast Boy, the soon to be victim to a Cyborg prank.

"What is it, Cy?"

"Guess what I got?" Cyborg tries to contain his enthusiasm.

"I don't know. What?"


"A puppy?"


"Tickets to Hawaii?"


"Starfire's diary?"

"Man, you suck at this game." Cyborg shakes his head. "CUPCAKES! I got cupcakes from Mama Rita's!"

"No way. Hit me up!"

Cyborg tosses a cupcake to his green buddy, who takes an enormous bite of his cupcake and starts sputtering. Cyborg bursts into raucous laughter.

Beast Boy spits out the cupcake. "Man, Cy, what is this?" He wipes his mouth. "It was terrible, disgusting, worst cupcake ever."

"I replaced the frosting with liverwurst!" Cyborg starts laughing again. "You just ate...MEAT!"

Beast Boy yelps, drops the cupcake on the floor, rushes to the sink, and starts washing the taste off of his tongue.

Cyborg laughs so hard, he starts to tear up.