Leena's Escape

You know that Eleni was found in a ruined town by Magnus Dunbar, and raised as his daughter. You know that she is in actuality Leena, the last Biruni Mage, who was thrown back in time by Xeno in order to stop the release of Vandal Heart. But the tale doesn't stop there. Now, the whole story can be told.

- - - -

She didn't quite know what was going on. All she could hear was her friends - - and surrogate family - - calling out her name frantically. The creepy sorcerer named Xeno had just opened a rift in the space time continuum. Now, she felt herself being pulled inside.

"Grandpa!" Leena screamed, "Help me!" But she knew that no one would come. Her grandfather was dead, along with her whole village. A tear fell down her face, the only thing that could stop those bad men was the sword Vandal Heart. And without her, the last Biruni Mage, it would stay were it was resting forever. Soon, the world went dark as the portal began to close.

* * *

Leena awoke in the middle of a field. It was a strange plane, surrounded by lava on four sides. She didn't know where she was, only that she was far from home.

"I've got to get back. Mr. Ash and his friends need my help," she whispered.

Suddenly, a group of Sparkies descended upon her. Leena knew that she had to act fast. So she brought up the barrier her grandfather had taught her. The spirits soon tired of trying to break through it, and left the little girl alone.

Leena sighed. She had narrowly escaped death at the hands of those monsters. The young girl decided to find a way back. It was the only way to unseal Vandal Heart and avenge the deaths of her friends and family at the hand of the Crimson Guard.

So she began to construct a magical circle like her grandfather had taught her. Then, she stood at the center and began to chant, "Oh great spirits here my plea. Open the way to my future, to the future of this world. Send me back to the real world, the world where time flows true."

A portal began to open to the real world. Leena saw a town, ruined by fire and battle. Bodies were lying all over the place, and blood was on the floor.

Leena's eyes opened wide. 'That's definitely it. It has to be the village. I'm going home, and I can help Ash and his friends save the world.'

She headed towards the portal. Instantly, it sucked her in. Leena began to smile, she couldn't wait until she came back, and could tell Miss Eleni and Mr. Ash about her adventure.

* * *

Leena found herself inside a burnt out house. She decided to go outside and hope that Ash and the others would come back after leaving the temple. Then, they could go back together.

Suddenly, Leena heard the sound of soldiers marching. Afraid that the horrible Crimson Guard had returned, she hid behind a ruined wall. When the young girl looked out, she saw not those Crimson Murderers, but a group of young men in silver armor.

"Sir Dunbar," one man said, "I'm worried. What if some Imperial Soldiers are here, just waiting to snipe us from behind?" He was carrying a bow and had a quiver on his back.

"Ferdenan, don't complain. You know that Sir Dunbar can take care of himself, and the rest of us if needed be," chided a silver haired Soldier.

The man who appeared to be the leader replied, "It's ok Dolan. Let Ferdenan express his doubts. We have to be ready for the worst at all times, and he has reminded us of the worst."

Leena wondered what was going on. They didn't appear to be the Crimson Guard, but it wasn't Ash and his friends either. But the one called Dolan looked just like an older man named Dolan who had been accompanying that group. Could they be father and son?

Anyhow, she saw this group of interlopers as another enemy to her village. Most likely, they were searching for whatever legacies of the Biruni they could find and pilfer for themselves. Leena knew that she was the only one who could defend their secrets.

She used a trick that the next door neighbor's son had taught her. It involved making her voice much bigger and scarier than it actually was, and give it an eerie tone to it. "Go back, or face a horrible death. The ghosts of those who died here have been violated by their killers, and will show no mercy to all who come here to their resting place."

"Sir Dunbar!" Ferdenan exclaimed, "It's a monster of some sort. Either that or a ghost. No human being could ever have a voice that eerie."

"Stay calm Ferdenan, you know that all ghosts are Airmen. You can easily shoot down any that try to attack us in one try," Dolan replied, with a quiver in his voice.

Suddenly, they saw a shadow from behind the wall. Leena was using a fire to make her shadow appear much bigger than it was, and project it onto another wall. Hopefully, the soldiers would all go away once they saw her and thought she was a monster.

Ferdenan yelled, "Demon, you will not kill any of us." He ran forward, and shot an arrow over the wall. Leena was not hidden in the lee of the wall, and was struck in the side.

The one called Sir Dunbar ran forward. When he looked behind the wall, he saw the child lying there. He took her in his arms, and pulled the arrow out of her side.

He took her back to his men. Ferdenan looked surprised. "I didn't know she was a kid. Oh, gods, what have I done? I've murdered an innocent child."

"She's still breathing," Dunbar told his men, "We can get her to a healer, and she'll be just fine. You don't have to worry Ferdenan, it was an accident."

"What will you do Sir Dunbar?" asked Dolan.

He answered, "I'll take her back with me. She can live at my house, and I will raise her as my daughter. It's the least I can do for the poor little orphan."

So Dunbar took Leena home. He turned her over to his personal Healer, Mimi, who cleaned up the wound. The child was put in a bed, where she slept through the night.

- - - -

This is basically me trying to explain exactly how everything came to be. They never tell you exactly how Leena escaped the other dimension, or how she lost her memory. You could say she escaped with her magic, and the stress of the portal caused her to lose her memory. But if she lost her memory in the portal, she wouldn't remember her magic. Another sorcerer could have helped her, but then he would have stayed with her when she left the portal, and Magnus wouldn't have raised her. So here's how I think she met him. And yes, that is a much younger Dolan with Magnus, they never said exactly how long he'd served under the general, so it is possible.